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Yamaha MT-10 Will Be Called FZ-10 When It Arrives in U.S. Next Year (with video)


CARB (the California Air Resources Board) has blown its fair share of surprises for motorcycle manufacturers here in the U.S. Most recently, earlier this week, it was discovered that a new 2017 Yamaha model was certified as the “FZ-10”, a clear reference to the MT-10, R1-derived naked bike available in Europe currently.

As we wrote earlier, not only does this naked get the heart of the current R1, it has many of the same electronic aids, and is sure to be a monster on the street. The bike has already been tested in Europe, and you can take a look at the MCN video below for a sampling of the European press reaction. When we get official word from Yamaha, we will publish full specs and color options.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Mick says:

    Do I hear the 09 whine on this bike? That is a real non-starter for me. That makes the 07 the only MT/FZ/FJ/XSR engine in my book.

    When I saw this article I thought that it would be fun to count the number of times origami was mentioned. I came to find that Transformers was more popular. For my part, I don’t mind the styling of this bike. At least Yamaha is working on a new styling direction.

    My goodness. Must every motorcycle made look like a retro from some time in the past? Sure the headlight is what I would call weird. But it’s a whole lot better than some of the front runners of the ugly headlight competition of the very recent past.

    Now if we can only get the rest of the tail section back. Things would start to come together.

  2. Jeremy in TX says:

    Man, that thing sure sounds magnificent. The face is pretty silly-looking, but I quite like the rest of the design particularly in blue, busy though it may be. All can be forgiven just for the sound it makes, though. I need a good quality ringtone of that.

  3. Don says:

    That bike has a face only the designer could love. Let the Transformers styling be gone!

  4. Craig says:

    Coming off of a sport bike to this bike will seem very awkward, as it will going the other way… You do have to remember what each bike is build for and in that setting this bike is perfect for the street with a strong ability to enjoy a few track days… It is not an R1 with handle bars and never was or was going to be.

    It sounds like an awesome thought… but then again… just buy and R1 and then buy a handlebar conversion kit. 🙂

    Can’t wait to ride one and see if it makes me want it enough to leave my modified Street Triple R… probably not.

  5. Vrooom says:

    I’m kind of disappointed it’s not a triple like the FZ-9, but I’m sure it screams. Naked bikes aren’t wonderful for the US, but a sport touring version of this would be great.

    • Vrooom says:

      Sorry, I meant the NW, not the US. They’re fine for the southern half of the country, perhaps ideal.

  6. Hot Dog says:

    The sound of her moaning while she’s getting full throttle is enough to overlook any warts or questionable looks. I like the bike. Those of you that don’t like the looks of it must be worried what others will think when you’re riding it. Perhaps insecurities would be best addressed by staying home on the porch with the women and dogs.

  7. Vince says:

    We already have it in Canada. It was avalable on recent Yamaha demo rides. It is listing for $15499. The US$ / CDN $ exchange rate is 1.30 roughly, so an estimate is maybe $ 11,900 for the USA?. Everyone I know that tried it really liked it.

    • Steve says:

      Same price as the Tuono 1100RR and S1000R. Only both bikes have better components, better power output and frankly look a lot better.

  8. Zinnman says:

    Butt ugly origami styling. I could never get past that.

  9. Steve says:

    Engineering department gets a B at best. This bike has the old traction system off the Tenere, which was already old when they put it on the 2012+ R1. It gets a detuned version of the R1-S engine, so none of the fancy Ti and lightweight internals of the R1. They’ve geared it so that it seems competitive with the better bikes on the market (Tuono 1100RR, KTM 1290R, S1000R) and priced it at par in North America so far. You’d be a fool to buy this over the European bikes which come spec’d with quality Brembo brake components, braided lines, multi-axis traction control, Bosch 9MP ABS, and full-spec motors with more power (change the sprockets if you want even more zaniness). Not to mention the looks.

    • Gutterslob says:

      Yeah, I’m a fool for not wanting a bike that breaks down every other weak.

      • Vince says:

        + 1
        I had a long wait for warranty work on my V4 Tuono’s low quality front Grimeca front brake rotors. The rotors vibrated…

    • WJF says:


    • Provologna says:

      A graduate of the “Berate and Offend Your Audience” and/or the “Writing For Masochists” school of writing technique? (“…You’d be a fool…”)

      Very impressive, but not in a good way.

