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New Bonneville Bobber Gets 1200 cc Engine from T120 (with video)


Triumph has been as aggressive as any marque with the exploitation of its heritage models. The Bonneville Bobber just announced by the British firm is the latest evidence. With a 1200 cc twin derived from the T120, power and torque are pushed lower in the rev range to give the bike good stomp from just off idle.

This is no dressed up (or dressed down) T120, however, as the Bobber has a unique frame and plenty of unique features. All of them are listed in the following announcement from Triumph (note the adjustable seat):

Brutally beautiful, the new Bonneville Bobber is a genuine factory custom. It perfectly encapsulates the minimalistic styling principles, muscular stance and purposeful engineering attitude of a genuine Bobber.



Stripping the Bonneville T120 back to its purest essence it delivers all the hallmarks of a real bobber. With clean lines and low stance, single seat, wide flat bars, minimal bodywork and headlight, sculpted tank, wire spoked wheels, with wide rear wheel and that all important hard tail look.

An all-new chassis, suspension and frame deliver a supremely confident, dynamic and comfortable category defining ride. With an innovative elegantly engineered adjustable seat and clock position to suit the rider and riding style. The stunning ‘swing cage’ hard tail set-up and hidden mono-shock suspension make the bobber as dynamic and thrilling to ride as it is to look at.

All electronic components are hidden from view so as not to compromise its clean lines. Rider focused technology and the signature Bonnie straight-line ‘hidden cat box’ exhaust run, are all neatly incorporated without interfering with the Bobber’s stunning looks.

At the heart of the Bobber is a category-leading, high-torque Bonneville 1200cc engine with a dedicated Bobber tune for even more torque and power low down and twin slash cut sawn off peashooter silencers and unique twin airbox and filters to surround the rider in a pure Bonneville hot rod sound.

The Bonneville Bobber has over 150 additional accessories available to enhance its beauty further and make it truly unique.


See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Mr.Mike says:

    The rest of this bike is so well executed I can overlook the radiator.

    If they could just ditch the hipsters in the ad it would be perfect.

  2. dan says:

    For guys who never ever ever expect to have the occasion to give a lady a ride. Kind of sad in a way

  3. Dirty Bob says:

    Doesn’t look like a bobber with a water cooler. Sportsters have always been bobbers since 1957. Harleys have been chopped since 1903.

    • Francois says:

      What does a water cooler has to do with it being a bobber?Absolutely nothing. Makes it a better bike anyway.

  4. Kyle says:

    I’ll be wearing my bushy beard, brown leather work boots and open face helmet no matter what bike I buy. Leaning toward FZ-09 v2.0. I’ll wear a flannel too as long as it doesn’t have a leather vest over it. All of the above is due to the fact that I am a man, and I enjoy being comfortable. I equally agree that all these marketing lifestyle videos are lame AF.

    I love tank seams too. And welds.

    This is a good looking bike.

  5. Geoffrey Hill says:

    Looks like the Love Child of my old ’42 Wla, and my ’66 Trump Tr6c. Both of which I wish I still had. I WANT ONE.

  6. Geoffrey Hill says:

    Looks like the Love Child of my old ’42 Wla, and my ’66 Trump Tr6c. Both of which I wish I still had. I WANT ONE. Anybody want to swap my ’93 Sportster and ’12 Roadstar Silverado for one??

  7. Bud says:

    Not exactly my cup of tea, but I like it. I hope they sell a lot of them.

  8. Artem says:

    Freddy with his piano is still with us.

  9. Rod says:

    The bike in the top photo, the one with the low bars and deep red paint… that is a good looking machine. I hope the ground clearance is suitable for spirited riders.

  10. WSHart says:

    At least Harley put tubeless wheels on their 48 for 2017 but stuck with that stupid 2.1 gallon tanklet. They dropped the ridiculous ’72, thank the Buddha. Neither the 48 nor this Triumph Bobber are worth my money but if others think or feel different, fine.

    Put your money where you fingers type and buy ’em up! They do look good but then style for the sake of the ego has always sold well to those that don’t think well.

