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Moto Guzzi Teases New V9 Before EICMA Debut


Next Tuesday, Moto Guzzi will unveil a new model known as the V9 at the EICMA show in Milan. The photo above is an enhanced version of an image released by Moto Guzzi in advance of the unveiling (for photo buffs out there, the shadows were lifted in Photoshop).

We couldn’t help but be charmed by the V7 Stone we tested a couple of years ago, but there is no doubt that the same package with a bit more horsepower and torque could be even tastier. Next week will be interesting.  Stay tuned.


See more of MD’s great photography:



    • mickey says:

      it dies look better in that pic you posted

      Tank shape is very reminiscent of the V30 and V50 MG’s

      • Curly says:

        That front wheel has to steer better than the fatty on the bobber version. I see a little bit of Triumph Hurricane in the tank shape too. Tiny but not bad.

  1. Martin B says:

    I had an Italian guy reply to an email I wrote, saying that this is an overhead two valve, non Heron motor, of about 900cc. So the 60 to 650 horse power estimates sound right. I am disappointed at the aesthetics, unless this is just a trial mule for testing. There is little wrong with the V7 look, except maybe it should be longer to better match the 1970s originals, which are still all time beautiful. The thin seat and thimble tank would not take anyone very far. That goes against the Guzzi ethos.

  2. Daimyo says:


    From Motociclismo

  3. tuskerdu says:

    The V7 tank is much prettier with, probably, more capacity than this sportster-like tank.

    • Johnny says:

      This tank has the lines of the old California’s tank; pretty good-looking in my opinion, but I agree that it looks too small to be useful!

  4. Jeremy in TX says:

    I can barely stand to read or hear the word “authentic” anymore without gnashing my teeth. If a marketing team has to tell you (repeatedly) that something is “authentic”, then it isn’t.

  5. Jamo says:

    I’m sorry, but once one “gets” Harleys, like a Harley Davidson Dyna or a Softail, it’s about twice the motorcycle that is, for about the same bucks.

  6. Kent says:

    I like it! A proven, reliable powerplant, fast enough for most folk, in a fresh looking chassis. Nice!

  7. John says:

    The only good thing I see here is that the rear end is pretty low and there are rumors of a more standard style bike which might be easy simply by putting longer shocks on the back and a thicker saddle.

    • Martin B says:

      Yes, this one seems to be specifically built for someone with duck’s disease. Are they trying for a slammed look? Harley tried that,and now they’re increasing rear suspension travel at long last. Regular sized people need more room to move around on. And a seat more than 5mm thick. And a gas tank with some, you know, actual gas.

  8. azi says:

    “Authentic soul”… but is it 100% authentic, like Triumph?

    • todd says:

      More authentic than the Triumph. I’d say around 110%…

    • KenHoward says:

      My Bonneville was (well-) built in Thailand; does that mean it’s not “100% authentic?” Personally, when it comes to my spending a big chunk of money, I couldn’t care less about “authenticity” – whatever that means.

  9. Gary says:

    Hope that Harley like peanut tank holds more than it looks. Don’t need any more Harley wannabees.

  10. Provologna says:

    The tire profile reminds me of my Salsa “Mukluk” fat-bike mountain bike tires, 4.00 x 26. All I can tell you about that bike’s handling is that it corners harder than I can, at least on pavement. On downhill dirt it’s as much fun as you can have with your clothes on, controlled slides, etc.

  11. John says:

    This is just another cruiser, not sure why people are getting excited. It’s there to compete with Bonnevilles and Harleys.

    What they need is this engine in an all new aluminum monoshock frame with a new compact Stelvio, Norge and Griso.

  12. MGNorge says:

    I always found the sound recorded in this video very pleasing. A nice throaty sound without being too loud. (Any voice resemblance to Richard Dawson is purely coincidental! 🙂 )

  13. Butch says:

    Just looking at that seat makes my buttocks sore.

    • Blackcayman says:

      its for a ride to the pub…to hang with the other dudes on their retro-bikes…

      “dress-up” for grown men…

      OK, I’m poking a little fun – but I’m not above joining in…If I could ever get to something like a 5 bike garage…

  14. Grover says:

    All Guzzi has to do is do an update of the V7 to a V9. More power is exactly what the V7 needs. The V7 is no faster than my old Honda CX500.

  15. oldjohn1951 says:

    The photo I’m sure doesn’t do it justice. I want to see the entire bike in the videos that will come from the bike show. Hopefully, MG will have it at local bike shows later and their website will be chock full of photos and specs.

  16. rapier says:

    What’s with the tires? I am skeptical these new, let’s call them Scout tires, high profile and fat, work well. I’m not even convinced about the aesthetics but admittedly I am not a cruiser guy.

