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Can Triumph Break the 376 mph Bonneville Record With Daredevil Guy Martin?


Triumph is talking about attacking the Bonneville salt flats land-speed record for motorcycles, which currently stands at 376 mph. The machine (rendered above) will feature two turbocharged  Rocket III engines intending to create 1,000 hp.

The “Triumph Infor Rocket” includes a carbon Kevlar monocoque chassis 25-1/2 feet long. The seemingly fearless Guy Martin will pilot the machine utilizing his Isle of Man and stunt experience. Triumph history at Bonneville (one of its bike lines is a namesake) is deep having broken several records there over the past decades. Martin thinks the partnership has a good chance to beat the current record.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. teelee says:

    Where is Jason DiSalvo, they cancel him like they did dealers. It will never set any record except blowing all apart or catching fire like it did before. Maybe one record- the record of seeing how much money one company can blow on a failed project.

    • Kleetus says:

      That’s funny! I’m glad to see someone speaking truth. I saw that monster 2 years ago at the Salt Flats. It didn’t budge off the trailer and poor Jason Disalvo walked around several days wearing his race clothes. I could be mistaken, but I think he lost his Triumph 675 Ride for the MotoA season too. He deserves better.

  2. Roger says:

    The very best of luck to Triumph and to Guy. This is a walk in the park for Guy compared to the Isle of Man!

  3. Bob Troxel says:

    If you have not been to Bonneville and seen this class of machine run you don’t know what you are missing.

  4. Bart says:

    No beak, would not buy.

  5. Jan J says:

    Nice Video…. FUNNY!

  6. SmokinRZ says:

    Reminds me of the Texas Ceegar that used to hang in the window of Big D Cycle.

  7. Jim S says:

    “If you have to ask, then you wouldn’t understand”. Count me among those who aren’t because we don’t. This is a car with two wheels and is in the same category as the jet fighter “cars” that simply don’t leave the ground. Meh

    • B. A. Mentsh says:

      Feh! You don’t know bupkes about land speed record motorcycles. Oy gevalt! Are you a meshugener for crying out loud. Have you any idea the chutzpah it takes to strap yourself into one of these machines. Seriously. Versteh! Like any shmendrik can do it. If so why don’t you try it.

  8. TF says:

    Nobody needs a bike with 1000HP.

  9. Tom R says:

    Who makes the tires for this thing?

  10. Daytona James says:

    If Guy pulls it off, I can’t wait for Triumph’s next Rocket III commercial video. The last one was a classic;

    • Xootrx says:

      “With over 900 years of motorbike building prowess behind them” gives you a good idea of where that video will be taking you. Hilarious. You’re right, I’d love to see another one.

    • AlohaTerry says:

      VERY FUNNY…and TRUE 900 years at Hinkley…Classic

  11. aaron says:

    i got to do a little bit of work on that machine. there was a small modification to the swingarm and they contacted our machine shop. it was incredible, the arm was three feet long, 9″ tall and big enough to fit a fair size car tire, and it was cut from a billet. id love to see the rest of the mechanicals in person, its just so cool to see giant one off builds like this simply to go fast.

  12. jim says:

    Guy is a great dude, can’t understand a damn word he says though.

  13. orbit398 says:

    “flats land-speed record for motorcycles” – that is No Motorcycle

  14. Curly says:

    The salt is supposed to be in good shape this year so yes, I bet Guy will do 400 or get real close.

  15. mickey says:

    Good luck Triumph. Martin seems like a good choice for a pilot. The guy has coconuts betwixt his legs.

    1000 hp? There ya go Jeremy. That has to have a serious top end hit lol

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