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CAS Rules Against Rossi Request For Stay; He Will Start Last at Valencia


The Court of Arbitration for Sport has denied the request of Valentino Rossi to stay the execution of the FIM’s 3 penalty points assessed against him at Sepang two weeks ago. You can read the full CAS decision here. Despite the denial of the stay, which means Rossi will start from the back of the grid at Valencia this weekend, the appeal will continue forward.

The potential impact of the ultimate ruling by CAS, which could occur at least several months from now, on the results of this year’s championship is unknown.

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  1. Jim says:

    I’m in my 40’s so I root for the old guy.

  2. GKS says:

    I saw on another website (Cycle News) that Lorenzo actually petitioned CAS that he be allowed to testify AGAINST Rossi! The request was denied, but Lorenzo’s counsel will be allowed to submit a written statement.
    Remember the wall between Rossi and Lorenzo in the Yamaha garage? It might be coming back.

    • notarollingroadblock says:

      I assume JL thinks (like others, including unbiased others) that Rossi got off easy for Sepang. I wonder what his bonus from Yamaha is for taking the title. And is there a clause in his contract that says Yamaha doesn’t have to pay the bonus if he acts like a buffoon?

  3. lenz says:

    A little spice to the contest will not damage the MotoGP brand.

    Allowing Mr Rossi to avoid significant consequences for his overtly illegal race behaviour WOULD have damaged the MotoGP brand.

    No one rider is greater than the sum of the competition regardless of how parochial / vocal their supporters.

    Retire in protest Mr Rossi or man up and race

    • TexinOhio says:

      “No one rider is greater than the sum of the competition regardless of how parochial / vocal their supporters.”

      Then lets see if your above comment is applied to Marquez, because at this time he’s gotten away scott free with a lot of stupid on track acts…

      • Dave says:

        Maequez has been issued penalty points. None of his incidents have been ruled to be intentionally malicious, either.

        • Scott says:

          Neither was Rossi’s.

          • mickey says:

            sorry Scott but Race Direction and the FIM disagrees with that statement.

          • Scott says:

            They said “intentionally malicious”?

          • notarollingroadblock says:

            Let’s break it down Scott:
            Intentionally = intentional = done on purpose. Of that there is no doubt.
            Malicious = intending to do harm. There is no doubt that VR intended to obstruct MM, to harm his forward progress.
            This obvious, malicious act is why he was given points. Shoulda been black flagged in my opinion (and I’m no fan of MM though I admire his skills on 2 wheels).
            Show me any similar act by MM and we’ll have something to talk about.

        • TexinOhio says:

          Then MM needs more penalty points because he hasn’t figured out not to ride like an idiot.

          • mickey says:

            MM probably could have been given some more penalty points in the three years he’s been up here, no doubt. He is kind of like Simoncelli was.. just a reckless rider. He has not learned the art of controlled riding in competition. A lesson Simoncelli was just learning when he unfortunately met his unfortunate demise. When other riders complain at press conferences that someone’s riding is reckless and endangering other riders RD listens and watches and if necessary awards penalties. That’s what happened to Simoncelli. So far it’s just fans that are calling out MM. Other riders are not calling him out. He seems to be the worst danger to himself to tell the truth. Whenever he has contact with another rider it’s usually MM sliding across the tarmac. He will learn you don’t get any points when laying on your side. The things that he has done Rossi and Lorenzo have been accused of doing for years. He learned from the best.

  4. Balraj says:

    I guess the Spaniards (Lorenzo & Marq) will play dirty game again in Valencia.

    • Joe B says:

      Above comment is really dumb. So far, the only person who readily admits himself, and got caught with dirty riding is Valentino Rossi. That his fan base wont admit this, is beyond comprehension. That you continue belittle his competition, and insinuate they are the cause of the problem, overlooks the fact Valentino Rossi is the problem, not Lorenzo or Marquez.

  5. EZMark says:

    If Pedrosa wins one more, and Marquez doesn’t sandbag and gets second, the Rossi just needs 4th place to win the title.
    So all he would have to do is pass every other rider on the paddock for 4th place.
    Or Rossi could pray for rain.

