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Ton-up Garage and the Honda 650 Muxima


Periodically, we bring attention to various custom bikes and builders here at MD.  You may have noticed that we have a preference for models with comfortable ergonomics that have been stripped to the bare essentials. In that regard, the Honda Muxima built by Ton-up Garage pictured here caught our eye.

According to its web site, the Muxima began life as an air-cooled Honda 650, but has been completely transformed with a new sub-frame, gas tank and essentially everything else bolted to the frame. What we like about the bike is its stance and visual balance. In essence, it looks like a light, fun bike that we would like to throw a leg over.






  1. Rudedog4 says:


  2. Steve says:

    Cool looking bike. There has been a lot of similar efforts lately. Just google ‘GL1000 scrambler’ or ‘XS650 scrambler’ or probably any other bike along with the word scrambler and see some pretty cool machines.

  3. Tom says:

    Is it legal to have no back fender?

    • Bob says:

      Let’s not go there. Technically, there’s a few things on that bike that don’t meet FMVSS regulations. I think a lot of what one can get away with depends on the cop holding the ticket book, the rider’s attitude, and the way the bike was being ridden.

    • todd says:

      How about no turn signals or mirrors and a yellow headlight…

  4. joe B says:

    There you have it, now we know why everyone hates tank seams, thinks beaks are Fugly, and why this bike with knobbies is kewl. Don’t forget the seat, comfort? Who cares, its Rad man! Why every manufacturer doesn’t make one just like it is the question of the day, right? I’m tweet’n this now, and like’n on facebook. I really don’t own a bike, but I want to tell everyone how intelligent I am by my instant comment. ( If you believe the above, you are the problem )

    • Provologna says:

      If you think being this cryptic is an example of good writing: fail.

      • Gary says:

        Well, I’m guessing that Joe is saying in a round about way, that this bike is just plain ugly, and he doesn’t understand why many here even like it. Can’t say I disagree. No chain guard, no rear fender, next to worthless front fender. I wouldn’t even consider a bike like this. Sorry to those who like it, but JMHO. I know, different strokes for different folks, but not for this folk.

  5. McRider says:

    Where is the battery?

    • Scott says:

      From the website linked above:

      “… Beneath the seat inserted in the sub-frame we’ve build an electric box to fit inside all the electric components and battery…”

  6. Provologna says:

    One of nicest looking rides ever to grace a page here, or anywhere. Who knew how good looks the combination of black, tan, brushed aluminum, and dolphin gray/blue?

    As someone who rides his “fat bike” almost daily (mountain bicycle w/4″ wide tires), I really dig those tires!

    • Tom K. says:

      Agreed, I like it. To the naysayers, yes, it would take some work to make it a daily driver (is that a rock under the kickstand in the second photo?). In some bizzare way, it reminds me of Yamaha’s MT-01 concept from 1999 – maybe because it has two wheels and a 2×4 seat, and the engine is the centerpiece – I guess that everything reminds one of a Lost Love.

      • Provologna says:

        Thanks for the link!

        If there is a mortal sin for OEM in not bringing a certain bike to the USA, Yamaha committed one Re. the MT-01.

        That bike is just plain FAT, in the best way, in the right places, if you know what I mean…

  7. Norm G. says:

    waiting for more tank seam comments in 3, 2, 1…

  8. todd says:

    Nice. I can attest to its fun, I also have an XR650L with a similar treatment (albeit with cast rims and street tires). It’s not very fast with about 35-ish horsepower but then you don’t really need to slow down much for the corners. The staccato exhaust note is music when it’s spinning high RPM, otherwise it sounds like a rototiller.

    • paul says:

      What kind of exhaust are you running on it? I put a Staintune on mine, the sound was awesome without being annoying to everyone else.

      • todd says:

        I had a D&D carbon pipe on it but replaced it with the stocker with the cork removed. The D&D was obnoxious.

  9. Doc says:

    Tank seams! Did anyone notice the tank seams!? All jokes aside, I like it.

    • MGNorge says:

      I must have been preoccupied with the beak.

      • todd says:

        To its credit, that’s a fender, not a beak

        • Doc says:

          If an OEM were to produce such a bike, some of the issues brought up here would be addressed. Probably not the seams, but fenders or lack of, chain guard, not to mention everything needed for street riding. Personally, I like the down pipe but with one muffler (had a new ’75 XL125).

  10. Fivespeed302 says:

    Get rid of the knobbies and put the splash guards down near the tires, and the would be one hell of a supermoto! I wouldn’t want to get this beauty anywhere near gravel.

    • skytzo says:

      Agreed. That thing is way too nice to bring into the woods.

    • Mick says:

      Wow. Really? I’m from the who are you saving for school. I have a custom XR650R supermoto that I’ll ride anywhere, including, well, a supermoto track, woods trail, motocross track, whatever you got.

