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Rossi’s Ranch Featured in Cool Video


Do you remember when Kenny Roberts trained European riders how to slide a bike by putting them on a small dirt track aboard XR100s? It has been a while, but the European tradition at that time had riders raised on small displacement two-strokes who were uncomfortable sliding their bikes, and consequently were at a big disadvantage when they reached the 500 GP class and faced the likes of Australian Mick Doohan or American Wayne Rainey. If I recall correctly, Àlex Crivillé was one such student.

Today, Europeans understand very well the importance of training on dirt tracks. Valentino Rossi has a private track where some of the top European riders often congregate, and race. The cool video below has, at times, a vibe similar to the classic On Any Sunday. It is all about Rossi’s ranch. Take a look.


See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Arturo says:

    I enjoyed watching this very much! Would totally love to hang with the Doc & his dudes @ the Ranch!

  2. raivkka says:

    thats looks like so much FUN
    good rides
    good friends
    good food and drink

  3. Al says:

    Colin Edwards has guns that he lets people shoot too, Barrett .50 BMG anyone? 😛

    • Vince says:

      No sale! The fact that Colin promotes guns at his school is the reason I wont spend money there.

      • Will Parker says:

        Ditto that. Edwards is probably voting for Trump..

        • waitman says:

          Full disclosure: I am a gun owner that’s not voting for Trump. Somehow (on a motorcycle forum) we’ve managed to drag in guns and politics. I’m not taking sides, I just think it’s sad that we’re so ready to find disagreement and not common ground on so many subjects.

          p.s. I’m not voting for Ms. Clinton either.

      • HS1.... says:

        I highly don’t that anyone attending Colin’s school will have an interest in guns kindled and then be involved in a gun related crime or accident.

      • Brian says:

        That’s your business, but it bears thinking about–on a motorcycle website–that a great many people believe that *our* favored mode of transportation should be made illegal or at least heavily restricted, having (in their minds) no legitimate use, while needlessly killing and maiming thousands of people every year.

        I’m a political lefty for the most part, but I’ve safely enjoyed firearms for most of my life. It’s always amusing (and a little sad) to hear people talk about inanimate objects as though they’re somehow inherently evil.

        Anyway, recent events and 24/7 news hype aside, we live in the most peaceful era the world has ever known. Enjoy it!

        • waitman says:

          Brian, if you’re responding to me you’re preaching to the choir. My point was the same as yours. Assumptions based on labels and blame placed on inanimate objects are foolish. I was just amazed at how two unrelated topics (guns and politics) were introduced to a conversation about Rossi’s Ranch. If we want to talk about others’ perceptions of “our favored mode of transportation” and its regulation, that’s worthwhile, but deserving of another thread. My sadness stems from our desire to argue about and politicize everything.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        I know. The nerve of that guy. Edwards even promotes motorcycles at his school. Doesn’t he realize how many people are killed or injured by motorcycles every year?

        • mickey says:

          neither my motorcycle nor my gun has killed anybody … so far, but I’m keeping an eye on them for any tell tale signs they are going to do something …. just in case.

  4. Vince says:

    Rich Oliver has a school , called The Mystery School , in central California. He’ll teach you all the steps in being able to slide around a dirt track. Rich learned at Kenny’s ranch too. Rich’s place us an awesome resource; I’ve gone twice. Its worth every penny.

  5. jimmihaffa says:

    Texas stomp meets Tavullia…neat bit of insight on the man himself

  6. Tyler says:

    Colin Edwards does the same thing north of Houston. Even without pretensions to be a professional racer, a weekend or two at the ranch would be an absolute ton of fun.

  7. Curly says:

    Il Dottore just loves to have fun and likes to share it with others too.

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