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Nicky Hayden Looks Back on His Career in Road Show Video


CNET’s Road Show has published a new video featuring WSB Honda rider Nicky Hayden in which Nicky looks back on his career, both in AMA and MotoGP racing. The video takes a good look at Hayden’s first superbike, the Honda RC45, and then Hayden discusses later developments in his career, including his MotoGP title in 2006. The video also features some nice footage of Hayden on track. ┬áHave a look:

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Norm G. says:

    fwiw it’s worth Honda execs, seeing nicky back on a production bike DOES make me want to run out and buy something Honda. just saying.

  2. VLJ says:

    “And I, for one, wouldn’t bet against him.”

    I would. I mean, come on, sure, I can’t help but root for the guy, but I definitely wouldn’t bet on him and his sorely-in-need-of-a-major-update Honda to overtake the dominant Kawis and win the 2016 world championship.

    In fact, I will make this forum a deal. In honor of all the good-natured ribbing mickey (our favorite dyed-in-the-wool Honda fan) and I have engaged in these past couple of years, I offer up this dead-nuts-serious guarantee: If Nicky wins the 2016 WSB championship, I will swap my Street Triple R for a Honda CB1100, in solid red, natch, just like mickey’s.

    • mickey says:

      LOL got good belly laugh out of that VLJ! Safe bet I would say. Kinda like me betting on Pedrosa to win it all. There’s always hope for both of us eh? I would think you’d still be riding your Triumph next year, and I will be riding my CB and ST and who knows what else?

      I do wish Nicky well. It would be awesome to see him win a championship in WSBK. Honda should do their best to give him a competitive ride or else why put him out there? At 34 he can’t have too many more years to pull it off. C’mon Honda give him a fair shot at it. I do think at this stage in his life WSBK is a more appropriate venue for him.

      Enjoyed the video, but what’s with the doo Nicky?

      • VLJ says:

        Yep, regarding that stupid new ‘do of his, Man Buns Must Die!

        I’d give Dani a much better chance than Nicky of winning a title this year. Dani’s bike won plenty of races last season, with two different riders. It was also right there at the top in most of the tests and practice/qualifying sessions. The factory Honda is clearly capable of contending for a championship. Nicky’s Ten Kate CBR1000RR hasn’t won a race since 2014, and its rider that year, Johnny Rea, has since moved on and established his dominance on the Kawi.

        Dani is a definite longshot, but that’s only because he’s Dani. Riding the same bike, his teammate is, at worst, a co-favorite in the championship to win back the title for Honda. Also, the MotoGP season hasn’t even started yet, so Dani is on level terms with his rivals. One round into this WSB season, Nicky is already down substantial points to Rea, and Rea and Sykes look like they’ll be just as dominant again this year.

        Short of catastrophe striking the Team Green garage, everyone else in the WSB paddock is racing for second place, and third place is probably the more realistic goal. Perhaps Davies might be able to sneak in there, but he’s likely the only other threat for a top-two finish.

        Can’t see either Honda riding having a prayer of winning the title, not unless both Kawis are somehow destroyed in a dumpster fire.

  3. Paul says:

    Nicky’s awesome!

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