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A Video Sampling of Incredible Crash Saves by Marc Marquez


Early in Ricky Carmichael’s career many observers said he was too often “out of control.” Carmichael had the ability to avoid crashing in situations where other riders would end up on the ground. Carmichael never really toned it down as he continued to ride on the edge throughout his career. As a result, he broke many records in the motocross/supercross game, and was ultimately labelled the “GOAT.”

Marc Marquez seems to have a similar ability on a roadrace track. He has saved many a near crash that would have taken down other riders. We were reminded of this skill last weekend when Marquez made a big save in practice (one of the videos below). The other videos concern a separate incident at Brno two years ago, as well as an incident at Assen this year.  Have a look:

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. My2cents says:

    The first and 3rd video could never been done without traction control (even the lean angle) the 2nd video was simply loads of talent on the recovery and a moment of error in the cause, No matter what in this game and this level everything is beyond and above what street riders dream about.

  2. dino says:

    So much for the old saying “Nothing I could do… I had to lay it down…”

  3. Jdilpkle says:

    I do that every day going to work.


  4. waitman says:

    (drop mic/walk off)

  5. Larry K says:

    Randy Mamola still saved best. You know the one. Google it.

  6. Gary says:

    He also frequently DOESN’T save it.

  7. xLaYN says:

    I wonder if time would prove MM greater than VR?

    • VLJ says:

      Time (and a lot of it) is the only thing that could ever prove it.

      Long way to go….

      • John B says:

        Commentators at Bruno pointed out that all three MM, VR, and JL are now at 63 pole positons for their careers. I doubt Vale will keep check with the others on this stat now.

    • EZ Mark says:

      You can’t compare the two until Marquez wins on a 2-stroke, 4-stroke, 250cc, 500cc, 990cc, 800cc, 1000cc, twins, 4-cylinders, 5-cylinders and on multiple brands.

      • Provologna says:

        Touche! Very good point.

        But considering MM’s age, and this (likely) being his third Championship…unless he retires early, I’d not be surprised to see MM equal VR’s total Championships.

        MM shall never be as lovable as VR, but he grows on me, and denying his chops is nigh impossible.

      • JVB says:

        We can only speculate. I will only offer up the example of Tiger woods, who by early forecasts should have had 20+ majors by now. I believe Jack still holds the record.

    • notarollingroadblock says:

      As EZ Mark suggests, due to so many variables, you can only say who was the best of their era. Rossi had his, MM will have his.

  8. mickey says:

    Crazy skills. Lesson: Never ever give up until it’s totally out of your control

    • Martin says:

      That’s what Marco Simoncelli was thinking, I’m afraid. But I guess when they’re riding in the pouring rain, like Brno yesterday, the limits of the save will certainly be tested.

      • Provologna says:

        My apology for the correction…the track was quite wet at the race start. The race line dried latter than expected, maybe the last 30% to 25%. But technically, it did not rain during the race.

        • Martin says:

          The first 2 races were pouring rain, and not dry enough for slicks the whole day. Serious challenge for all racers.

          • Provologna says:

            Thanks for the correction! As is likely obvious, I only watched MotoGP, during which it did not rain.

            Your statement only makes sense. The other races were earlier in the day, and the track was pretty soaked at the start of MotoGP.

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