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Swift Justice: Connecticut Cop Helps Motorcyclist Deal With Aggressive Driver


Even commuters routinely wear helmet cameras these days, and sometimes they come in handy dealing with aggressive automobile drivers. Case in point is the following video where a woman driving a car doesn’t seem to care that she is merging directly into a motorcyclist despite his honking and yelling at her.

The most fascinating thing about this video is the swift response of the police officer that the motorcyclist recruits to pull the driver over.  Take a look:

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  1. Dan W. says:

    All he had to do at any time was speed up or slow down – net result ONE CAR either way ! Motorcyclist gets the “Precious Snowflake” award.

  2. Tommy See says:

    Staged by them both ! Police do not fall for this BS. Rider should of sped up not waited till she was ready to merge !

  3. Bruce says:

    It is disappointing that common courtesy seems to slowly being eroded with self righteous attitudes and use of dash / helmet cams. The police will not always be there for when you want to tattle – so why not handle handle things like adults out on the road?

    The attitude shown by the rider is one of a newb or someone who is unlikely to survive for long on two wheels. I hope that he figures it out soon.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for bringing back that wonderful word, tattle. Ah, memories of elementary school. I can hear my grandmother’s voice now, “Don’t be a tattle-tale!” Great memory rush, LOL.

  4. waitman says:

    Any of us who loves riding motorcycles should be aware that there are many out there that have no business enjoying that privilege. Please, whatever your opinion, do a YouTube search for “motorcycle road rage”. Maybe you already knew. If you didn’t, you should.

  5. One who knows says:

    before the crazy woman even entered the picture I was looking at that video wondering “Why is that guy on the bike not keeping up with traffic?”

    Pro Tip: two assholes don’t make a right.

  6. Kent says:

    The driver was clearly in the wrong. A simple and common case where the less vulnerable impose their will on the more vulnerable. It’s common but it is sick, pathetic. The rider did the right thing. Every once in a while, the vulnerable rise up and it is good. If people can’t think right, help them think.

  7. Vrooom says:

    He is in her blind spot. I’m not saying she should have merged like that since she passed him she should have known he was there, but he could have simply avoided her. I’m a daily commuter, and if I summoned a cop every time someone changed lanes into my lane on the way into work I’d never get there. Always ride like you’re invisible, because you are, even in high vis gear with your headlights on high beam.

  8. ConnieUSA says:

    Completely disagree with the caption for the video.

    The rider knew the lanes were merging, saw the driver on his side with the intention to merge. Why ‘enforce’ his right of way?
    If there was enough distance from the traffic behind him, he should have left the lady merge. At the end, all that commotion could have been avoided and he would ultimately be safer. The driver could even had thought: wow what a nice guy. But even if she didn’t, he would have less of a risk of getting hurt.
    Defensive and smart riding goes a long way. Don’t want or need to be ‘right’ or enforce the law all the time when I am riding.

  9. shane says:

    If someone is that desperate to get ahead of you just let them. As I would tell my students when I taught MSF, ‘But I had the right of way’ doesn’t mean a lot when you are on the stretcher looking up at an EMT.

    That rider is, as we all agree, a giant knob.

  10. Slob says:

    What the hell? That sort of thing happens to me every day on my commute in Paris (look up “Charles de Gaule Etoile” and you’ll see what I mean) I don’t go crying to “mommy” each time it happens. When you are on a bike you near to be above that sort of thing IMHO (kind of in a Zen and the Art of Motorcycling way)… Ah well 🙂

  11. Chris says:

    Yep, agree with the majority, here. The biker was the aggressive one. Hope the judge reviewed the footage and agreed with us, the biker was wrong. He made an enemy for all of the rest of us to deal with, down the road.

  12. Tank says:

    I’ll tell you what the real problem is. There are no signs or markings on the road to warn the lady that the lanes are going to merge. “Merging Traffic”, “Thru Traffic Merge Left”, “Merge Like A Zipper” “Merge Left Right Lane Ends 200 yds”.

  13. Jan J says:

    We had a similar situation about 8 years ago, on Sheridan Road in suburbs north of Chicago.
    No video, but wife and I enlisted a Policeman in the suburb, and he followed the lady to her driveway, and told us we did not need to stay, because he had actually seen part of what we described.

