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Triumph May Finally Attempt Land Speed Record Today (New, and Final Update)


More than one month after a 274 mph practice run, Triumph is hoping to finally attack the outright land speed record for motorcycles, 376 mph, later today. Conditions have to be perfect, however, as even a side wind of 3 mph could scuttle the attempt. MD wishes the best of luck to Triumph and its rider Guy Martin. Stay tuned for updates from MD as the day progresses.

Update 1 – Nearly 6:00 p.m. local time at the salt flats, and we see media reports that the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner tipped over onto its side as Guy Martin was being towed to the start line earlier today. Apparently, aside from scratches to the finish on the side of the machine, there was not major damage to the machine, and Guy Martin was unhurt.

We have to say that we are disappointed that Triumph has provided no updates for several hours, and has failed to even mention the somewhat embarrassing circumstances reported above.  We can’t tell you whether an attempt is being made today, or not. We will try to update later when we hear more news.

Update 2 – We understand that Triumph did not make any runs today after the tip-over incident reported above. The course is now closed for the day. When will Triumph try again? At this point, we have no idea.

Update 3 – Triumph is now saying it will give it another go Saturday. We will update this post as we hear results of that attempt.

Update 4 – Saturday saw a test run of roughly 200 mph, and earlier today (Sunday) Guy Martin crashed the Infor Rocket Streamliner in the first mile of another attempt to post a high speed (presumably, north of 300 mph) before going for the outright record. Triumph reports Martin was unhurt, but the machine needs a thorough going-over before additional runs are attempted.  We end here our reports.  We will post under a new headline if information warrants.

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  1. GKS says:

    There is a lot more going on at Bonneville than just Triumph/Guy Martin.
    For instance, Valerie Thompson set a new woman’s motorcycle land speed record of 304 mph.
    There are also several other teams (including the current record holder) attempting to set a new motorcycle LSR.

  2. Yoyodyne says:

    “Attemp” was bound to fail, but I bet if they “attempt” a record run it might just do the trick… ; )

  3. hh says:

    Guy has a lot of nerve and skill and as he says in the TT3D IoM movie he likes to wank and sleep in his van (compare what Barry Sheene said in Faster), and Guy shows us how he likes to ride his bicycle through crowds and act like an obnoxious kid and make a lot of child like statements about himself etc. Maybe he should straddle the streamliner like Slim Pickens did at the end of Dr. Stangelove, a kind of next step from Rollie Free, and set a record that way. Guy is a role model for perpetual adolescents, maybe if he gets the record they could make a statue like troops planting a flag only it will be Guy and crew raising the streamliner towards the sky..Triumph, a world record again, good idea, Guy Martin the man for the job, ok if you say so,

  4. The Spaceman says:

    It’s good to know that I can go down to my neighborhood Triumph dealer and buy the same motorcycles that Guy Martin, the handsome, windblown stunt driver, is using to set
    THE world land speed record for 2-Wheeled Penises Driving on Salt. I’m not sure I want a two-wheeled salt penis, but I’m glad that Triumph has them in case I ever do.

  5. Half Baked says:

    How is it even possible for this machine to tip over while being towed. It has both removable outriggers and retractable stabilizers.

  6. Chris says:

    I m so interested in Guy’s attempt on the mc record, I loved the wall of death stunt and new record on the Indian, I think Guy is amazing. Cheers, brother ride straight and fast

  7. DucDynasty says:

    Looks like it’s a no-go for today….weather is marginal and affecting the salt.