    • Max says:

      This bike looks to have the same tank as my Thruxton. If so, it’s good for about 140 miles between fillups. As to tubes, yeah, I’m not crazy about them, but I didn’t buy the Thruxton to travel. I’d say in most cases, I like most, ride within about 100 mile radius of the house. I have road service if something goes wrong.
      Comparing these to Harleys is night and day. These bikes go, stop, and handle so much better it ain’t even funny.

  11. Norm G. says:

    smokey burnout… (no, not your stoner friend from high school)

  12. John says:

    Bobbers are perfect if you hate sex.

  13. Scottie says:

    Nice bike, but aren’t Bobbbers reaching the end of their life cycle? sure they are more practical than choppers ever were, but these scream bar hopping because what else will they be used for? No passenger, no storage (wife likes it when I return with some bubbly).

    • Norm G. says:

      Q: but these scream bar hopping because what else will they be used for?

      A: the Zombie Apocalypse.

    • KenHoward says:

      I believe Honda has a nice, practical, sensible, NC700X (and a number of scooters) for running errands around town. I’d prefer this Triumph.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      “(wife likes it when I return with some bubbly).”

      The hell with the wife! There’s only one seat for a reason.

  14. Norm G. says:

    “F” me running, that looks good. “extra vintage” style only with modern engineering, it’s only what the OG’s (and many YG’s) have been asking BMW to do with an R69, but instead they gave you the stopgap R9T. sure the 9T’s nice, but let’s be real, it’s still a ways away from a Bing carb’d Airhead. the faithful aren’t fooled that it’s anything more than the same R12R. a Hex Head boxer mind you that just a short 2 or 3 years ago you couldn’t get ARRESTED on…? it may just be a testament to how easy it is to influence (nay dupe) the masses with a few marketing tricks.

  15. Bubba Bleu says:

    I think I’d just as soon see the 1200 engine in the America or Speedmaster.

  16. Portz says:

    Marketing to a want to be Lifestyle. Image & Style over form or function.

    • Tank says:

      It works for Harley (and Indian). Whatever it takes to make money. If you want form and function, get a Ninja.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Isn’t nearly all industry marketing about lifestyle and image? I’d say both form and function fit right into image and style. We don’t see any bearded guys with skinny jeans and open-face helmets in R1 ads or a guy in full racing leathers blasting sand dunes on a 600-lb. adventure bike. Likewise, we don’t see any Klim-clad guys with peaked helmets drag racing pokey bikes through a hangar party.

      This bobber has very minimal functional requirements to achieve its mission. It doesn’t have to be fast, have the best ergonomics or luggage capacity to achieve what it sets out to do. Both form and function follow the mission, and this bike’s mission is to ooze cool. So to Triumph I say, “mission accomplished.”

  17. WSHart says:

    Tubes and a seam? Surely you jest, Triumph? Nay…Thou kiddest not because doubtless the tank is the same pitiful 3.8 gallon container used in other bicycle wheel equipped T120s.

    Even the Sportster™ knockoff Starley SCR950 is seam-free but looks to give us the same cheapass bicycle ready wheels. Pathetic attempt there, Yamaha.

    So then Triumph, keep your Cracker Jack© Toy Surprise excuse for a bobber. All real men know seams belong on only one item. A dame’s hosiery.

    Don’t like the truth? Don’t cheap out on the details, Triumph. £ sand.

    • mickey says:


      How old are you? Women haven’t been called that since the 1930s I think lol

    • Guy says:

      My “pitiful” T120 tank gets me 200 miles. Seams? What are they?

      • Fivespeed302 says:

        He’s referring to the bottom edge of the tank. Instead of it being rounded at the bottom like a Harley tank, there’s a rim or “seam”. It doesn’t bother me but some people are anal about things.

      • WSHart says:

        So then, you’re getting over 50 mpg (U.S.) out of your 3.8 gallon tank?

        I doubt that.

        • mickey says:

          My brother is averaging around 60 mpg on his T120

          Heck I average 57 mpg on my CB1100 and it’s a 4 cyl. The T120 is only a twin.

