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JvB-moto “Yard Built” Yamaha XSR700 – Clean Take on the Excellent Parallel Twin


You probably know that we love clean, standard-style customs. This one, based largely on the ultra-light, powerful Yamaha FZ-07, was created by JvB-moto in Germany, and is called the “Super 7”. The starting point was actually a sister model to the FZ-07 available in Europe known as the XSR700.

There are a lot of things we like about this bike, but one thing that stands out is the excellent treatment of the custom bodywork . Together with the round headlight, it presents a gentle evolution of a classic standard-style machine. The result is a very light, purposeful-looking motorcycle that invites you to get on and ride. JvB-moto plans to offer kit parts to convert a stock XSR-700. Below is a press release from Yamaha concerning the Super 7:


“Following the stunning concept ‘Faster Son’ created by Chabbott Engineering’s Shinya Kimura this summer to launch the XSR700, Germany’s JvB-moto is now the first custom builder to step up and deliver their take on the latest offering from the Sport Heritage range. The result, the ‘Super 7’ makes a bold statement, making it clear that the possibilities for customization and personalisation with the XSR700 are huge.

Without any cutting or welding to the frame, Jens worked to strip back the bike with the drive to expose the essence of the retro styled machine. The end result is a super clean motorcycle that reflects the lightweight, powerful and agile nature of the standard XSR700.

Many of the parts on the ‘Super 7’ were made in-house by JvB-moto and will be available shortly for XSR700 owners. These include the headlight, LED indicators and speedometer mounting which holds the Daytona speedo. The side covers and seat unit that give the bike its distinctive shape were all made by JvB-moto as well as the mounting for the Arrows exhaust. At the rear of the bike, the mudguard, taillight and number plate mounting are all made in-house as well as the front mudguard.

The ‘Super 7’ sits on Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa tyres for total grip with Öhlins shocks at the rear keeping everything under control. The front forks are stock items, modified for the custom build. Custom risers keep the LSL handlebars at the right height in front of the stunning fuel tank, normally anodized but now stripped to show the raw alloy There’s also a custom rear brake reservoir and polished regulator.

The stock footrests and mountings were modified and JvB-moto LED indicators set off the front end. To finish off the sides the engine covers and other small parts were sandblasted to give the finished effect.”



See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. JPJ says:

    Very well executed, nice. Sure you can do that to the current FZ-07. Price of the bike + price of the conversion,= close to a new KTM Super Duke ? Still nice looking bike nothing Yamaha couldn’t deliver to the market and be competitivly priced.

  2. peter h says:

    really nicely done. With the frame design on these things, the gas tank generally looks ungainly – they made it look right with clever body work that really drects the eye. Same with polishing the engine covers – it transforms the visual proportions. They know what they’re doing.

  3. Butch says:

    Nothing you couldn’t do yourself with some paint stripper, a sawzall and some BBQ grille paint . . . . .

    • peter h says:

      ..and some skill, vision, years of experience to draw on, and clear sense of purpose. Easy peazy….

  4. John D'Orazio says:

    A very nice styling exercise. Of course, the difficulty is that if you own an FZ7, you have to be really committed to your bike to make the investment in time and money needed to convert your bike to this look. Also, I don’t think you are going to help resale. But, practicality only has limited applicability to motorcycling, so go for it.

  5. bmbktmracer says:

    The exhaust, wheels, brakes, and graphics are nice. But the 700 and 900 Yamahas have such horribly ugly proportions…

  6. EGS says:

    While I wouldn’t buy one I do like the ‘cleanup’ and overall light, airy look to the bike. Too bad someone hasn’t figured out a way to make a radiator that isn’t rectangular. This one ruins the lines from any front angle.

    I know flat tops are to allow coolant to evenly distribute through the core but wouldn’t it be possible to use baffles or vary the cooling tube size to achieve the same result?

  7. Lenz says:

    Commendable effort but my 2013 KTM 690SMCR beats it on weight, suspension, probably handling (fuel under the seat not up high) and its cheaper to register cause its single cylinder. I like this twin engine but the existing rolling chassis has its limitations.

    • Randy in Ridgecrest says:

      Lenz, I rode a couple Dukes and FZ07’s in my search for the next ex-motorcycle. I would jump on a KTM chassis FZ07 engine hybrid, now that would be a commendable effort!