    • Yoyodyne says:

      Were you in Wilmette? I grew up there and I vaguely remember where Sheridan narrows from two lanes into one.

      • Jan J says:

        Yes… and the auto driver did far worse (sped up and pulled over), and I got out of her way, then hit the air horn…. saw the speed trap officer, and slowed and went right toward him and stopped. He said “I saw it”, and asked if had plate…. I had a partial plate and color. As I followed him she turned and went into driveway.
        I put on turn signal behind officer. He pulled over, as I did and said thanks he’d take it from there…

        Last thing I saw was him walking to front door with ticket book in hand…

        Wife & I continued on knowing that something good had just happened…

        • waitman says:

          I’m truly happy for you but I don’t think the two events had much if anything in common. In your case, you weren’t a dick. Car driver was a dick! You backed off and avoided confrontation. Smart! Our boy in the video (a dick) should have done what you did but seems he was out to prove a point and be a YouTube and local newscast star. Yes he sent the video to his local NBC affiliate. Of course the ever diligent and morally righteous media was more than happy (with great horror) to show its viewers this tragic assault on humanity. I worked in the media for 40 years. I know how it works. Sorry, I just don’t deal well with this kind of behavior.

          • Jan J says:

            As I watched the video, it was as if he was ‘acting’ for the camera a bit too much

  14. Red says:

    Glad to see people aren’t backing this guy’s crappy driving just because he’s a biker.

  15. waitman says:

    Well, I think we’ve just about covered it. I can’t think of any other variations on the theme. Can you? Suffice it to say, numerous laws can be made in an effort to bring order to our everyday lives but it only takes one ego-centric ars-hole to use the strict letter of the law to make life miserable on any given day. Common sense and grace are seemingly in short supply. Oh well….be safe!

    • waitman says:

      p.s. The video crusader on the bike evidently goes by the YouTube moniker “CrashTestDave”. Needless to say a name he will certainly live up to unless he starts to exercise better judgement whilst on his motorcycle.

      • waitman says:

        p.p.s. I can’t vouch for this being the same guy but the following YouTube link was submitted by CrashTestDave. Kinda ironic that the guy in the ballcap (I choose to believe is CrashTestDave) seems to have the same problem merging that got his panties in a wad in the “Swift Justice” video.

  16. joe b says:

    Guy on the motorcycle, could have easily out paced the truck from the stop light. The Gap in his lane to the car ahead is 50 yards or so, when the lane ends, the car to his right is actually ahead of him, imho, he should have let the car in, instead he opened up on the lady, why? Then, then approaching the cop, the officer storms off, there is more going on here. He and the cop must be friends, and in my view, it was a setup. If I were the lady, I would fight it. This guy certainly doesn’t represent an honest motorcyclist.

  17. Chuck Chrome says:

    Guy is an clown looking to create drama. Unfortunately a number of motorcyclists think they are a protected class and should be able to do whatever they want on the road and everyone else get the f out of the way, while at the same time expecting extra consideration. Whole incident could have been avoided if this guy just slowed and let the car merge. On top of it he proves what a pussy he is by picking on someone he knows won’t escalate the situation. I would have liked to see him pull that stunt with some redneck in a truck. Would have seen how durable a GoPro is when a tire is rolling over it.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      A protected class… Tell me about it. We are becoming as bad as bicyclists.

  18. DucDynasty says:

    This rider is an idiot. He was obviously looking for an opportunity to justify his new GoPro. The lady actually moved ahead of him, before the merge point. He left enough of a gap behind the truck and she made the decision to move ahead to merge. He slowed down just before and she may have actually thought he was being courteous to her. Plus, we don’t get to see what’s behind both of them. Likely, a few more cars.
    In any case, riders need to be “invisible” and this guy is on a mission to challenge drivers. Nice going, you proved what? I’ll bet she didn’t get a ticket. If the cop watched the video, hopefully he just warned them and advised them both to be more considerate.

  19. Mark says:

    From the first part I see the other vehicle on the video she is going straight in her own lane when he starts honking unless I missed it. With that it looks to me like the motorcyclist had a new toy with the Gopro and was just looking for a fight to record. He was doing exactly the same speed as she was after the truck had pulled away from both of them. A little bit of throttle would’ve ended this in a hurry.

