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Triuph’s Bonneville Reborn Tour to Provide a First-Hand Look at the All-New Bonneville Motorcycles

Los Angeles will open U.S. and Canadian tour on November 19

ATLANTA (November 12, 2015) – Triumph Motorcycles America is pleased to announce the launch of the Bonneville Reborn Tour set to begin next week. The tour will stop at unique venues, consumer motorcycle shows and Triumph dealerships across the U.S. and Canada to showcase the iconic new line of Bonneville motorcycles.

It all kicks off in downtown Los Angeles, Calif. at The Theatre in the Ace Hotel next Thursday, November 19, with a launch party celebration, the Bonneville Reborn Tour consists of five components. Including the invitation-only consumer and VIP launch party events, it will also provide sales and technical training at select Triumph dealerships, displays at ten national consumer motorcycle shows and press rides on the brand new Street Twin model after December 7.

Over the next 90 days, the respective East Coast and West Coast Bonneville Reborn Tour semi trucks will visit 53 cities in 26 states plus Washington D.C. An estimated combined 20,000 miles will be covered and 45 U.S. state lines crossed by mid-February 2016. In addition, the tour will hit all seven of the national Canadian Motorcycle Shows.

“We’re incredibly excited about the new Bonneville family of motorcycles and can’t wait to show off these premium products to both our dealer partners and enthusiasts,” said Matt Sheahan, COO of Triumph Motorcycles America. “Not only will the dealership staff get to dive into these products for training, but also we’re going to be holding some great launch events for consumers. Nearly every major urban market will get to interact with the brand and get to look at these all-new iconic motorcycles.”

For those not able to attend the exclusive, tour-opening launch party in downtown Los Angeles, Triumph will have a display at the International Motorcycle Show, November 20-22, at the Long Beach Convention Center, in Long Beach, Calif. It will feature five new Bonneville family motorcycles and will be located near the main entrance.

The new Triumph Bonneville motorcycle family consists of the Street Twin, Bonneville T120, Bonneville T120 Black, Thruxton and Thruxton R. These five bikes were redeveloped from the ground up with three new Bonneville engines and all-new chassis and suspensions, to provide the optimal modern classic riding experience.


November 19 – Los Angeles, CA*

November 20 – Chicago, IL*

November 23 – San Bernardino, CA

November 23 – St. Charles, IL

December 1 – San Diego, CA*

December 3 – Las Vegas, NV

December 3 – Akron, OH

December 7 – San Rafael, CA

December 7 – Middletown, NY

December 10 – New York, NY*

December 10 – San Francisco, CA

December 14 – Portland, OR*

December 18 – Seattle, WA

December 19 – Boston, MA*

January 2 – Peoria, AZ

January 4 – Columbus, OH

January 5 – Salt Lake City, UT*

January 7 – Denver, CO

January 7 – Boyertown, PA

January 9 – Philadelphia, PA

January 11 – Olathe, KS

January 11 – Pittsburgh, PA

January 12 – Washington, DC*

January 14 – Oklahoma City, OK

January 14 – Raleigh, NC

January 16 – Dallas, TX*

January 16 – Charlotte, NC

January 18 – Buford, GA

January 19 – Austin, TX

January 21 – Lakeland, FL

January 22 – San Antonio, TX

January 23 – Pompano Beach, FL

January 25 – Miami, FL

January 26 – Houston, TX

January 27 – Jacksonville, FL*

January 28 – New Orleans, LA*

January 29 – Nashville, TN*

February 2 – Indianapolis, IN*

February 3 – Atlanta, GA*

February 3 – Detroit, MI*

February 5 – Milwaukee, WI*

February 8 – Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN*

February 10 – St. Louis, MO

* Denotes an off-site event. All other events will be held at a Triumph dealership.

To see the full range of Triumph motorcycles, visit


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