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Imola WSB Results – Race 2


Chaz Davies (Ducati) served notice that Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) may have a real challenge on his hands for this year’s WSB title by sweeping both races at Imola this weekend.  Davies again built a large gap back to second place Rea, who again led his Kawasaki teammate Tom Sykes over the line.  With the same podium on both days this weekend, it looks as if this year could play out as a challenge between Davies and the Kawasaki factory riders for the title.  Rea still has a sizable points lead in the championship.  Follow this link for full results of Race 2: Imola WSKB – Race 2 Results.

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  1. mickey says:

    like I said “second verse same as the first” …Herman’s Hermits lol

  2. Stuki Moi says:

    Good for Ducati.

    And Great Britain:) The WSB rankings are starting to look a bit like The TT. It’s almost shameful to be from perfect riding weather SoCal, and watch how the rain-tyres-year-’round crew dominates. Endless summer Spanish and Italian aliens are one thing, but man, the Brits…..

    Wonder if Honda will make s stronger push in WSB with their new CBR coming out?

    Being American, a Superbike series lacking a serious Gixxer contingent, is almost bizarre. And with a twin doing so well, a shame it’s not in the cards for Buell to be in the runnings.

  3. Will Parker says:

    Another snoozer. Ducati track…

  4. Starmag says:

    My interest in this series is Nickey The Lone American, despite the fact that I own two Kawasakis. His teammate, MVM, who has never been a MotoGp champion, is making him look sort of expendable in the world standings. 4 vs 7. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Vrooom says:

      Yeah, it’s becoming clear who carries the water in that garage, and it’s MVM. Nicky should provide valuable setup feedback, but he doesn’t seem to have the same pace routinely. There’s still lot’s of racing though, the situation could change.

    • JVB says:

      MVM is talented, and could easily make a jump to MotoGP. MVM takes many risks, and is apt to crashout, where Hayden seems to ride the bike at the limit. Last weekend was a great example where Hayden was racing on a track that he has never raced at, and he finished ahead of MVM. I’m not a Hayden Slappy, but grew to respect him as he kept working hard through the Ducati years. If you recall last season, MVM faded from the front as the year progressed. His ride at Phillip Island to kick off 2015 was awesome, yet lead group participation became less frequent. Lets keep an open mind as the season progresses.

      Rea couldn’t win a championship on the CBR, and look how he dominates now on the Kawasaki. New CRB is in the rumor mill for next year, so we shall see how things work out for the Honda crew.

      I believe SBK is the best racing option for the fans. Lots of tight racing, and many brands running up front throughout the races. Camier is my MVP of the season so far. When was the last time MV was mentioned along with the front runners. BMWs have shown promise. The mystery of the year has been how Aprilia has fallen on their faces; looks like we cannot blame Melandri.

      Lets all stop hating, and just enjoy a great mix of bikes and riders that MtotGP wishes they had. Premier level – nope!

  5. Scott says:

    Who was it that said something about Van der Mark “embarrassing” his team mate?

    Yeah, more like the Honda is embarrassing its riders…

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