  6. Thud says:

    Rossi will be riding for KTM at this rate

  7. Jim says:

    I will not watch the race. This will cause the planets to align and Rossi to pull out an incredible, against all odds victory. That is my power and my curse.

  8. TF says:

    So what does this mean:

    “The potential impact of the ultimate ruling by CAS, which could occur at least several months from now, on the results of this year’s championship is unknown.”

    • mickey says:

      If Rossi doesn’t win, I can’t see them overturning the WC months afterwards, and awarding it to him. I have no idea what that could mean.

  9. rBriaumph says:

    Rossi fan 1st. Anyone but Marquez except Lorenzo! Viva Rossi…buy Pedrosa and Iannone get my vote for the future.

  10. Brinskee says:

    Last thing I’ll say: wouldn’t it be beautiful if JL99 had an engine failure midway through the last lap? At this point, it’s the only thing I will hold out hope for. I firmly expect to see a Spanish Armada creating a blockade for their countryman to win, but what could they do about a mechanical failure? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that trouble brews for Jorge’s machine.

    As others have mentioned, I agree, this whole debacle has become a complete and total shame for everyone. I don’t agree with the assessment that it’s Rossi’s fault. What else could he have done except speak up at the Sepang press conference about Marquez’s now obvious ugly display at Phillip Island? I hold MM93 solely responsible for the tarnish brought upon what has otherwise been an outstanding season. I hope he never wins another championship.

    • Brian says:

      I generally favor Rossi in this whole thing, but I seriously doubt you’re going to see any kind of Spanish “Armada” holding him back. People talk about the damage that’s been done to the sport already (personally, I don’t think it’s that big a thing, and may even be a positive in the long run)…can you imagine the uproar if it were blatantly obvious that riders were interfering in the last race? What rider want to call that fury down on his head?

      If anything, I’d imagine the rear- and mid-pack riders will just be doing everything possible to race normally, or at least appear to do so.

      • mickey says:

        there are a lot of mini battles going on Iannone wants to finish 4th ahead of Pedrosa, Espargaro wants to finish in the top 10 with 100 points, I think top open rider is up for grabs and a few more. I don’t expect many to be “getting out of the way” this weekend, sounds like a lot of them are going to be racing pretty hard.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I wouldn’t want to see Rossi win due to a JL99 engine failure any more than I want to see him lose due to a back-grid start.

    • Crim says:

      “What else could he have done except speak up at the Sepang press conference about Marquez’s now obvious ugly display at Phillip Island?”

      I must have watched a different race than you. MM rides to win every race. It’s been his undoing this season. There was nothing “obvious” about it.

  11. Trpldog says:

    I got the solution. Marc knocks JL out by “accident” Rossi wins and things are all smoothed over with he and Rossi. Hoo-Doggie.

    • Roland says:

      No no no no. That’ll lead to an even bigger mess.
      Let Iannone do that dirty job. He’s the perfect guy for it. The Italians and the yellow brigade would love it. The rest of us would just think “meh”. MM would be ignored like Pedrosa was in the last race. Minimum flak all around.

  12. Gary says:

    And so ends the Rossi era. It is a pity it went that way. I would have enjoyed a straight-up dogfight in the last race. Here’s hoping the old boy has one more season in him to challenge for the title. I fear he doesn’t.

  13. mickey says:

    As I have for years I will root for Dani to win. That will help Rossi, but to tell the truth even though I was really hoping that Rossi would get his 10th, at this point after the Sepang clash (I have my own opinion on what happened and think it’s right) and then watching the vile, mean, disgusting treatment of the fans from the different camps degrading and mistreating the riders and each other, and entire societies even, I really don’t give a flyin F who wins the championship. Everyone should be ashamed at this point, everyone. No wonder we can’t stop war in this world, people would die fighting due to the outcome of a silly motorcycle race. I feel bad for mankind.