  20. Buzz says:

    The title of this article/video is misleading and a waste of time

  21. Grover says:

    This is less about who has the right of way but proper response to a traffic situation. Biker was acting like an idiot. If I had a dollar for every time a car did something like in the video, I’d be a rich man. He acted like a spoiled brat that needs to be taken out to the woodshed and his biking privileges revoked.

  22. John says:

    The motorcyclist had the right of way but it sure seemed like he was doing everything he could to block the car from merging. He allows a big lead to develop between him in the truck, the kind any motorist in a merge would want to exploit, then appears to speed up when the other person tries to pass him. If he did that to me, I’d have done the same thing to him. There are a lot of people that drive like grannies, yet seem to have this pet peeve about people passing them and they always speed up when being overtaken. I’d say at least 10% or more of people do that, especially on the freeways.

    I see a lot of incidents of motorcyclists acting like fools towards cars, trying to lane split badly, and largely cheating conventions and rules in every possible way, then they get all butt hurt because people get frustrated and return the favor.

  23. mark says:

    I commute daily is Southern California 20k miles a year and see this kind of behavior almost weekly and I always back off/ speed up/ change lanes to get out of the situation. Exercising your right of way on a bike is a great way to get hurt. Getting upset and arguing with the car may end up in a road rage situation here. I ride with the attitude that the car is bigger therefore has the right of way, Half of them can’t see me and the other half are aiming for me. It has kept me upright for 45 years.
    It appears he could have handled this with less drama.

    • Mr D says:

      “the car is bigger therefore has the right of way, Half of them can’t see me and the other half are aiming for me.”
      Well said, I couldn’t agree more.
      I just assume all cars are operated by retards and expect the worst…

    • achrider says:

      +1. I’m a daily commuter-rider in LA area and couldn’t agree more. Stay alert and get out of those crowded traffic as quick as possible. Well said.

  24. Tank says:

    Seems like the guy on the bike is going slower than everyone else. Just look at the black vehicle in front of him. He then decides to speed up when he sees its time for the lanes to merge. What an idiot.

  25. Buzz W says:

    My dad was a fireman for 33 years. He always used to say, “You’re right. Dead right.”

  26. Skif says:

    All I see is a driver attempting to merge and another refusing to allow them to do so.

  27. jabe says:

    Yeah that driver was wrong but the biker could have made better choices. That was an example of two idiots trying to occupy the same space.

  28. bmbktmracer says:

    Spoiled millenial.

  29. Foothillsrider in CA says:

    I have to agree with Waltman……..Staged. No way would a cop go along with this. You can’t just haul arse behind a cop in pursuit. If this was real, the rider could have speed-ed up or slowed down instead of trying to provoker someone. As also said, he might not have been so brave it it had been some guys in a jacked up pickup who would not have put up his BS. If he gets all bent out of shape for something as minor as this, he’d blow a gasket if something real bad comes up. This was nothing. (If it was real to start with).

  30. redbirds says:

    The motorcyclist could see that her lane was ending and that she would need to merge. In that situation, I would have backed off a bit and left room for her to merge. A tense situation was created needlessly. It’s far more important to be safe rather than right; the world will not come to an end if you yield your right of way as a courtesy.

  31. Gutterslob says:

    Yes, the lady was clearly in the wrong, but motorcyclists go through similar predicaments during the basic urban commute on an almost daily basis. Over where I live, we just let them through, thankful we haven’t been knocked off.

  32. David M says:

    Rule number 1 : Might has right
    Rule number 2 : Drivers / riders should *give* the right of way, not *take* the right of way.

    I would have just backed off. Slightly pissed and reluctantly, but backed off. If you get bent out of shape with every bad driver, you’ll be mad half the time you’re out there.

  33. notarollingroadblock says:

    click bait

  34. Tom R says:

    Yes she may have crowded him a bit, but his vulgar reaction was unwarranted. It is probably just a matter of time before Mr. Self-righteous gets beat up in a bar.

  35. Paul says:

    where I drive what the biker did was completely illegal (and total a-hole).
    the car/driver’s lane was ending. PERIOD.
    the car/driver has no choice but to merge over into an available lane. PERIOD.
    the motorcyclist blocked access to the only available driving lane and broke the law in doing so.

