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Jorge Lorenzo Injures Shoulder While Training – Should Be Fine for Motegi


If you need to be reminded how tough Yamaha’s Jorge Lorenzo is, just think back to the multiple shoulder injuries (including breaks) suffered by Lorenzo in 2013. Each time he was injured, he returned to racing quickly despite considerable pain (he even had a metal plate placed in his left shoulder during surgery that year).

By contrast, the training fall Lorenzo took just the other day shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. X-rays proved negative for a new break, but a doctor has diagnosed “sprained ligaments” in the same left shoulder that caused Lorenzo so many problems in 2013.

Lorenzo is in a tight battle with teammate Valentino Rossi for the MotoGP championship – he is just 14 points behind Rossi with 4 rounds remaining. The Motegi race is this coming weekend. Lorenzo himself tweeted the following yesterday to concerned fans:



  1. Grover says:

    Perhaps Jorge should sit out a couple of races and properly heal?

  2. Jon says:

    A sprained shoulder is what rossi did to his shoulder in 2010, and look what that did to him. Might be better in 2 weeks, might be a nagging injury that wrecks more than one season.

  3. Tommy D says:

    I’m a Rossi fan and almost as old as his dad. But I was Rossi at my last track day. I did my Rossi stretch before mounting my bike. My rivals were dispatched as I pushed and pushed. Actually I think there were about 15 people with 46 on their bikes that day. LOL

    Want him to win the championship? Hell YES! Any news giving him an advantage is good news. Yes a straight up battle would be great but my old heart can’t take this season.

  4. guu says:

    Actually, it might be less painful and easier to heal if the injury is on the bone rather then in the soft stuff.

    • guu says:

      Also, collar bone isn’t part of the shoulder. Unfortunately there aren’t many racers that haven’t broken their collar bone, even at the weekend warrior level.

  5. al says:

    I am all for Rossi winning one last time and going out the champion that he is..

  6. Dino says:

    If it comes down to mind games… the Doctor is in!
    Jorge and Marc can be faster, but a Championship is all about every race, all season long, who can hold it together best through all of it. This year should go to Rossi, by a nose!

  7. xLaYN says:

    I confess, even if I’m not Rossi die hard fan I want him to win because it didn’t look like a probable thing, it’s like the surprise that the “old” “ex” champion can still give a fight.
    With that said and against the best of my wishes it seems like Lorenzo… (not Lorenzo Lamas, Jorge Lorenzo) it’s the fastest rider period.
    The one who can drive perfectly around the clock like a swiss.. delicious cheddar… (mind focus, this is serious dammit, I promise just this post and I’ll go cooking something)… swiss clock.. that’s it; but it can also be his disadvantage)…
    Foggy day… nah not first…
    Rossi is ahead… nah not first…
    Raining… nah not first…
    Maybe a sprained shoulder it’s the last piece missing for ol good VR adding another championship to his laurels.

    Lucky number: 675
    Pisces horoscope: For you to be happy your spirit need the adequate amount of freedom, check valves clearance.

    • bikerrandy says:

      I’m not usually a Rossi fan either, but figure this is his last chance to win another title. If Lorenzo loses the title after this injury, he knows who to blame.

      • TimC says:

        I’d prefer a clean fight where no-one can say “but he was injured” or whatnot (particularly should VR win the championship, which I am rooting for). What the heck was this guy doing farting around on a minibike again?

  8. VLJ says:

    Mind games won’t have anything to do with it. Rossi simply needs to finish ahead of Lorenzo once or twice over the remaining four races. Winning a race or two would certainly help, too.

    • Dave says:

      Re: “Rossi simply needs to finish ahead of Lorenzo once or twice”

      The form Lorenzo has been on makes that extremely difficult, especially with the tracks that are left. Rossi needs to do his rain dance.

  9. MeanChuck says:

    Lets not forget Marquez broke his hand last week as well, any way you look at it the next four races should be interesting!

  10. Crim says:

    And I’m sure he’d admit it if it was going to be an issue. Best season in a few years. Go Vale!

  11. Blackcayman says:

    I’m just going to wait for the pudding

  12. Gng says:

    Lorenzo is obviously the fastest rider out there, Marquez has nothing to lose and will probably be ahead of Rossi thus help Lorenzo to close the points gap, not looking good for us Rossi fans.

    Mind games are essential.

    • Curly says:

      Or MM could finish all four races ahead of Lorenzo and actually help Rossi get up with them and dice for the place. Lorenzo is all but unstoppable if he’s out in front on a clear day but put him in a mix with two other guys jockeying for a line and he’s just OK. If those three guys are the only ones on the last four podiums with MM winning them all then Rossi just needs to finish in front of Lorenzo once to win the title. Then this might also be another year for “Dani the Spoiler”. Who’s he going to take out?

      Also, what are either Lorenzo or Rossi thinking getting on anything with two wheels for “Training” at the end of the season with the points this close? Stay inside, go for a walk (carefully) but don’t go riding.

    • Cage Free says:

      Unless it rains,then J-low makes excuses and Rossi wins

  13. Tyler says:

    C’mon Vale, turn the knife.
    Ooh this season just gets better and better.

  14. TexinOhio says:

    Let the mind games commence…

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