      And not very good w/facts I see, too: Yamaha sells two versions of the “R1” you mention, one with and one without “fancy Ti and lightweight internals.”

    • John says:

      I totally agree that the euro bikes have it beat. But if this comes in around $11000 are they still in the same catagory. Still feel like it’s a solid buy for the price just like the other fzs. Plus super reliable and cheaper to maintain.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        I agree. The comparable Euro bikes may end up costing considerably more and are for a different kind of consumer really. This bike as well as comparable offerings by the Japanese OEMs offer an amazing level of performance without the big price tags and the generally higher risk of pain-in-the-assery that comes with owning a European machine.

  10. Cagefree says:

    Love it, going to buy it.

  11. Daytona675 says:

    Tried this bike last week. It sucks…. it has your typical 1000 power but the riding position was stupid uncomfortable. Bad peg placement, handle bars was too high even for a sport touring bike and it felt top heavy which made taking corners a challenge. Throttle on the A-mode was almost as touchy as an MV.

    But if you just like opening it up on straightaways while sitting up in the wind like a sail, this bike has is for you!

    Getting back on my Daytona made me fall in love with it all over again.

    • Half Baked says:

      Good luck finding a Triumph dealer when they’re all out of business. And if Jolly Old leaves the EU then Hinckley and the rest of their socialist buddies will be toast. But you keep enjoying that Day-tone why you can.

      • Fabio says:

        Triumph 675 is an amazing bike and there will be plenty of dealers around.!!John Bloor has done well!!

    • Flubber says:

      Bars too high on this bike? Are you a hobbit?

  12. graham mccullough says:

    high tech: great. styling: not so much.

  13. Tank says:

    Engineering department = A+ (bonus checks have already been mailed),
    Design department = F (Pick up your severance checks when you punch out today. Letters of recommendation are pending.)

    • Half Baked says:

      Release dates were recently set for the 5th, 6th and 7th installments in the Transformers movie franchise. World wide box office for the first 4 pictures is around 3.7 billion USD. If you don’t care for the styling of this machine than it is safe to say that you are probably not Yamaha’s target demographic.

  14. Coast Runner 101 says:

    I hate everything about the way this bike looks from every angle. But for the sake of that engine, I will learn to suppress those feelings. I want one.

  15. Fabio says:

    Fugly!! Yamaha just took a wrong turn on this one..

  16. Tommy See says:

    Had the pleasure to ride this sweet beast at Yamaha demo days. Yamaha has built another Great ride. Sport Bike madness !

    • mickey says:

      really? we have a demo days coming up but that bike isn’t listed.

      Rode with my soon today who just bought an FJ-09 and he said he was pretty happy with his FJ-09 purchase untiil he read this was coming out.

  17. Yoyodyne says:

    460 lbs wet weight, ooh baby! For that I could get used to the looks…

  18. Gutterslob says:

    I like the look, based on what I’ve seen in press pics and first ride videos. It’s ugly in a middle-finger-to-hipsters kinda way, which sort of makes it cool. The blue one with the Akra, GYRT and Gilles extras looks especially sick, though I’d still want to clean up the tail section with a fender eliminator kit.

  19. Get rid of those headlights and the “bump” on the seat. It will sell.

    All the best,
    Aaron Lephart

  20. redbirds says:

    Being a Yamaha performance and reliability will be first rate I’m sure but a Pontiac Aztec is handsome by comparison.

  21. WJF says:

    that is the ugliest bike ever

  22. Pacer says:

    I want to like this thing, and I may, but I want the M1 version. No, it doesn’t exist, but it should in a world of Superdukes, tuonos, and s1000rs.

  23. Fred_M says:

    Even ignoring the “styling,” Yamaha missed the mark on this one. The R1 engine sucks for street use in a naked bike. It makes too little horsepower at the rev ranges where one would want to ride on the street and has to turn 12K to hit its horsepower peak.

    This dyno torque chart tells the story:

    The Panigale simply stomps the R1 in torque across the board. Although not shown on that dyno chart, so do the KTM 1290 Super Duke and the EBR 1190SX. And, unlike the R1, they don’t need to rev out to Dremel rotary tool RPM ranges to reach their peak horsepower.

    On the track, where you can anticipate every turn, always be in the correct gear, and live with the scream from a Superbike engine being up-shifted at 12,500 RPM, an I4 makes sense. On a naked bike for street use, a V-twin or a triple is a much better engine configuration.