    • Scott says:

      I’m not ashamed of one damn thing I’ve said, Mickey.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Awww, don’t let it get to you Mickey. I never really care who wins the championship to begin with. I am a fan of the racing and the machines more than any particular rider. Even if “my” guy is in the lead, I am typically pulling for whomever I think has a chance of shaking things up and leveling out point counts.

      It is a shame how nasty this all became. There are plenty of people that are going to let their own version of the reality of the Sepang incident and the drama of the aftermath affect how they feel about this upcoming race, this season and even MotoGP in general. I’m not one of them. All things considered, I have really enjoyed this season. REALLY enjoyed it. Sure, I would have preferred the incident never have happened, but I’m not going to let it ruin the season for me.

      • jacksonk says:

        Well said Jeremy. As you stated, it’s a shame about the chain of events but I know I’ll be watching next year. Maybe all of us Americans who watch MotoGP should look on the bright side. As ugly as this little incident got, it still pales in comparison to college and pro football players beating up their girlfriends. Baseball players and bicyclists taking PEDs. Golfers screwing any thing with two legs. Basketball players going into the stands to punch spectators. NASCAR drivers throwing down after a race. Or a normal hockey game.

        • MGNorge says:

          “Or a normal hockey game.” Ain’t that the truth. How’s it go, “Went to the fights and it broke out into a hockey game!” Who says humans don’t act out on their emotions?

        • Crim says:

          I’m a lifetime fan of stock car racing, going back to the ’70s. A little fender banging is good for the sport. A bump here, a push there, it’s exciting. When someone puts another into the wall, it’s poor sportsmanship, PERIOD.

          No matter to me, though. I’ll watch racing until I die. The players are just as human as we all are and subject to the same bouts of stupidity.

    • Brian says:

      Be glad you aren’t a soccer fan…

      • mickey says:

        True Brian..those fans are rabid to say the least

        Jeremy I will be watching the race because I love MotoGP racing. Have since Hailwood and Agostini were going at it. This is not the first time team mates and country men have been accused of changing the outcome of a title. Won’t be the last. If Rossi wins the WC I will be happy for him. If Lorenzo wins the WC I will be happy for him as well. These guys ride a motorcycle like I only wish I could x 1000. What gifted athletes they are.

        I made the mistake of reading every post on 3 or 4 sites. Would have been much better off if I had just ignored all of it and watched how the race played out on Sunday. Call it ironic but I hate, hate and saw a lot of it the last two weeks.

    • With Mikey on this, and Jeremy, love my motoGP, don’t care who wins, don’t care if there are no Americans, just want to see good racing all through the field.

  14. Norm G. says:

    what’s that honey…? you’ve been looking at the bills and we need to save money…?
    alright, MotoGP subscription…


  15. Provologna says:

    This is my first year subscribing to MotoGP. For those who have not done so, the video quality and overall production is well beyond expectation, all HR, and several camera angles even during HR press conferences. I have no relationship with MotoGP, but can not over state how high is the overall quality.

    I welcome readers who would like to share their reasons for their vocal and obvious disdain for Jorge. Jorge’s name is common. Making fun of his name tell us more about the author than it tells us about Jorge. From my limited exposure the hate seems out of whack vs. the person.

    I would take Jorge on a Yamaha winning every Crown till he retires over MM winning one more Championship.

    If only every rider with no dog in this fight would kindly select 2nd gear at the start…maybe helpful if one or more of the Ducatis could finish ahead of JL, but slim pickings on that hope.

    • Scott says:

      After what JL has said and done following Sepang, I will never root for him to win anything. Absolute lack of class from that guy.

      I would love to see Lorenzo and Pedrosa swap places next year. I don’t know the status of everyone’s contracts, but it seems to me the Yamaha would suit DP perfectly, and I would definitely root for him. He’s come a long way since the old days, and it would be fitting for everything to come together and get that long overdue title…

      • mickey says:

        How can you NOT root for this guy?

