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Donington Park WSB Results



Kawasaki’s Tom Sykes took both wins this weekend at Donington Park – giving him a record-tying 8 in a row at this venue. In Race 1, Davide Giugliano (Ducati)finished second with the winner’s teammate Jonathan Rea third. Race 2 saw Rea come home second with Chaz Davies (Ducati) third.

Rea continues to hold the championship points lead. Follow these links to Race 1 and Race 2 results.

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  1. Max says:

    Nicky could be top 3 if he had a competitive bike.

    • xLaYN says:

      Maybe it’s a mix of machine and rider, every bike behind Nicky it’s a more “competitive” bike, including the BMW which has the most power and the Yamaha which is considered the best overall bike.

      • Dave says:

        Competitive, or dominant? Aside from his lone win, and a couple Ducati wins at Ducati friendly tracks, it seems like there’s the Kawasaki, and then there’s everything else.

    • jimmihaffa says:

      Well let’s take Jonathan Rea as a benchmark. He finished 3rd on the Honda before winning back-to-back with Kawi. If Hayden can crack top 3 on the bike he’s on now, I’d call it an equipment issue. Nicky’s back end first riding style is cool to watch, but not always the fastest way flag to flag.

  2. bikerrandy says:

    Congratulations to Tom Sykes for beating his teammate/nemesis in both races this weekend in the UK. For awhile there it looked like it might never happen again.

  3. Scott says:

    Why is there a picture of the Superpole qualifiersfrom Sepang?

    And what happened to NH being schooled by VDM? Was there a substitute teacher this weekend?

    • waitman says:

      Scott, I think it was team orders. Honda World Superbike effort looking to lock down a solid tie for 5th place in the overall season standings. 😟

      • martian9r says:

        Waitman – You’re saying that team orders required VdM to finish three places behind NH in race 1 and two places behind in race 2? I’m not a team manager, but I don’t quite get that logic? Perhaps there was sarcasm in your post I didn’t see? 🙂

        • waitman says:

          Sorry, my friend. I figured the “lock down a solid tie for 5th place” was a tip-off to my intended sarcastic bent. I shall attempt to push my tongue further into my cheek from now on. 😊

          • Scott says:

            I got it. 👍😎

          • waitman says:

            Over-explanation follows: It was actually meant as an indictment of Honda’s less than competitive machine. I was trying to make the point that it appears Honda World Superbike is resigned to a season that will produce (at best) a 5th place individual rider and/or team finish. Kudos to NH and VdM for getting as much out of their mounts as they have. New bike please!

    • Jason says:

      Van Der Mark hasn’t “schooled” Hayden since the first race of the season. That is the only time Van Der Mark has beat Hayden by more than 3 positions (except for Hayden’s 2 DNF when the bike broke). Hayden has beat Van Der Mark 4 out of the last 5 races.

      • PatrickD says:

        The championship table shows VdM ahead of Hayden. Your patriotism blinds you. Your analysis suggests a career in politics beckoning.

        • drbyers says:

          Can’t score points if your bike doesn’t finish the race. Your ignorance blinds you. Your analysis suggests a career in armchair-quarterbacking beckons.

        • VLJ says:

          The championship table also shows Nicky with two DNFs that were mechanicals, not rider error, plus there was a third mechanical that forced him to limp home.

          Minus those mechanicals, Nicky is ahead of VdM.

        • Jason says:

          Lets see.
          First 4 races VdM 4 / Hayden 0
          Next 5 races VdM 3 / Hayden 2
          Last 5 races VdM 1 / Hayden 5

          Maybe VdM is “schooling” Hayden too well 🙂 More likely, Hayden is getting more comfortable on a superbike after 13 years in MotoGP.

          Hopefully they get a decent bike next year and can compete for the title instead of which is the “lead” rider for Honda’s WSB team.

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