    • jimmihaffa says:

      Good post and thanks for the link.

    • Bubba Blue says:

      I don’t really agree. Crank that handle at any rpm and it will go straight to the moon. But I do agree that what one would enjoy on the street most would probably be a Fat Bob S or even a Street Bob, with a big, stonking V Twin.

      • Fred_M says:

        I’m sure that, compared to a Fat Bob S or a Street Bob, any liter class sport bike feels like “it will go straight to the moon.” But between V-twin sport bikes and I4 sport bikes, the V-twin’s are better suited to street use with their higher torque and lower RPM ranges.

    • mickey says:

      thought the guy in the video said it made good power everywhere, and that in 3rd gear it would pull cleanly from 20 mph to 100 mph?

      • Dave says:

        The R1 doesn’t make more torque at any part if the rev range than the Education (the lines would cross at the point where the R1 was higher) but I can’t see why it matters. Where and on what street would any self-preservation equipped person apply 70+lb.ft., shifting @12k/rpm? Or 85lb.ft. @ 9k/rpm? And what’s really the difference?

        Fred,the R1 engine is almost universally celebrated. It’s an I4, you just ride it a couple k/rpm higher than a twin (with 30% more displacement).

        • Fred_M says:

          “the R1 engine is almost universally celebrated”

          The Mercedes Formula 1 engine is also almost universally celebrated, but there’s a reason that Mercedes doesn’t put it into sports cars with license plates, passenger seats, tags, and cup holders.

          “you just ride it a couple k/rpm higher than a twin”

          Like most riders, I can’t just “ride [an i4] a couple k/rpm higher than a twin” for hours at a time. It’s grating on my nerves and makes riding the bike less enjoyable. Like most owners of large displacement I4 engines, I was riding around at RPM ranges where a V-twin sport bike would have been making much more horsepower in a more tractable manner. So I switched. No regrets.

          “(with 30% more displacement)”

          Displacement is a pointless factoid for street riders. You’re not going to face tech inspectors who will tear down your engine and “disqualify” you for your commute or your Sunday ride through the mountains. What should matter to street riders of a sport bike is the engine’s weight, width, power delivery, etc.

      • bmidd says:

        None of the reviews or testers matter, Fred says that Twins with 30% more power are clearly superior.

        Here ya go Fred: That means peak horsepower is down to 160.4 hp, from the R1S’s 200 hp. However, the R1 also makes peak power by revving to 13,500 rpm; the FZ-10 reaches its max at a more street-friendly 11,500 rpm. Peak torque for the FZ-10 is 81.8 lbs-ft at 9,000 rpm, while peak torque for the R1 is 82.9 lbs-ft. The R1 reaches that number at 11,500 rpm.

        • Fred_M says:

          That’s correct; I’m not beholden to manufacturers to provide me with press invites and test bikes.

          You wrote: “That means peak horsepower is down to 160.4 hp, from the R1S’s 200 hp.”

          The YZF-R1S produces less horsepower than the YZF-R1. And the 2015 YZF-R1 peaked at 163.6hp at 12,500 rpm on the Sport Rider magazine dyno. By contrast, the Ducati 1299 Panigale peaked at 174.8 at 10,400 rpm. More than 11hp more at 2100 rpm less.

    • MGNorge says:

      I was rather impressed by the 1000RR’s relatively smooth torque spread. No real hills or valleys like the other two.

    • Lupo 606 says:

      I have to disagree with you. Have you ever actually ridden a crossplane R1? Its a fantastic street motor in my opinion. Real life riding is not about spec sheets or dyno graphs.

    • bmidd says:

      Your argument is completely and utterly invalid. You are comparing bikes with more displacement to a 1000cc bike. Look at the EBR to start with, it has a 190cc andvantage and only makes more than the FZ10. The Superduke has a whopping 30% displacement advantage, I would be sorely disappointed if it didn’t make more torque. The Speed Triple actually makes LESS torque than the FZ10. I suggest you put the keyboard away and go ride a crossplane R1. Here’s some info on the tuning of the new FZ10 engine, it will be exceedingly more useful on the street than your biased argument suggests. Just go look at all the reviews of the MT10 so far.

      “That means peak horsepower is down to 160.4 hp, from the R1S’s 200 hp. However, the R1 also makes peak power by revving to 13,500 rpm; the FZ-10 reaches its max at a more street-friendly 11,500 rpm. Peak torque for the FZ-10 is 81.8 lbs-ft at 9,000 rpm, while peak torque for the R1 is 82.9 lbs-ft. The R1 reaches that number at 11,500 rpm.”

