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What’s This? MV Agusta and Zagato Design Collaborate on Motorcycle to be Revealed September 4


MV Agusta has been releasing teaser videos (the latest one can be found below) regarding a new motorcycle that will be revealed on September 4 — roughly two weeks from now. The bike represents a design collaboration with Zagato, best known for their automobile designs. The picture above is a Photoshop-enhanced version of a very dark image of the machine. The word “controversial” comes to mind when viewing the aesthetic. What do you think?

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  1. Norm G. says:

    whew, it’s a good job Walt Siegl is standing in the wings ready to restore MV’s honor. otherwise, all might be lost…

  2. DucDynasty says:

    Something must be wrong. No way MV makes something looking like this, right? I’m waiting until the release before I pass judgement. All of the comments are killing me! You guys are very funny. Needed a good laugh today, thanks!

  3. xLaYN says:

    I have a friend who says the last original thing created were the Quixote, I would say it’s Mad Max 2015.
    This are some other bikes that I consider fall in the same category or have played the same big-front-forward-fairing card.

    Old Katana 1100 as Brian said
    pick yours from that encyclopedia

  4. thrus says:

    I just keep seeing a fish eating the front tire, there are others that way but this one I can’t stop seeing it.

  5. Luis says:

    No cohesion in the design . Cross between VFR Honda , Katana , Aprils 6.5 with elements of the stillborn Lotus . No new paradigm here just another fugly .

  6. PN says:

    God no!

  7. Chris says:

    Okay, I’ll subject myself to ridicule. I think it’s a nice looking piece. As we all know, such opinions are subjective. Mine doesn’t make all of you wrong, all of you don’t make me wrong. And of course, the looks are only a part of the equation. How does it perform? How does it feel when you twist the right grip, squeeze the brake lever, or drop into a corner? I guess that may come with age. I’m 67 and at this point, the sexiest thing about a woman is the way she thinks, not the way she looks. I’m that way with most things at my advanced age. You might scoff at my ZX-14, but what it does when I’m riding overrules anything you may say or think about its looks or how I look in the saddle. That’s my opinion. Have at me, LOL.

    • mickey says:

      Your opinion is as valid as anyone elses, well all except that one about the sexiest thing about a woman being the way she thinks. That one I just don’t get. Only a year younger than you and can think of at least 1/2 dozen things sexier about a woman than the way she thinks. Never once looked at a hot woman and said ” wonder what she thinks about quantum physics”.

      • Chris says:

        LOL, guess I used a poor example. Not quantum physics. My implication was how a woman thinks directly affects her … ah … performance.

    • Chip Hoopong says:

      Yep, the eyesight starts to go past 60. Once you can’t see what they look like, all that’s left is, can she cook, and does she keep her mouth shut?

  8. peter h says:

    Zagato has been a spent force for a long time now. In the 60s their may have nothing more beautiful than a zagato bodied car – but since then its ranged from egregious to “OK but the original was good looking too”.

    Also, non motorcycle designers shouldn’t be allowed near motorcycles. It never works.

  9. Tim says:

    Say it ain’t so MV. You’re the maker of all things beautiful. Is this a late April fools joke or something?

  10. Snake says:

    what I’d honestly say is that the design is interesting and daring, but overall lacks refinement of line and elegance in details. The seat & tail section are proportionally too massive for the implied sport of the overall design, adding a mass to the bike that ill suits the intended sport role. This could easily be alleviated by simply taking the expedient of making the seat/tail two-tone; dividing the seat into an upper and lower area, with the lower area being done in either the main body’s silver or (more appropriately) in the frame’s textured black, will reduce the visual mass of the rear of the bike and create a blend of the dynamic line.

    On the subject of “dynamic line”, the complaints that people lay against the windscreen I do not believe are against the windscreen per se; I believe the problem is that the line created by the forward section of the tank fails to line up with, and is higher than, any character line of the windscreen proper. There is a disjoint between the tank’s profile, the line created by the silver accent line of the fairing as it rises to meet the forward fairing and windscreen, and finally the windscreen proper. Nothing is harmonious, the headstock area is a convergence of disjointed angles and disassociated character lines.

    So the overall concept is sound but there was no follow through with making the geometries fall into a symbiotic whole. All the lines need cleaning up and brought into a path of convergence, a feng shui if you will, where the eye will simply sweep over the lines of the entire creation rather than get constantly stuck in areas of uncomfortable shapes and symmetries.

  11. Bob K says:

    What’s with the fascination with these crappy cafĂ© tailsections? Maybe it was a part they dug up in the shed and needed it at the last moment because they ran out of time. Could’ve put more effort into the windscreen too.

  12. HS1..... says:

    It’s sad that Junior turned down good money from AMG to further develop and build bikes that were raising quickly in sales to keep control so he could build expensive crap that won’t sell.

  13. Bobby says:

    Reminds me of a Suzuki Nuda from the mid to late 80’s

  14. Fred says:

    This looks like something that HD would come up with. I really cannot think up the correct words to tell you how much I dislike this bikes design. I am really surprised at MV for this mistake in what they think is a correct looking sport bike – or maybe it is a whole new class of bike?

  15. Chip Hoopong says:

    If that’s meant to be a tie in with the Finding Nemo sequel they missed their timing. And their audience.

  16. ABQ says:

    It reminds me of the Honda VFR 1200.

  17. mickey says:

    Im guessing some people will absolutely love it. ME? I’m just glad I got my CB1100 DLX. Most of these new bikes just look very strange to me..

    Teaser did nothing for me.

  18. Provologna says:

    Am I the only one who does not appreciate it?

    /sarc off

    OK, let me play….Please replace Suzuki’s ’81 1100 Katana velour seat cover.

    One thing I do like is the recommended tire pressure on the non-existent DOT label.

    I’ll buy two if sale includes several doses of LSD w/Moody Blues soundtrack.

    Does anyone know why we’re reading about this bike? Anyone? Bueler?

  19. Randy in Ridgecrest says:

    kind of a flatworm motif?

  20. Jabe says:

    I really like those rims. Just the rims.

  21. jim says:

    Is there a way we can get them to not reveal it on September 4?

  22. Butch says:

    MV just dethroned the Bimota Mantra for the most bizarre motorcycle ever produced.

  23. Starmag says:

    The last thing MV needs is styling advice. Just no.

  24. Bart says:

    I think it looks like a bucket full of buttholes, and I typically like the strange or offbeat looking bikes. I am not hard to please, I could even see myself riding the new transformer with fake scoops from Yamaha or the Z1000 (that looks like someone is in the process of being beheaded) , but this looks terrible. MV, this may be the last straw for your poor camel.

  25. redbirds says:

    Looks like a two-wheeled bird dropping.

  26. dave911 says:

    Looks like a new Ducati Paso…

  27. waitman says:

    MV Agusta (Diavel)? Any guesses on engine configuration?

  28. Dave says:

    Not a big fan of the “tiny tail” style that’s been commonplace with sportbikes ever since they stopped trying to house the exhaust there. I think it looks worse the more volume the front of the bike has.

    The front of this bike looks nice, it looks like nobody has worked on the back yet.

  29. azi says:

    Anything that isn’t Transformer robot insect is fine with me.

  30. Brian says:

    New generation Katana style

  31. Jeremy in TX says:

    Love child from the unlikely coupling of a Victory Vision and an MV F4?

  32. daveh says:

    Looks great, not something I’d buy, that ride position would be a knife in the back.
    Looks great though.

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