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MV Agusta F3 RC Limited Editions Announced


F3 675 RC

With race replica graphics as a tribute to World Supersport victories of Jules Cluzel and Lorenzo Zanetti, the new limited edition MV Agusta F3 RC, available in either 675 cc or 800 cc, is another breathtakingly beautiful rendition from the Italian manufacturer. The details are in the press release below, but of note are the impressive claimed peak horsepower for each displacement (128 hp for the 675 and 148 hp for the 800).  Here is the press release from MV Agusta:

Varese, October 11th 2016 – Asphalt, curbing and gravel traps. Braking, acceleration and braking again. Straights, chicanes. Curves. Grandstands and pits. MV Agusta was born on the track. Its story has been inscribed on most famous racing tracks in the World, since the dawn  of   the  most  glorious  motorcycle  brand  in   the  history  of motorcycling.

RC doesn’t simply means Reparto Corse. RC means extreme attention to technical development, both in terms of design and function. It means direct connection to the riders, achieving perfection from track to track. RC also means attention to detail, because under race conditions each component is crucial and decisive. RC stands for absolute performance:   a way of thinking known only by those who live to race. RC is the direct descendant of the racing  experience  brought  to  the  road,  crafted  for  the  most  demanding  riders.

Offered in two displacements, the F3 RC is the essence of racing. The perfect balance of technology and design, in a very limited production run, consisting of 350 works of art. The incredibly lightweight and compact three-cylinder engine has been further refined and optimized to achieve maximum performance obtaining peak power and torque for both track and road use.

F3 675 RC produces 128 hp (94.2 kW) at 14400 rpm and 71 Nm (7.24 kgm) of peak torque at 10900 rpm; The F3 800 reaches even further extremes, producing 148 hp  (108.8 kW) at 13000 rpm and 88 Nm (8.97 kgm) of peak torque at 10600 rpm. The advanced MVICS electronic platform (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) allows the rider to effectively manage the performance utilizing the Ride-by-Wire system together with the available multimaps (three predefined maps and one fully customizable map) together with 8 levels of traction control.


F3 675 RC

The frame is a composite structure consisting of a lightweight front steel trellis coupled to the aluminum alloy side plates that act as the fulcrum for the iconic single sided swingarm. The suspension, Sachs mono-shock and Marzocchi front forks, have been tuned to keep the chassis in composure at the limit without sacrificing the nimble handling. The high ratio of swingarm length to the wheelbase (576.5/1380 mm) ensures maximum traction and perfect weight distribution.

The racing DNA of the RC model is evident at first glance. The race replica graphics are a tribute to the nuomerous victories obtained by Jules Cluzel and Lorenzo Zanetti in WSS competitions worldwide, and each bike is personally signed by the the riders on the side panels as evidence of their partecipation in the developement of this very exclusive model together with MV Agusta Reparto Corse.

In tribute to the numerous laps and races led and won by MV Agusta in international competitions, a special accessories kit is included with each of the 350 F3 RC replicas.  This unique collection of special parts – including the license plate holder and single seat cover – are assembled by hands in the historic Schiranna Factory to enhance the racing heritage of the F3 RC. Also included in the special parts kit is the rear wheel replica stand as well as a dedicated bike cover which protects the elegance of this three-cylinder masterpiece. Each individual F3 RC comes complete with a signed certificate of origin which guarantees the exclusivity of this very unique motorcycle and its unwavering dedication to advanced technology, craftmanship, design and  performance.


F3 800 RC

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  1. Gary says:

    Unfortunately another beauty that most won’t be able to afford, and most probably won’t even be able to find. MV dealers are so few and far between.

  2. Frank says:

    Beautiful lust objects like these aren’t built because the world ‘needs’ them, nor are they built with the expectation of breaking any sales records. Thanks MV for creating something with this kind of attention to detail and excellence.

  3. mechanicus says:

    Just what the world needs! Another rodneyroadracer! MV sales will hit all time highs with this one, by Jove – like maybe as high as 26 to 27.

  4. Tim says:

    This paint would look fine on a Honda, but I think it is a little too busy for this MV. It really detracts from the MV’s beautiful lines.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “This paint would look fine on a Honda”

      funny you should mention Honda, for i believe the styling update Big Red gave to the Blade was partially inspired by the F3 Agusta. i didn’t mention it over in that thread but it jumped out right away seeing the first pictures here at MD. it became even more obvious when i later saw the Blade concept sketch out on the net. it’s out there, look around for it and check it out. there’s definitely worse brands Honda can take their styling cues from than MV.

  5. Pete says:

    All MV’s are limited. Nobody buys those.

  6. Bart says:

    I will need to build a custom carbon-fiber ramp to my living room!

  7. Brian says:

    That’s really pretty. That single sided swingarm gets me every time.

  8. Dave says:

    *THAT* is how you do race-paint.

  9. Trent says:

    If I can’t really afford a Ducati SuperSport, I *really* can’t afford an MV Augusta. I wonder how cramped these are compared to a Brutale.

  10. Bigshankhank says:

    Looks like it is time to sell another child.
    Seriously, the want is high for the 675 version.

  11. GoodlyRun says:


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