    • mickey says:

      PAul, not sure where you live, but just because your lane is ending and you have to merge to the left does not give you the right to just move over if someone else is already there. Most rational people will start an alternating procession of left , right, left as the motorcyclist in the video suggested, but the vehicle is the right lane might have to slow down and fall in behind or come to a complete stop and wait for someone to let them in if the vehicles in the through lane are too close together for them to squeeze in. They don’t just get to move left regardless of traffic in the through lane just because their lane ends.

      • Paul says:

        yes. merging/zipper is not complicated.
        the biker was completely “the” a-hole of the two. PERIOD.
        there was plenty of time and room for the lady to safely merge.
        she came over very very slowly and cautiously.
        she knew exactly what the a-hole on the bike was purposely doing as well as he did.
        there was time enough for the biker to pick a spot either ahead or behind her and get to it.
        I’ve been in that position hundreds of times too on a bike and in car…it’s a real simple situation to deal with but if one is a complete a-hole loser then things alto often become unnecessarily complicated.
        biker chose to be a grand f’terd. PERIOD
        (maybe he didn’t choose…i’d believe he simply is a grand f-terd)

        • mickey says:

          No argument with that, just the part above where you said he did something illegal. He did not. He was discourteous, but not illegal. He controlled the through lane as he was in it at the time of the digression, and she was not. He certainly could have handled it better, no disagreement there, but he did nothing illegal. She was the one who did something illegal and received the tickets. if she had been in the right, he would have received the tickets.

          and yelling (in internet terms) PERIOD, does not make your point necessarily correct.

          • paul says:

            I clipped the following from my municipal government’s transportation web site. Again…i believe i never stated/argued about whom had or hadn’t the ‘right of way” i only stated that the DB on the bike was blocking the merging traffic.
            ” Merging is
            done when two
            roadways join
            into one and the
            traffic on the main
            roadway must
            cooperate to allow enough space for vehicles to enter
            from the merging lane. Neither the merging
            vehicle nor the vehicles already
            on the highway have the right-of-
            way. Merging is a shared responsibility
            between the vehicles joining the roadway
            and the vehicles already on the roadway. ”
            I was actually riding with an officer in his cruiser (as a guest and not under arrest) and the officer observed the same incident described OP.
            That officer told me at that time that the driver blocking the merging vehicle is in the wrong and could receive a ticket. I was surprised because I assumed, like everyone apparently, that the merger had to yeild/wait.

  36. ROXX says:

    He could have backed up a bit, but we can’t see if there were other cars behind her trying to merge.
    Also, she definitely forced her way in and didn’t need to.

  37. Pete says:

    Sorry, I think the biker was being kind of a jerk. He could of just backed off and let her in. Even if he was “right” what’s the harm in letting her in? I’m thinking the biker wouldn’t have had the balls to act like he did if it had been a big guy driving a pickup instead of an older lady in a small car.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I agree. The guy was determined to be a jerk. He wasn’t going to make room for her to come in because it was HIS right of way. Where I live, he would have just been road kill… Another slick spot in the road I’d have to look out for.

  38. TimC says:

    Yeah, this guy…does not ride like I ride. I generally try to stay in charge of the situation – usually by going a little faster than traffic. Certainly by getting in front of obstacles like trucks (not only do they tend to be slower, they also block a lot of vision, making you need to hang back further in case they stop suddenly or whatnot). So this guy fails to get around the truck and get clear of the whole situation in the first place.

    He then hangs back, getting himself further mired in a situation where he can either a) sort of take control back by getting in front of the car but then being stuck between car and truck, or b) hang back further and just accept his fate, letting the car go first. He seems to be in some kind of passive-aggressive mode throughout the whole thing, and picks option c) engage in conflict with a car.

    So the cop initially takes his side and springs into action, but I’m curious how this would play out if the driver actually was ticketed, and what a judge would have to say about the video. If nothing else I’d hope he’d call the rider an idiot for, however the situation unfolded, placing himself in pretty much the worst spot throughout the encounter (in the MSF course I took, I seem to recall next to a car/blind spot being called the “death zone”)….