        Despite winning the Malaysian GP, the Spaniard admitted he is not bothered by the fact his victory played second fiddle to the furor around the #SepangClash: “I’m not really racing for getting all the attention of people, I race because I like it and I like to win. I like these feelings and these emotions when I win. Sure it was less in the press about my victory than the action on track, but my emotions were the same! Super happy for it. I’m happy because I stuck to my attitude and values, I always want to do the things the way I feel and it is nice people recognise that.”

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          It will probably never happen, but I’d love to see Pedrosa win a Premier championship before he moves on.

          • Roland says:

            I seriously love to see Pedrosa bagging the big one too. No doubt he is more than capable of it.
            But, part of me wants him to become the Greatest Bridesmaid Of All Time.

    • TF says:

      I think folks (myself included) are making fun of Rossi’s pronunciation of JL’s name. Otherwise people would be calling him Whore-Hey.

      Personally, I have nothing but respect for his abilities. He is possibly one of the smoothest riders in the history of the sport. I do have to admit however that some of his actions of late have not been very likeable.

      • Curly says:

        Agree. It’s Vale’s Italian pronunciation that comes out Yor-gay that is humorous and not any disdain for Lorenzo’s riding talents. That said he’s not the personality package that Rossi is and that’s why he comes off a distant rival in the hearts of most MotoGP fans.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Big fan of the video pass myself. I can’t see myself ever going back to televised broadcasts of the races – it is well worth the money.

  16. Crim says:

    Vale walked up to a pile of sh!t, made sure it was fresh and ripe, and dove in head first. Tis better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

    I was cheering him on all season up to the point he started pointing fingers.

    In the end, you get what you play for. In this case, sour grapes.

  17. Colors says:

    Ah, damn it.

  18. Andre says:

    It ain’t over until it’s over!

    In 2012 Pedrosa started from the pits and finished first. Anything can happen.

    • Provologna says:

      Wow, Pedrosa is the real you-know-what!

      I watched DP’s video of his pole-qualifying lap at Sepang, on-board camera angle. The speeds at virtually every moment are so high it looks more like a video game, but it’s real. I almost got sick to my stomach it was so fantastic and astounding. Honestly, the cornering in the on-board camera angle are enough to trigger vertigo. Definitely one of those truth is stranger than fiction events.

      Hard to believe he’s not hoisted the Championship Crown yet. Hope he does one day.

  19. Cage Free says:

    I hope it rains like hell, giving Vale a fighting chance.

  20. VLJ says:

    Serious question…

    Has there ever been another series finale in which the championship points leader had to ride in desperation from the start while the guy trailing him in the championship enjoyed the luxury of cruising around at a relatively safe pace, his pit crew keeping him up to speed on the points leader’s position?

    I can’t think of another example.

    Anyway, now that we know Rossi is starting from the back, let’s see your predictions for Valencia. Assuming a dry race, I’m thinking…

    1. Pedrosa
    2. Lorenzo
    3. Marquez
    4. Iannone
    5. Smith
    6. Dovizioso
    7. Rossi
    8. A. Espargaro
    9. P. Espargaro
    10. Vinales

    Rossi puts on an early charge and begins to make it interesting, only to see his toasted tires give up the ghost just past the midpoint of the race. With Rossi stalled out amid the second group, well behind the leaders, and with Dani long gone at the front, Jorge cruises home to a safe, easy runner-up finish, with a giggling-in-his-helmet Marquez bringing up the rear.

    Celebrating the worst championship title outcome in the history of the sport, an oblivious Lorenzo nevertheless goes on to make a total ass of himself again on the podium, further alienating all five of his diehard fans, worldwide.

    During the post-race presser, a thoroughly disgusted Rossi openly contemplates retirement. Following a leaden silence, the suddenly salivating media goes ballistic, bombarding the sullen Italian with shouted questions.

    Beneath the covered dais, Marquez and Lorenzo exchange fist-bumps.

    Merry Christmas, race fans.

    • notarollingroadblock says:

      Get over it VLJ. There is only 1 rider to blame. Yes, your Christmas has been yellowed.