    • beasty says:

      I took a Scout for a test ride. Those tires worked really well.

    • KenHoward says:

      This doesn’t look like a cruiser, just a standard bike with the pegs a bit forward. But… why is there always someone stating: “I’m not a cruiser guy”? I never see anyone proclaiming: “I’m not a sport bike guy,” or “I’m not an adventure bike guy,” wearing the claim like a badge of honor. It seems similar to Seinfeld repeating, “I’m not gay – not that there’s anything wrong with it…” Enough, already.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        That’s just because, like scooters and trikes, cruisers aren’t quite motorcycles. So when a motorcyclist makes a comment about a cruiser, it is socially responsible to proclaim that said motorcyclist is “not a cruiser person” thereby informing others that his/her opinion may be flawed by some fundamental misunderstanding of the cruiser aficionado psyche which might explain the perceived nonsense of the contraption and/or riding gear about which we are commenting. It is no different than saying, “I’m no engineer, but it seems like having no more than 5° of lean angle available on a motorcycle is a bad idea.”

        So today, we salute you, Mr. I’m-not-a-Cruiser-Guy-Proclaimer to be brave enough to tell us what you think while being honest enough to say, “I don’t really get it.”

        In all seriousness, though, I agree that it does not look that much like a cruiser. The ergos resemble bikes from the 60’s and 70’s when standard riding positions were the norm and seat heights were pretty low.

        • jacksonk says:

          Well done Jeremy! That is freakin’ hilarious! My nominee for post of the year!

        • rapier says:

          Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm.

        • mickey says:

          So today, we salute you, Mr. I’m-not-a-Cruiser-Guy-Proclaimer to be brave enough to tell us what you think while being honest enough to say, “I don’t really get it.”

          LOL I miss those commercials but honestly can’t tell you what they were advertising for?

        • Curly says:

          Exactly. I remember a Cycle magazine test of an Electra Glide some time in the late 60’s where they said that the Harley was “almost but not quite the same thing as a motorcycle”. That stuck with me and was confirmed the first time I actually rode one. They certainly have their place and can be a good ride too but a motorcycle they ain’t

  17. Tank says:

    I don’t think my girlfriend will fit on that passenger seat. Objects in mirror are larger than they appear.

  18. KenHoward says:

    This V9 should make for an interesting matchup against the new Street Twin. For the first time, the small-block Guzzi might have a more than just-adequate level of power (looks air-cooled, still), along with its low-maintenance shaft drive and recently introduced 6-speed trans. Can’t wait for the inevitable comparison tests.

  19. Skybullet says:

    I test rode a Grisso before I bought my last bike. Great torque but the gearbox was clunky and the ergos were not long term comfortable. I would consider a Guzzi like this next time.

  20. Motorhead says:

    9, 900 cc, 850 cc….these all seem to be the new sweet spot for all-around motorcycles. Goldilocks says “just right.” This is a good like 9 bike. The Yamaha 9’s are looking good, too. I want.

  21. ABQ says:

    The picture looks cool. It reminds me of the H-D ’48, but I hope that the gas tank is larger.

  22. KevinC says:

    I agree, a V9 would be very cool. Esp if it was a OHC 4 valve engine. Hope they kept the weight in check. The V7 is actually a pretty light bike. With 80-ish HP at the wheel, this that would make a great street bike!

    • Curly says:

      This engine is still supposed to be a 2 valve so I wouldn’t count on more than 60-65 he at the crank much less at the wheel. It should be a good torquer though.

      • KevinC says:

        then I bet this is a version of the engine from the Bellagio. This is a very short stroke engine with 75 hp at the crank. The reviews of this engine where very positive. I hope they have pealed some weight of it as the Bellagio was just under 500lbs. Keep the weight around 425,and the price reasonable, and it will sell!

        • Curly says:

          It’ an enlarged small block and will likely be just a bit over 850cc and that will likely be a stretch. The 425 pounds is possible though.

          • KevinC says:

            A small block? That would keep the weight down, at least on the cafe and standard versions. I hope they ditched the heron heads for a design that give us private tuners a chance to modify compression or cams. I always wanted to play with one of these engines, but MG needs to meet me halfway with a hemi design or something. I’m a little surprised they did go with water cooling.

    • stinkywheels says:

      I don’t care about a 4 valve. 900 is a good first step. I’d like to see an 1100 2valve without a weight gain. My favorite bikes in the stable are 2 valvers, Hypermotard, Buell Ulysses, 900 Monster & SS. I use the torque more than the top end, love the corners more than the straights.

  23. Scotty says:

    Pretty excited about this, not so much this exact model but what will come from it. V9 Stone for example.

    • Curly says:

      There are photos of another version with a regular sized front wheel that should be a better handler.

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