    • TimC says:

      Update: According to article on this on Lanesplitter/Jalopnik, the driver got 2 tickets – passing on right and unsafe lane change. Reviewing the video, I think passing on the right is a stretch. More like merge point was approaching and bike was rather stupidly blocking it. I’m not sure, especially if bike is obviously not going with the flow of traffic (gap to truck growing) that the car accelerating instead of slowing further is actually that bad if even ticketable.

      Yes, once bike is in the way, merging into it not the best, maybe ticketable there. But then again after a couple more video viewings the bike is actually the instigator here.

      If I were the judge, at this point I have to say I’d either throw the tickets for the driver out, or enforce the unsafe lane change one but give the rider one for being equally at fault (not sure if judge can do that though).

  39. TF says:

    What a great ambassador, language and all. I am guessing the cop had some things to say to the rider especially after he blasted off after the cop in pursuit of the driver. As someone said, you want to be right but not dead right. It’s better to back off and let it go.

  40. ABQ says:

    The car was slightly ahead of the bike. Maybe the bike was within the blind spot ofthe car. The bike had opportunity to slow down and allow them to merge.
    Always ride like you are invisible to other traffic, because you are.

  41. Buzz says:

    I used to get upset when I was a less experienced rider. The most experience you have the less you become annoyed in situations like this. Agreed “being right” won’t get you anywhere these days.

  42. AC says:

    That guy needs to rethink his life on a motorcycle. Don’t see him lasting long with that attitude.

  43. Fred says:

    Is it the American way to change lanes as per the truck driver by using Hazard Lamps till he or she was across the rail Xing, as against a left turn indicator when changing lane position as his or her marked lane finished?

    • waitman says:

      The box truck driver is required to stop at the RR Xing because he’s transporting oxygen. Normal “American way” would be as you described – turn signal and careful lane change/merge. Important to note is the fact that rider should have been reacting to flashers on truck and making room for all to stop. Instead he forces driver into bottleneck. I have no use for whiners and people who are (obviously) searching for notoriety. Did anyone besides me get the feeling this whole deal almost felt like it was staged? Seemed too convenient that cop was sitting there at just the right time. And his immediate reaction, “follow behind me” was unusual to say the least. “What’s the make and model of the car? Describe the driver. OK…Wait right here!” would have been better. Cops aren’t trained to invite citizens into potentially dangerous situations. Seemed like a film class project done poorly to me.

      • Fred says:

        Thanks for clearing up that road rule about the truck & oxygen, Waitman. In Australia to my knowledge, they just have to display dangerous goods labels front and rear if applicable.

  44. motonut_1 says:

    Seems to me the cyclist accelerated slowly enough to allow a big space between himself and the box truck. Then as they approached the merge he decided to close the hole. Not a good practice on a bike or in a car. A more aggressive auto driver would probably have pushed him into the oncoming lane. Lucky for him, she wasn’t too aggressive.

  45. calm down. let her go ahead, you may be right, dead right

    • Stuki Moi says:

      Or better yet, see what twisting that right grip tends to accomplish on a motorbike…..

      This kind of silliness is largely a result of stupid laws banning “lanesplitting” and similar, entirely natural, optimizations afforded motorbikes on account of their smaller than cars’ size.

      In any even remotely half free and decent society, up to and including North Korea, not only would the bike be in front of the car; he would be in front of the boxtruck as well. Hence have better visibility, been more visible, and have less turbulent air and less risk from a truck tire blowout, to deal with.

      But when “safe and prudent,” or even “minimally decent,” is replaced with “maximum societal control by clueless lawyers and apparatchiks” as the overriding guiding principle of a society, it is hardly surprising pervasive stupidity and incompetence is the end result.

      • waitman says:

        Winner! Stuki Moi: Best Usage of Obscure Word/Interweb Division. Most Excellent! Plus, I completely agree with your assessment.

  46. David says:

    I would call the motorcyclist the aggressor. The lady was running out of lane and eased over in to the through lane. The thing for the cyclist to do was ease off the gas and let her in. Then he used rough language against her. We did not see the cop review the video, but my guess is he concluded just as I have. The motorcyclist was in the wrong.