    • Curly says:

      Your predicted outcome is fanciful. Marquez passes George so that his reputation to avoid the everlasting charge of helping him win the Championship at Rossi’s expense. Iannone and Dovi both slow to let their compatriot by and Smith thinking better of it does the same. Rossi finishes within a second or two of “Yorge” and no one bothers to watch the podium ceremony.

  21. TexinOhio says:

    I wonder if Aldo Drudi is working on a special Rossi lid last minute?

  22. Brinskee says:

    What a disappointment. Rossi’s chances are over. He has no possibility of taking the championship. Every Spanish rider on the grid will let Jorge past, and do everything to block Rossi.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Rossi sat out the race, but he’s probably too much of a fighter to do that. In any case there’s going to be a lot of disappointed fans by the end of the race on Sunday, from all camps. What a dumb decision.

  23. Ricky Crue says:

    Well, I too don’t blame Rossi for trying. He did all he could, and I can only hope that this just stokes the fire within him to ride like a demon possessed this weekend!!! I know it is a long shot, but I will NOT give up hope until he crosses the finish line on the last lap. He will definitely need a little good luck, but stranger things have happened. 🙂

  24. TF says:

    I am betting that Yor-guh is going to have a clear track at the front (based on the way he’s been riding) and he won’t get any resistance from a rider flying el Bandera de Espana. That being the case, the thought that VR would make it from last to the number two spot is a stretch for sure. I would love to see him catch George and just cruise across the finish line behind him on the back wheel. Even better, I would love to see JL get a great start like he did in Austin last year, LOL! Then we could see a real race from the back of the pack!

    It’s interesting to note that a CAS ruling could potentially render the Valencia results null and void at a later date. Am I reading that correctly?

    • Tim says:

      My interpretation was that the appeal related to the 3 point deduction, so the court could add back 3 points. What Rossi had hoped for was the stay, so that he wouldn’t be forced to start at the back of the grid, as that wouldn’t be reversible. Now, if Lorenzo finishes third, and Rossi 6th (they would end the season tied) or 7th (and Rossi would end the season a single point behind), and those 3 points were given back later, he could be crowned undisputed champion months after the season is over.

      • Scott says:

        6th place pays 10 points, so JL 3rd, VR 6th, Rossi wins by 1 point.

        Also, the three point penalty doesn’t come out of the rider’s point total. It’s more like getting “points” on your driver’s license…

        • TF says:

          “Also, the three point penalty doesn’t come out of the rider’s point total. It’s more like getting “points” on your driver’s license…”

          That is my understanding and since he has four for the season, he needs to start the next race at the back. So…….what if CAS later decides that the penalty was unjust? Does the Valencia result then become null and void in which case Rossi is champion?

          • Scott says:

            This is a good question. If they should decide – months from now – that the 3 penalty points were excessive, they would be telling us that Rossi shouldn’t have had to start Valencia from the back after all. We’ll know Sunday afternoon if that will have made a difference or not. But we may end up asking “What if?” in a few months.

            I would just as soon have them keep the penalty as it is, and just let the race happen. The damage is already done.

  25. Blackcayman says:

    I knew they wouldn’t capitulate…. B@$T@^D$!!!!

    So the chances for VR to win the championship and retire have disappeared…

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Have some faith! It will be extremely difficult, but the championship isn’t out of reach.

  26. TexinOhio says:

    I’m hoping for a run from the back for VR one more time. Lorenzo’s lucky the last race is in Spain, otherwise the crowds would boo him mercilessly and hurt his little feelings…

  27. VLJ says:

    I hope Jorge runs out of gas on the last lap.

    • TF says:

      I hope he gets a good start like he did in Austin last year.

    • Dino says:

      I hope that a Large Vulture, that was working his way through a ‘bad’ possum carcass, has a bit of the runs, right on the track on the entry to a corner, and Jorge loses the front grip in bird-doo…

      Wouldn’t THAT look fantastic in the super-slow-mo that they have for MotoGP!!??

