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Aragon WSB Results – Race 1


Round 3 of the WSB championship is at the Aragon circuit this weekend. Race 1 was completed earlier today, and Ducati’s Chaz Davies ran away and established a big gap over the factory Kawasaki riders to take the win. Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes fought over second place with Rea edging Sykes at the checkered flag. Rea leads the championship points. Check back tomorrow for the results of Race 2. Check out this PDF for full race results: Results – Superbike Race 1 Aragon Pirelli Round.


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  1. Norm G. says:

    correct, WSB is not the “sh!t show” in regards to tyre safety that i told you at the start of the season was going to happen (and is now in fact happening) over in MGP.

  2. mickey says:

    Heavens I know racing can be either exciting or boring, particularly an individual race…but everyone is always saying MotoGP is a snooze fest and that only 4 riders have a chance of winning, and that Moto 3 and WSBK are MUCH more competitive and MUCH more exciting. Tune in and watch they say…you’ll see. All I’m saying is don’t complain about MotoGP if this is what you consider exciting.

    Truth is crème rises to the top and in any series there are only going to be 3 or 4 guys that are going to be doing the vast majority of the winning, be it MotoGP, SBK or Moto3.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Truth is crème rises to the top”

      truth is tyres EXPLODE and riders go down faster than $2 dollar whores.

  3. The doom and gloom crew.

    • Scott says:

      It’s racing, guys. Sometimes you’re going to have that. It’s been that way since the first two vehicles met each other on the road. True race fans are aware that you don’t always have a killer battle, and we accept that.

      I just went to the Phoenix Indycar race last night. Talk about a parade. Cars couldn’t pass AT ALL. The leaders would lap the field in 20 laps, but as soon as they caught the tail end, the last car may as well have been the pace car. But that’s just how it goes. I still love Indycar racing, and I still love motorcycle racing…

  4. xLaYN says:

    Pareidolia…. The angry fairing is eating the front wheel.

  5. mechanius says:

    yawn. follow the leader.

  6. mickey says:

    Watched the race. Convince me again how this is more exciting than MotoGP? Hardly. Very little passing. A parade with gaps. Davies had a 5 second gap on the two Kawi’s in 2nd and third, who had a 5 second gap on 4th, 5th and 6 th who had a 5 second gap to the rest of the pack.

    Will watch the second race tomorrow and see if it is any better.

    • Hot Dog says:

      They don’t even have a soap opera behind the scenes in this series. I was hoping the R1 would do better in the race.

    • VLJ says:

      And instead of only four bikes having a chance at winning (MotoGP), this series sees only three bikes with a chance. Either Rea, Sykes, or Davies win every race. Not sure why the second Ducati isn’t there too, but Davies seems to be the only Ducati rider that can win.

      The Hondas, Yamahas, Suzukis, etc., are merely filling out the grid.

      Admit it, you miss Max Biaggi now, don’t you?

      • mickey says:

        Biaggi did add a certain drama to the paddock, no mayter where he landed.

      • Hot Dog says:

        I liked Max. He was another one of the unending hissy fit targets of Rossi, along with Sete, JLo, MM……..

      • Dave says:

        This where WSBK has landed in the past 2 years. with the exception of Stoner’s brief run on treh Ducati, the same 4 bikes/5 riders have dominated MotoGP for over a decade now.

    • ze says:

      Have you seen the 1st race ? (Australia)
      Don’t judge by one race or even one season, WSBK is great.

      And congrats to Chaz, fantastic rider.

      • mickey says:

        Actually I have been paying attention to results the last few years and believe it or not the point spread in the top 5 places on MotoGP is nearly always closer than the points spread in WSBK at the end of the year. You might see a few more guys on the podium in WSBK, but in the end there is one or possibly two guys that can be champion and it’s pretty clear who is going to be third and forth. Same goes in Moto 3.

        This year I have a package where I can watch WSBK and I wanted to tune in to see how Hayden was doing. Everyone claims it’s so exciting and it hasn’t been so far and yes I saw 1 of the Australian races but not both.

        VLJ is right, you can watch it all season, but unless something goofy happens in the end the top 3 places are going to be Davies, Sykes and Rea in some order.

        I will keep watching, but doubt it will be much more exciting than it was today

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