      • Fred_M says:

        You’re free to disagree, but the fact is that I am probably much more experienced and knowledgeable about motorcycles than you are.

        “Look at the EBR to start with, it has a 190cc advantage and only makes more than the FZ10. The Superduke has a whopping 30% displacement advantage, I would be sorely disappointed if it didn’t make more torque. ”

        You don’t seem to understand that we’re talking about a torque curve, not a torque peak. That’s the whole point.

        As to your claims of a “displacement advantage,” a Panigale 1299 S is lighter and narrower than a Yamaha R1, while producing much more torque, and more horsepower 2000 rpm lower in the range, so what’s the DISadvantage to more displacement? And, as Visordown noted in their comparison, “Where the R1 is peaky, the 1299 S has a linear power-delivery, with immense strength everywhere in the range.”

        • Fred_M says:

          Sorry for the multiple replies. I submitted this, and then the next, and they just disappeared. No ‘pending moderation’ or anything. Reloads, clearing the browser cache, waiting five minutes, etc. had no effect. So I submitted the third and it appeared immediately. Now, a day later, the first two showed up.

      • Fred_M says:

        “Your argument is completely and utterly invalid.”

        Your failure to recognize the validity of my argument is a poor reflection on you, not me.

        “Look at the EBR to start with, it has a 190cc advantage and only makes more than the FZ10. The Superduke has a whopping 30% displacement advantage, I would be sorely disappointed if it didn’t make more torque. ”

        We’re also talking about street bikes, so you can “completely and utterly” ignore displacement since you’re not restricted by some artificial limit imposed by the FIM, AMA, or other sanctioning body in racing.

        All that you need to concern yourself with is the performance of the bikes. If Ducati can make a Panigale 1299 S that is lighter and narrower than a Yamaha R1, while producing much more torque, and more horsepower at lower RPMs, what’s the DISadvantage to more displacement?

      • Fred_M says:

        Nope. We’re also talking about street bikes, so you can “completely and utterly” ignore displacement; you’re not restricted by some artificial limit imposed by the FIM, AMA, or other sanctioning body in racing.

        All that you need to concern yourself with is the performance of the bikes. If Ducati can make a Panigale 1299 S that is lighter and narrower than a Yamaha R1, while producing much more torque, and more horsepower at lower RPMs, what’s the DISadvantage to more displacement?

        • Selecter says:

          Wait, when did the 1299S start making good low-end power? The thing’s a pig until 8000rpm. And all it took was an extra $10,000 over the R1, right?

          They’re big and heavy, but the ZX-14R and Hayabusa *still* whip the heck out of any twin in the displacement category when it comes to usability on the road. From 2000rpm on up, NOTHING makes that kind of roll-and-go power, the Pani isn’t even close. They’re smooth, they’re effortless, and they’re actually a comfortable place to be for the unfortunate realities of riding somewhere that’s not a track. Neither will cook your thighs right off you while you’re riding them in the summer, either… and anyone that says they can’t handle (especially on the street) has never ridden one. They’re big girls, but they’ll dance!

    • Curly says:

      Really Fred, rhis bike does not have the R1 motor tuning. It will be plenty strong enough for any nutter on the street.

    • Until people get butts in the seat its really a guessing game.

      While you are correct on the characteristics of this engine in the R1, this is nothing camshafts and retuning the fueling will solve for this application.

      All the best,
      Aaron Lephart

    • Gutterslob says:

      Oooh, bikes with up to 30% more displacement make more torque. You’re such a genius!!

      • Fred_M says:

        Oooh, bikes with up to 30% more displacement make more torque, weigh less, make more horsepower, and are narrower. You’re such a genius for arguing in favor of the lower-torque, higher weight, lower horsepower, wider I4 engines.

    • Stuki Moi says:

      The Mt-10 is very much retuned for midrange compared to the R1. Like the S1000R was vs the RR, and the GSX-S vs R.

      The market seems to want 150hp out of their naked bikes. I’m not personally sold on that, but that’s what those buying them seem willing to plonk down for. In which case, they need to rev above Harley range. Rendering twins a bit disadvantaged. Twins CAN rev up and make top end power nowadays (LC8, water-boxer and Panigale), but they lose all their charm and retain only their agricultural drone, when they do so. While multis, in any configuration, thrive up there.