          US gallon, US miles … Ohio

      • Guy says:

        Doubt it all you like, im getting 66mpg UK from my Bike.

        • WSHart says:

          Your gallons are 1.2 of the United States gallon. And I still doubt it. Tiny gas tank for a 1200 cc bike but then, you live on an island. 😉

          Off topic alert!

          And yes, I like Great Britain and wish they would clone Ms Thatcher so she could make certain the great returns to stay in “Great” Britain.

        • Guy says:

          Well like I said, Doubt all you like but it still does 66mpg UK, and it still does 200 Miles to a tank US or UK. Look up the new Euro 4 Bikes from any manufacturer and you will find some great fuel consumption figures. Clean burn is the key. Ill wave to you as you are sat in the petrol station as I ride on by with my tiny fuel tank. We have cloned Mrs Thatcher, She is now called Teresa May, a lady to watch out for. And I love the US, holiday in Florida at Easter.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Lol, man, you really dislike tubes, eh?

    • todd says:

      Cast wheels are MUCH cheaper than spoked rims. There are many more processes involved in makes a spoked rim, then there’s a ton of tedious, skilled labor to lace them up. The reason why cast rims are on motorcycles today is because they are so darned cheap to produce.

      I had weighed the cast rims on my Ducati vs the spoked rims on my XR650 a few years ago; the spoked rims were lighter.

      • Jeremy in TX says:

        I’ve gathered from past posts of WSHart that he has no issues with spokes. It is inner tubes he despises.

        • WSHart says:

          Damn straight. Tubeless spoke wheels can be made but apparently Triumph is too cheap.

          And that seam on the tank is just plain fugly and cheap.

  18. beasty says:

    Yeah baby! I like it! Footpegs where they should be and I’ll even ignore the tank seam. They’re gonna sell a buttload of these to the hipsters.

    • Bob says:

      Maybe at the age of 68, I’m the world’s old Hipster, but I’m on board with this bike.

      • mickey says:

        Bushy gray beard, flannel shirt, jeans rolled up at the bottom, brown boots with white soles and no heels, open face helmet with goggles?

        Sound like you Bob? Lol

  19. Gary says:

    Uhhhhh … no. Just no.

  20. Montana says:

    A large part of the market these days demands fashion over function. Triumph is smart to capitalize on it.

    • Max says:

      I recently bought a Thruxton. There’s plenty of function there. Just because they’re not covered in Tupperware does not mean they won’t roll down the road just fine.

  21. jimmihaffa says:

    The execution and detail on these machines are fantastic. I suspect a lot of prospective Harley riders will gravitate to and purchase these machines.

  22. Buckwheat says:

    Fantastic. But a bike like that had better sound AWESOME to match the looks. Wonder if Triumph spent as much time fine tuning the rumble as they did the look.

  23. redbirds says:

    Not something I would own but a great looking bike all the same that should sell. Good on Triumph.

  24. Gary says:

    I like that Triumph isn’t afraid to take a basic platform and exploit it across multiple classes and subclasses. With that said, with the (slightly) forward controls and flat bars, this bike would have me in pain in about 15 minutes.

  25. mickey says:

    This is what I love about this forum. Some say it’s a bunch of nit pickers, but personally I love the diversity here. Definitly not a flock of sheep. Some think this bike is a curse, some think it’s redemption, and each have their own reasons and express them. To me it doesn’t get any purer than that.

    • KenHoward says:

      Unfortunately, the diversity I see here, Mickey, arises from strong opinions based more on minimal information, preconceived biases and their own imagined image-projection to others, rather than thoughtful acceptance of the different needs vs wants of themselves and others (but we see that everywhere online, don’t we?).

      • Provologna says:

        Ken/Karnack the mind reader? Pray tell how you measure the magnitude of info justifying persons opinions you never met?

        Do I rightly presume you miss the irony of your ridiculous statement?

        • KenHoward says:

          When I repeatedly see commenters saying they like something – but “wouldn’t own it” (before even a First Ride has been reported) and even imply that someone who would is nothing more than a poseur or “non-biker” – I get the feeling they are conforming to a set of prejudices that go beyond simply enjoying riding a motorcycle.
          Gee, how could I be such a silly mind-reader?