    • Rich says:

      Really? He was the aggressor because he wouldn’t let the car ahead of him when HE was the one in the lane not required to merge??? If one is in the merging lane, THEY are the one required to yield to the other lane!
      “Rough language” *rolleyes* How about the “rough” driving by the woman improperly merging into another vehicle?! My guess…another case of “i’m bigger, I go first” intimidation crap.

      • Grant says:

        Not in California. Those merging from a ramp or lane drop are at the mercy of those in the non-merging lane. Drivers in the non-merging lane need to speed up or slow down to allow the merging drivers in.

      • waitman says:

        Yep, those pudgy ladies prowling the streets in their import sedans looking for motorcyclists to run down are indeed intimidating.

  47. David Benner says:

    I would call the motorcyclist the aggressor. The lady was running out of lane and eased over in to the through lane. The thing for the cyclist to do was ease off the gas and let her in. Then he used rough language against her. We did not see the cop review the video, but my guess is he concluded just as I have. The motorcyclist was in the wrong.

    • Rich says:

      Right, the lady’s running out of lane – SHE was the merging vehicle thus SHE has to merge in yielding to the traffic in the through lane! Read your traffic laws!

      • waitman says:

        Respectfully, I don’t think I’ve heard too many arguments here for who’s right. Discussion seems to be who’s smart/stupid. Concensus so far: biker stupid! You might be right but if you’re paralyzed from the neck down you’ll have to get someone to hold the rules of the road in front of your face and turn the pages in order to read them. You don’t have to be a dick to ride a motorcycle. Pay it forward really is a behavior that produces positive results. Who knows, that lady driver may have even given him a thank you wave if he’d let her in. And tomorrow maybe she’d do a kindness for a guy on a bike. Worth a shot, eh?

      • Paul says:

        Read your traffic laws!
        Yes. Correct. ‘Her’ lane is ending PERIOD.
        She has absolutely no choice whatsoever…she has to merge. PERIOD.

        THAT IS WHY any and all ‘drivers’ occupying the only available lane into which other drivers are requiring to merge into CAN NOT block access to it.

        Seems not enough folks (including the officer who ticketed the wrong person) know this and I highly doubt the j3&k-off on the bike does either.
        Just another dip-wad how owns the ‘entire’ road and everything else.

        • Rocky V says:

          Paul i am no expert – but i would think the person – who’s lane is ending – should yeild

        • Dave says:

          Re: ” She has absolutely no choice whatsoever…she has to merge. PERIOD”

          She had another choice – Stop and wait for someone to let her into the lane.

          Of course it would have been best of the jerk with the motorcycle and camera had let her in but oh well…

    • Rocky V says:

      no matter who–two people cannot be in the same space at the same time–if the woman had hit the bike Ok –but short of that – speed up or slow down

  48. waitman says:

    I’d be interested to know how this little drama played itself out. Did the cop issue a citation? Did the filmmaker show his ass a little too much to the cop and wind up on the receiving end of the grief? Did the driver act like a jerk? All open to speculation but no doubt this motorcyclist has now become famous among his friends (“I showed that bitch”). I agree with the previous comment that this is an every-ride occurance. You just expect it to happen and adjust accordingly. Also we don’t have any idea what was going on behind this cinema verite that could have affected the driver’s actions. Bottom line…easily avoidable and unnecessary waste of valuable life-time.

  49. Rocky V says:

    I think the guy was over doing it –this happens to me every time i’m out on my bike- in some way —

    If every driver let two others go ahead of them –we would not need lights

    Slow down share the road — you don’t need to be ” Dead Right”

  50. LanceGamma says:

    Very easy to adjust the bike speed to make this a non event. He had PLENTY of time but no inclination to be cooperative. He even had a good opportunity to pass the truck and leave the scene but he seemed intent on using his goody glasses instead. Not my kind of riding buddy. I would be ashamed to post the video. Of course, the rider is unseen but the lady’s face isn’t. I have to wonder what the officer did after the vid ended.

  51. mickey says:

    I’d have honked yelled and backed off. I don’t pick fights with guys bigger than me (and there aren’t many smaller, unless I stop at a middle school lol)

    It does irritate me that people KNOW a lane is cutting off, but they still insist on running the cut off lane to the end and then hopping over into the thru lane. We have several of those here that are just drag races to the cut off point. This motorcyclist was actually nice about it saying, left goes, then right, then left when in reality there is no rule about that and you aren’t required to let someone in ahead of you from the right lane. It’s just courtesy to do so.