    • PatrickD says:

      The important thing, from a seat-of-the-pants perspective, is the thrust.
      That’s a combination of the power that everyone mentions, along with the gearing of the thing.
      Most sports Ducatis are quite overgeared, and so the impression is that you have to stir the gearbox to get things going.
      Fortunately, changing the final drive on chain driven bikes is a straightforward operation, and really modifies the bike’s characteristics.

      • Fred_M says:

        “The important thing, from a seat-of-the-pants perspective, is the thrust.”

        Yes. As Visordown wrote “Where the R1 is peaky, the 1299 S has a linear power-delivery, with immense strength everywhere in the range.” That’s why I prefer a V-twin for street sport riding.

        I’ve mucked with final drive gearing on I4 sport bikes and kept finding myself looking for another gear — or two — on the highway. I’d much rather be riding a twin that’s running a couple of grand lower and producing the same horsepower.

  24. Dino says:

    I think I see a couple spots where they forgot to add frivolous panels, scoops, or creases…

    I’m sure it rides great, but I do look at my bikes in the garage when I’m not riding them… I would need a couple gallons of Bondo and touch up paint!

    Definitely designed by kids, for kids, all suffering from ADHD apparently… too bad.

  25. jimmihaffa says:

    This is the type of bike I’d want, but not the bike I want. Perhaps the next rendition will be cleaned up. Better looking,less tall, more compact, more integrated design of bikini fairing, lose all the extra layers of bits that look, again, poorly integrated and a tad more touring oriented with better perch ala FJ1200 of bygone era.

  26. Otter says:

    I love to ride it, when it hits the states I’m in for a test ride. Currently riding a S1000R and it has a face only a mother would love, but it’s a monster on the street and a blast to ride.

  27. Tom R says:

    Straight out of a Transformers movie.

  28. Starmag says:

    Unofficial poll so far 20+ ugly, 6 love it. Like salmon looking to spawn, Yamaha is swimming upstream. Good luck. For those that buy, ready your justifications.

    • mickey says:

      that’s actually a pretty good ratio for this forum..approx 3 to 1? that’s not bad.

  29. JR says:

    I would sum this up by repeating what the head of Ducati said in a printed interview sometime ago in regard to lower industry sale numbers.. people are not buying what we are making. For me it’s the Yamaha’s 15+ K price, along with shim valve adjustments and a rear chain drive. No thanks.

  30. stinkywheels says:

    I don’t care for the busy looks, but I’ve got a garage full of ugly bikes. I was impressed by the sound (doesn’t sound like an electric razor), and I bet it’s a hoot to ride. If I get over my twin fetish, this would be the one. Now, if it’s got enough tank to match those bags.

  31. Larry K says:

    I kind of dig it and not usually a transformer style fan but this is so over the top that way it’s ugly cool. But then again I ride a naked-ized flat-black/dayglo orange V-Strom so I know about ugly.
    And for some reason this reminds me of Trump ugly…

  32. I completely get that this is the bike many of us should have, compared with the R1 which is, by all accounts, ridiculously over-qualified for on-road use. Cruise control and otherwise up-scale componentry compared with my FJ-09 SHOULD have me drooling. But that headlight…I can’t get past it.

  33. ROXX says:

    U – G – L – Y !!!

    For some reason, I enjoy looking at my motorcycles.
    I would hide this thing after I rode it.
    Certainly would be parking it around the corner and away from whatever group of cyclists I happened to be riding with.

  34. mickey says:

    This is the one bike I could completely ignore the looks on while riding it. The feel and sound of the motor alone is enough for me. I don’t care that the headlights are ugly, as is the cluster cover/fairing or whatever that is (bug to the face shield shoveler probably), or that it looks like bridge girders around 1 of the two radiators… or that the wheels would make my garage glow at night. It’s way, way more bike than I would ever need or use, but I can’t wait to get a ride on one.

  35. mechanicus says:

    The best parts are the little butt bump on the seat and the license plate holder.

  36. yellowhammer says:

    Take an R1, ride it to Deals Gaps and drop it off the side of the embankment to peel off all the plasttc. Pull it up with a wrecker. Then have the carcass mate with a giant mutant praying mantis. Caesarean the baby spawn out and viola this thing is born!