      VR46… Gooooooo!!!!!!

  28. Jeremy in TX says:

    Oh, well. You tried, Val. Can’t knock a man for trying.

    I’m still hopeful that Rossi can give the ride of his life and contend for the championship. Lorenzo can’t afford to crash and may be a little more conservative than usual making Marquez and Pedrosa both likely candidates to be running in the 1 and 2 spots during the race. Rossi has no choice but to go balls to the wall, and I can see him catching up to the better satellites pretty quickly to start fighting for a winning position.

  29. stinkywheels says:

    Goodbye championship. I hate to see the championship decided by rain, crash or especially decrees!

  30. Curly says:

    That is unless the two Hondas finish in front of George in which case Vale “only” needs to finish in 6th. While that may sound like a big ask I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets some help from riders letting him pass through to the front. The Italians and others that have suffered from Marquez in the past could wave him on with a smile. The factory Ducatis, if they qualify well enough, could also slow Lorenzo up some while the two Repsol Hondas take off in the lead.

    • Scott says:

      ^ This.

      Any other result, and the season is a complete waste.

    • david says:

      +!. Definitely a chance still there.

    • Tim says:

      I agree, there is a chance for Rossi. If the Hondas take 1 and 2, and Lorenzo gets 16 points for third, Rossi could finish 6th and score 9 points and tie for the championship. Barring an accident by one of them, Rossi will not catch and pass the Hondas or Lorenzo. He could struggle to catch a couple of the Ducatis, as well. It’s reasonable to think he could catch any other bike in the field, and work his way into at least 6th place.

      So, if you’re a Rossi fan, root for the Pedroza and Marquez to finish 1 and 2. It will be interesting to see if Marquez will be motivated to battle for first or second in this race, knowing that a third place finish by Lorenzo gives Rossi a shot at the championship. Would he intentionally screw Rossi over? Judging from his antics the last race, I could easily see him tanking, and handing Lorenzo at least second place.

      • mickey says:

        wouldn’t that be ironic Rossi fans rooting for Marquez. lol

        If they tied in points the WC would go to Lorenzo due to having more wins.

        • mickey says:

          I mean picture it..Pedros leading by a bunch… Lorenzo is in second with Marquez right on his tail…meanwhile Rossi is in seventh behind Ianonne who knows he can’t beat Pedro for 4th place.. so will Ianonne let his compatriot thru for sixth and will then Rossi fans root for Marquez to pass Lorenzo? Oh the drama. Now I know I’m going to watch the race

      • VLJ says:

        Tim, you have your math wrong. Sixth place is worth ten points, not nine, so if Lorenzo finishes third (sixteen points) then Rossi wins the championship with a sixth place finish. Conversely, if Lorenzo finishes third and Rossi finishes seventh (nine points), that’s how they could end up in a tie, and Lorenzo wins the tiebreaker by virtue of having won more races.

        • Tim says:

          I stand corrected. I had looked at a site yesterday with incorrect point totals based on finish position. I searched again this morning and it appears you are correct, 6th is worth 10 points.

          Regardless, there is certain to be some drama, especially in relation to how hard Marquez decides to ride. As well as Pedrosa has been running, my money would be on him to win this race. He’s won 3 times in MotoGP and 3 times in the lower classes, so he’s always been tough at this track. If Pedrosa wins, the key to the championship is probably going to be who finishes second. I fully anticipate that Rossi will work his way through traffic and manage to finish in the top 6.

          Also, if Marquez does race hard to win or finish second, that’s going to put pressure on Lorenzo to race hard, so he’s not going to be able to cruise to an easy finish in this one.

      • TimC says:

        “Would he intentionally screw Rossi over? Judging from his antics the last race, I could easily see him tanking, and handing Lorenzo at least second place.”

        I’d hope the hell his employer, particularly after their we-ride-the-noble-high-horse press release/interview thing, would tell him he better win this thing and any telemetry saying otherwise and he’s out….

  31. VLJ says:

    ~as #93 drops the mic and struts away~

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