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Ride the Top Section of Pikes Peak With New Videos From Victory


Victory’s results at the 100th Anniversary running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb were impressive. We just received videos from Victory that provide both a forward and rearward view of the top section of the course — an indication of the danger involved for racers at this historic climb. Check out Don Canet’s view of the corners without guardrails as he nears the top of the course, for instance.

The first video below is Canet’s view forward on the electric Empulse RR, and the second video provides a perspective from a rearward-facing camera mounted on Jeremy Toye’s gas powered Project 156 racer.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. sorry, you can keep that 360 view. confusing and adds nothing positive. I rode pikes peak the week after the race and this video did nothing to accurately depict the road or the experience.

  2. Tom R says:

    The lack of engine noise is eerie. It sounds like he is coasting the whole way,

  3. DucDynasty says:

    I like the 360 degree view. There was nobody at the top to greet Don?

  4. skortch says:

    The Empulse video sounds remarkably like a bicycle coming down a high mountain pass. Of course, that’s with the volume turned down a bit; the fastest I ever got on a bike was probably around 45 mph and the motorcycle is many times faster than that.

    As far as the 360 aspect, with a fixed camera like the Empulse one, attached around the wind screen, looking left or right doesn’t offer a whole lot due to banking into the corners. However, it is cool to look back to see Canet and how he sets up for corners. I think 360 works well on the 156 vid, which seems to be on some sort of gyro/gimbal system mounted on his helmet. It’s nice to look around and see the scenery, just like a casual Sunday drive…

  5. allworld says:

    I recently rode up Pikes Peak, although a more leisurely pace, an a bit more snow and ice (late May).
    What is even more thrilling, is riding twisty mountain roads with the effects of light headiness, due to the lack of oxygen.

  6. stinkywheels says:

    I could only take about 10 seconds of that video. Sorry, 360 kinda stinks. I like last years better.

  7. Grover says:

    This proves that electrics are useful in a limited capacity. Good run and congratulations. PS- That!s a crappy sounding motorcycle.

  8. Gary says:

    While certain views are nice using the 360 camera, I think most of us would get a more accurate feel of these runs by using a regular video camera. Probably more life like in my opinion.

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