    • Stan says:

      A kid pulled up at the shop with a crashed BMW “beakmobile” that had the whole area in front of the triple tree basically torn off. Unanimous agreement there that the appearance was greatly improved.

      • Bart says:

        “Beakmobile” Ha!

        Best post of the thread! Can’t wait to share that with! my beakbuds!

  37. PN says:

    I mostly like it. Yamaha typically sells on styling but I think Kawasaki’s been pushing the envelope in styling more than anyone for the past decade or more.

  38. Lonerider says:

    Here in Canada, the FZ10 is available on their Yamaha Motorcycle Power Tour. I did ride the XSR900. But the FZ10 was not even tempting. What an ugly bike. People who did try it were impressed by the performance.

  39. Starmag says:

    My mom told me “if you can’t say anything nice…”

  40. Artem says:

    In yellow colours that thing looks like “Bumblebee” from “Transformers” movie.

  41. Skif says:

    On the upside a more comfortable, practical and flexible R1. On the downside comical angry bird face, fake air ducts and it’s not a R1.

    • KenHoward says:

      After seeing Yamaha’s new XSR900, these fake air scoops are looking better to me.

  42. Alonzo! says:

    Yamaha, designers of the best looking sport bikes and sport tourers on the planet! And the butt ugliest street bikes…

  43. Frank says:

    Not Godzilla…with that ‘angry bird face’ front end, more like Mothra. Apart from that, I think it look’s like what you’d expect of a modern Japanese sport standard. I’m sure it will make for an exciting and well sorted ride.

  44. dave says:

    Too bad it’s hideous.

  45. Dave says:

    Styling aside (I don’t care for it, way to busy), why does the R1 look so trim and lean, and this looks so bulky?

  46. Bob says:

    Nice bike, Yamaha, but can’t I just get an XSR700?

  47. Kevin M Smith says:

    Looks like some squid dropped their R1, ripped off the plastic and zip tied a bunch aftermarket crap and called it a “street fighter”, only this is pre-dropped and bastardized straight from the factory!

    Not for me, but different strokes for different folks!

  48. Provologna says:

    Remember back in 1979 when Honda released the naked CBX inline six-cylinder? Cycle Magazine quoted 103hp, and suggested buyers get one before TPTB banned bikes making that much power.


  49. Provologna says:

    I like the look, leaving little doubt what are this bike’s intentions.

    The Brit said price is 10 GBP, which equals $14,600 USD. Not bad, considering I estimate the R1 price around $20k. I wonder for an old fart like me what are the different insurance fees for FZ-07, FZ-09, and this fire breathing liter bike?

    Nice brief video except for one nit pick. The road tester holding his phone in his hand like a little girl or teenager was distracting. Checking for a tweet from his BFF?

  50. paquo says:

    I like it but i will never understand the draw of an ultra high powered naked. I had a speed triple that was a blast until you hit 75mph and then you got blasted with nowhere to hide and control was difficult as the speed went up

  51. teelee says:

    If you can find Mad Maxx tell him the movie studio will not have to design a bike for him, Yamaha has one now.

  52. John says:

    He mentioned it has cruise control!!!!

  53. Brian says:

    number 5, Alive…

  54. ben says:

    Wow, I love it! good work, Yamaha

  55. Dave says:

    Yamaha is bringing out some interesting motorcycles. I like what they are doing except I think they are all ugly.

  56. Tank says:

    “is sure to be a monster on the street”- yea, it looks like Godzilla.

  57. Tank says:

    Yamaha designers been watching too many Godzilla movies.

  58. Walduc says:

    Needs wind protection.

  59. mickey says:

    If they had brought this out in 2012 I would be riding one. My son and I both agreed a cross plane motor R-1 in an upright naked would be awesome and we’d buy one as soon as it became available (we were both riding Gen 1 FZ-1s at the time). Unfortunately Yamaha was too slow, now he’s got an FJ-09 and I have a CB1100 and we are happy with those.

  60. Bob says:

    This thing is pretty ugly. The could use an xsr version like the xsr900.

  61. Bill says:


  62. TexinOhio says:

    Before the style haters get in here, I’ll strait say I love the look of this thing. Again I own a 2014 Z1000 so I’ve got a thing for bikes that don’t fit the typical or normal look.

    I can’t wait to see one in person and get a test run on it.

  63. Gene says:

    That looks sick. Hope to see aftermarket windscreen soon and some hard bag options.

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