      • RD350 says:

        KTM SM chassis/ FZ07 engine hybrid ….. +1

        • Lenz says:

          FZ07 twin or the twin out of the BMW 800 GS. The 800GS motor has a great bore / stroke ratio and seems very hard to kill – dry sump too ie nice and low

  8. Cyclemotorist says:

    That is one great looking motorcycle.

  9. Bob says:

    They should make a kit like that to convert the FZ-07. I like the look of the XSR700 but it’s not available in the USA. Converting an FZ-07 to this style would be as close as we could get.

  10. Randy in Ridgecrest says:

    I think it looks pretty good, though as pointed out, taking all the legal bits off always helps. Of course, my Street Triple would eviscerate it.

  11. JimS says:

    God Awful ugly. Anymore,no one builds good looking bikes from Japan. Custom bikes that start out with ugly bikes remain ugly. Man I’ve gotten old. Excuse me, I have to go yell at some kids to “get off my lawn!”

  12. dave911 says:

    I’d ditch the fork-cordians, but nice ride otherwise!

  13. Bil N says:

    I liked the Yamaha 650 of the ’70s-of course they had a rear fender and a taillight. Maybe that’s the difference.

  14. ABQ says:

    That is what a motorcycle is supposed to be. And, I like the bobbed rear end. You don’t have to raise your foot over your head to swing a leg over it.

  15. Skybullet says:

    Cleaner, simpler styling is a big step in the right direction. This version does not flip my switch but if it blended in “traditional” styling (re: DT-1)…..

  16. notarollingroadblock says:

    I prefer standard-style, but I’m not seein’ it. Uglee.

  17. Tommy D says:

    Thankfully this is not a bike being made. Neither is the Indian Flat Tracker being made into a street legal machine. This is excellent news to the remaining free space I have in my garage. I love the reviews the FZ-07 get but the looks… Blah. This bike gets my vote. Even if it had a full euro spec rear fender/license plate mount.

  18. RD350 says:

    Looks-wise its an improvement over stock. But that humped tank just ruins it for me. Its too high up and sits at an odd angle. I wish Yamaha would build a Retro Scrambler or Street Tracker around this motor … but with a different frame.

  19. Curly says:

    There’s a video on the making of this bike from last year. The removable rear sub frame makes it easy to cutomize.

  20. Tom R says:

    I would probably replace the seat with an equal length 2 X 4 plank to gain a bit more comfort.

  21. Larry K says:

    Excellent. Just the basics to ride. I could see a small rack over the rear fender just to have someplace to strap a tail bag and to give the rear a bit of mass to balance the overall look a bit.

  22. Jeremy in TX says:

    Great looking bike.

    • joe from Canada says:

      wow, too bad yamaha could not do something like this in the first place …

      • Scott says:

        Yeah, why does Yamaha insist on putting all that stupid stuff on their bikes? Fenders, turn signals, mirrors, passenger pegs, emission-compliant exhausts, etc. It all ruins the look! If only there was a way to remove that stuff from your stock Yamaha and make it look as cool as this one…

      • Neil says:

        Ditto. Nice bike. I like lower pegs myself. I never drag em under normal riding. They should be adjustable anyway.

      • Dave says:

        “too bad yamaha could not do something like this in the first place …”

        They really can’t. That bike is missing all kinds of things required to be legal in the US. Every country has their rules and an OEM has to make as few products that are legal in as many markets as possible.

        This custom would probably be a mess with all that stuff on it and to my eye, the stock FZ-07 looks really nice. I wish a Fazer version with a 1/2 fairing were done, though I understand that this type hasn’t been popular in a while, just my taste.

        • Joe Bogusheimer says:

          Half-faired bikes never seem to look quite right. Not as racy and sexy as the fully-faired sport bikes, not as cool and minimalist as a naked bike. And I say that as someone who owns one (a Yamaha Fazer 8). It’s a practical design, though – wind protection where you really need it. I guess my V-Strom was also a half-faired bike, albeit one with a much more bulbous fairing. Good wind protection, though.

  23. fred says:

    Honda should give their CB500 this treatment, if they want a retro with a retro price.

  24. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    I WILL buy this if you make it <$9K

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