      Sorry, I don’t have a postable link for a photo. I guess that says I’m an old guy.

      The tank is aluminium. It therefore has a lot of seams. 🙂

  11. gary t says:

    Love it…Slight nod to old Huskys with the tank panels and side mount air cleaner?
    Regarding the down pipe discussion, some early 70s motocrossers had under swept exhaust. Honda Elsinores, Suzuki TMs, + Honda XR75 They were easily damaged….try buying a NOS one for the little XR! $$$$.$$

  12. beasty says:

    Very cool.

  13. Bill says:

    You could come close just by buying a Honda CB300F and taking all the plastic off.

  14. Dale says:

    Fantastic. Perfect.

  15. Dale says:


  16. Stuki Moi says:

    That thing is a really, really awesome looking bike! Just begs to be hopped on and ridden, for no reason whatsoever. I’m sure the more modern Duke is about a million times “better” to actually ride (with an actual street frame and tires and stuff…..) but nothing looks as good as Golden Era bikes.

  17. Grover says:

    I’ll bet this cost $20,000. Anyone know?

    • Eddy G says:

      Probably less than that- a new XR650L is about 7 grand. Add a couple grand for the new parts and 3-4 grand in shop labor and you are likely looking at something in the low teens. Which for a 650 is pricey but then again it is a sweet looking bike and would seem to be a lot of fun. Interesting that the builder’s web site doesn’t have any price listed.

      Ah, now for MD to do a ride review!

  18. skybullet says:

    Love the cool, functional, minimalist look. And guess what, it’s lighter and cheaper to build too. Ducati brought a lot of first time customers in with the Scrambler, that will create move up loyalists…. smart move.

  19. John says:

    Great style. I sure wish Honda would make an XL400 street trail bike again. Something in the 300lb range with reasonable seat height and suspension that doesn’t entirely suck. Or a small scrambler.

  20. Alex says:

    Now this is a sweet bike. Love the styling much better than the stealth bomber modern look which as been making the rounds the past five years or so, love the stripped down look. Nothing on it that doesn’t serve a purpose. That naked chain is making me cringe though, but that would be easily fixed. Great bike.

    • Dino says:

      Oh, man… Didn’t even see that before.. I would spring for a piece of plastic so my pant leg (or ankle-flesh) didn’t get ripped up on the drive sprocket!!
      Love the rest. It looks so easy, I should just buy a crap bike and spend the next few months trying to make something close to this…

  21. Jeremy in TX says:

    Mmmm. Tasty!

  22. Butch says:

    Ducati Scrambler minus a jug.
    Those low pipes are very cool.

  23. Dave Sumner says:

    Urban Enduro, anyone?

    • Dino says:

      Just needs a couple Zombie-Skewers sticking out from the front to mow down the un-dead when you are commuting in the Apocalypse!! Perfect

  24. alex says:

    Nice, swingarm notwithstanding.

  25. Kent says:

    Two inches more padding on the seat. A rear fender. SOLD!

  26. Nasty says:

    Cool bike! It would be better with high pipes.

    • Half Baked says:

      This is a single it only has one pipe and Honda has produced many bikes like this with a down pipe. The SL 100, 125 and 350 in addition the early XL 125, 175 and 350 plus the XR 75.

      • RBS says:

        When a single has a four valve head, it’s possible to give each exhaust valve its own separate exhaust port. That’s what Honda did here. Two ports – two exhaust pipes. This may or may not give better performance. Since Honda tends to know what they are doing, I’d give them the benefit of the doubt.

        Yes, Honda has had low exhaust pipes on singles before, but low pipes are more susceptible to being damaged when you ride your bike off-road. Note that Honda’s SL and XL series bikes were “playbikes” more biased for street use than dirt use. They weren’t designed for serious off-road use. Most were too heavy, underpowered, or poorly suspended for anything more than an easy ride down a fire-trail. This isn’t a criticism, it’s just fact. I owned an XL350. It was really heavy for a 350 single. It was great for having fun on, though.

        • Half Baked says:

          I have an XR 600 and like this engine the dual header pipes are part of a single exhaust system so referring to it as having exhaust pipe(s is incorrect. My point was that Honda dual purpose bikes were not intended for serious off road use just like this FMX is not.

  27. Kevin P says:

    Pretty sweet looking bike even without the chain-guard. That seat looks as narrow and as rounded as a wooden log with a leather cover. But it’s nicer than the Ryca (with Suzuki S40 650 motor and chassis).

  28. Tank says:

    A chain guard would be nice.

  29. Curly says:

    Cool looking bike. Are these customs actually ridden off road? I’d say the mud splat should hit the rider just about shoulder high, maybe right between his jacket collar and helmet.

  30. Hot Dog says:

    Damn! This thing is beautiful!

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