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SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp. announces all new 2017 graphics


Everyone at SHOEI® has a meticulous attention to detail. This characteristic shines through when looking at the finished products. Everything from the handcrafted shell, to the 7 stage paint process and final assembly requires highly skilled technicians and rigorous quality control check points. No stone is left unturned when developing and producing the world’s premier motorcycle helmet.


  • MARQUEZ4 TC-6 – This is a new white/black colorway of the World Champ’s racing graphic. MSRP $839.99
  • LAWSON TC-1 & RAINEY TC-1 – Back for a limited time only is two of the most significant SHOEI ambassadors of all time, Eddie Lawson & Wayne Rainey. SHOEI is proud to honor these past champs by releasing their iconic race graphics onto the progressive new X-Fourteen. MSRP $849.99
  • LAVERTY TC-4 – Irishman Eugene Laverty has been using SHOEI helmets for more than ten years and this year his race graphic will be available to the public. MSRP $839.99
  • KAGAYAMA5 TC-2, TC-5 – Yukio Kagayama has competed all over the world and is still a fan favorite. His partnership with SHOEI started way back in the 90’s and this year SHOEI will introduce his 5th generation of replicas. MSRP $839.99
  • ASSAIL TC-5 – This popular graphic gets a black/grey colorway for the 2017 season. MSRP $807.99


  • DECADE TC-1 – This retro inspired graphic features the old style SHOEI logos and will come in a high gloss finish. MSRP $670.99
  • EXPANSE TC-4 – The EXPANSE series gets a new green/black colorway for the 2017 season. MSRP $670.99
  • PENDULUM TC-1, TC-3, and TC-5 – The entire PENDULUM series is offered in matte finish with some high-vis colors that compliment the graphic nicely. MSRP $670.99


  • PARAMETER TC-1, TC-2, TC-3, and TC-5 – The PARAMETER series comes in 4 different colorways to match a variety of gear/bike styles. This sporty looking graphic also features some digital camouflage accents within the design. MSRP $589.99
  • VESSEL TC-5 – The VESSEL series gets a new white/black colorway for the 2017 season. This matte finish design resembles an interstellar spacecraft. MSRP $589.99
  • RUTS TC-5, TC-6 – The RUTS series both come in a matte finish. Offered in either black or white options, this tough looking design also features a skull on the right side of the helmet. MSRP $589.99
  • INTENSE TC-7 – This fast and sporty design is offered in a high-gloss finish with bright pink accents. MSRP $589.99
  • FLAGGER TC-1, TC-2, and TC-3 – The entire FLAGGER series comes in a matte finish. Accented three popular TC colorways, this graphic will appeal to anyone’s taste. MSRP $589.99


  • NAVIGATE TC-3, TC-5, and TC-8 – Adventure touring never looked this good before. The NAVIGATE series comes in three sporty colorways to match a variety of gear/bike styles. The TC-3 & TC-5 are matte finishes with a black base and the TC-8 is a high-gloss finish with a light silver base. MSRP $715.99


  • HECTIC TC-1, TC-2, TC-4, and TC-5 – The entire HECTIC series comes in a matte finish and offered in 4 classic color options to appeal to anyone’s bike/gear selection. This design features classic pin-striping accents. MSRP $613.99


The name SHOEI® has long been synonymous with “premium” in the motorcycle helmet market – a credential that hundreds of loyal men and women in our Japanese factories wear with great pride. The evolution and production of our world-class helmet line is a meticulous process that combines the very latest in technology with consumer feedback, modern testing practices, advanced materials, and over 50 years of helmet building experience. Just like the very first SHOEI® helmet built by our founder back in 1959, every SHOEI® today is still handmade in Japan utilizing a sophisticated process that involves over 50 people for each and every helmet. For more information, visit

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