  52. waitman says:

    And if I may, in this age of “my video proves it”, if we learn nothing else let’s please recognize one thing. The guy that shoots the video controls the final cut. He starts the record when he’s ready. What happened before that little red light started flashing is anyone’s guess.

  53. tc2wheel says:

    Seems to me the motorcyclist was accelerating way too slow from stop.. should have gone in front of the box truck before the merge and whole thing would have been avoided.

    Staying behind, in the blind spot of the box truck before a merge is just lack of defensive maneuvering.

  54. waitman says:

    Sorry for duplicate/similar posts. Didn’t think the first one went through.

  55. waitman says:

    All’s well that ends well I guess. Most times “discretion is the better part of valor” is a course of action worth consideration. Righteous indignation is okay when the result is positive but this guy was very lucky he didn’t lock horns with an over-testosteroned idiot, a blue hair or an old fart wearing a ball cap with no business driving. We all know automobile drivers do stupid she-ite. That’s not gonna change. It is stupid to lose your life just because you’re right. My humble advice: don’t take a knife into a gun fight. Just be happy with the fact that your riding skills kept you among the living. Your family/friends will derive little comfort in the fact that it “wasn’t your fault”. Just my opinion.

  56. waitman says:

    All’s well that ends well but truth be told this guy’s lucky he didn’t lock horns with some over-testosteroned macho-man, some blue hair or an old fart wearing a ball cap. Righteous indignation is okay when it works out but that old axiom “discretion is the better part of valor” may be the wiser choice when you’re outweighed by about 1.5 tons or more. I mean, come on, we all know automobile drivers do stupid she-ite. Not gonna change cause you’re in the right (and if you’re dead)? I like to think we are capable of congratulating ourselves on our avoidance skills rather than carry a knife into a gun fight. Just my opinion.

    • dino says:

      Agreed… Most of the time, you just need to let it go.

      As we say, you can’t fix “Stupid”, and I doubt this one victory will change that drivers behavior in the long run. Can’t we all just get along??? (cagers and cyclers)

  57. Jeremy in TX says:

    Am I less of a motorcyclist for thinking the guy should have just backed off and let her in? This is pretty normal driving behavior where I live. A driver would never be able to make it into another lane otherwise.

    Road rage incidents always seem to involve two asshats. The one who loses is usually labeled the victim.

    • waitman says:

      You are totally correct sir. The automatic assumption that a car operator is trying to kill you may not be the truth and if I were on a motorcycle or in a car I would have just backed off and let her in. Feels better all the way around.

    • azi says:

      Agreed – just let them through, life goes on. There are more important things in life to get hot and bothered about.

  58. ApriliaRST says:

    Road rage today is nearly always a matter of right-of-weigh. Some day it might be between autonomous vehicles and self driven ones.

  59. falcodoug says:

    I would have just backed off. I like me.

    • Dave says:

      Me too (though legally, she should have), it’s not like he didn’t know she was coming. Two people looking for the opportunity to be crappy to somebody.

    • Grover says:

      Me too.

  60. Jmess says:

    Generally I find all these cameras everywhere too much, but this was great. I can’t even recall how many times this has happened to me; sometimes unintentional, but I have had several that were intentional as well. One time a guy tried to force me off of a cliff–twice! on a treacherous highway….unfortunately this was long before this technology was available. Right on though, one for the motorcyclist.

  61. Tank says:

    This is why there will soon be mandatory dash cams.

    • John says:

      I stuck mine on my miata windshield yesterday.

      In my old Boston neighborhood people park on street and others drive far too fast on these narrow curvy streets in their SUVs and pickups.

      They come over the line into oncoming traffic (me) so as to leave room between their unseen right fenders and the parked cars, and honk and scream and wave arms if I don’t shift towards the far curb for them.

      This is in a 30 mph zone, with kids playing.

      The guy on the bike in the clip looks like the aggressor, with a typical fast stupid preoccupied careless driver as his opponent. He deliberately slowed to annoy and aggravate her.

      I dread getting in my car in this city. My bikes stay up in the mountains.

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