  26. J Wilson says:

    As some others have expressed, not my cup of tea, but doggone it you have to admire the smarts at Triumph where the Bonnies are concerned.

    Not sure about their dealer issues, all I can say is a local multiline dealer (All four Japanese brands plus KTM and Triumph) sells more Triumphs than any of their other brands here in Middle Tennessee.

  27. Larry K says:

    Forget the Bobber label and just think of it as a 40’s/50’s retro standard Brit bike. Would like to see the seat have some sort of spring mounting that would absorb some jolts that get past the (probably) short-travel shock. With the straight-back riding position that’ll hurt all us old guys.

  28. TexinOhio says:

    This is really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing this in person.

  29. Bubba Bleu says:

    It still has that hideous tank seam.

  30. Trent says:

    If Steve McQueen were still around, he’d be one of the first owners of this bike. I really hope there is some kind of pillion seat as an accessory. To me, this is a ‘true’ motorcycle.

  31. ben says:

    ugh. kill it before it spreads

  32. Gary says:

    While it’s not my style of bike, this machine is brilliantly done. Triumph builds an impressive motorcycle every time. All the other manufacturers (especially in Europe) should be taking note of their every model.

  33. Tank says:

    Bobbers have always been like choppers to me, nice to look at, but not something I would ever own. Except for the handlebars (and maybe the seat), these bikes are really nice. Liquid cooling kind of takes away from the “minimal” theme of bobbers.

  34. Steve says:

    Well done, and just a sweet little bike done up tastefully. I’ll be test riding one for sure. I like some zing in my engine. A good second bike for sure.

  35. Tommy D says:

    I’m surprised by how much this looks like a 70’s Triumph bobber I see riding around my local city. I bet that owner is sort of chuffed to see his bike now being mass produced. I imagine this bike will be one of the most dealer tested bikes of the year. By that I mean everyone will hop on it at the dealer and bounce up and down on it. The base model Street Twin is the bike to take home. Classic lines and a price point that’s hard to beat. Dealers can’t get enough of them.

  36. Pacer says:

    These new Triumphs appear to be as user friendly as a cruiser, but not cruisers. At least not traditional cruisers. As I said below, not for me, but I think they will be spot on for many.

  37. Ellis Tomago says:

    Once again, professionally trained factory engineers take a concept developed by mechanically inclined private individuals and turn it . . .

    into something awesome!

    I just love it!

  38. Zuki says:

    That’s how Indian should have done the Scout’s rear suspension.

  39. duclvr says:

    It looks nice when the radiator is hidden in the shadows.

  40. Pacer says:

    Not for me, but pretty cool.

  41. ABQ says:

    This tempts me to buy a Triumph. I wanted them to put this new engine in the Triumph America with a six speed. But I will take this.

    • Zuki says:

      Nah. There will be a reason to call it a “deal breaker”. Something like the kickstand being hard to locate with the hoof or something.

      • Random says:

        No beak no deal?

      • ABQ says:

        THAT’S RIGHT! The kickstand does NOT have a catch sticking out there for me to easily find with the heal of my boot. Why do motorcycle designers always forget that? DEAL BREAKER!!!

  42. Rocky V says:

    Now that’s a proper Bobber–

    I would like to ride one–but not own one

  43. VLJ says:

    If they fixed the glitchy fueling of the T120 this would be the (only) current bobber to buy.

    Watching the video, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when, once again, we have a hot model lining up between two slow-as-November-mud bikes and dropping the flag to start the race. Really? Are there a lot of people out there dragracing their seventy-hp cruisers? On which planet does this sort of silliness ever actually occur, other than in the obligatory hipster video, replete with the equally silly “bike club” party scene in the nonexistent urban garage hanger?

    • paul246 says:

      zactly…it was embarrassing watching that crap.

      • Random says:

        It seems most of the advertising of this kind of bikes is geared towards non-bikers. Something like “look, bikes are cool”. Or else they would be featuring things motorcyclists are interested in, as “lightweight clutch, friendly ergonomics and low mpg” or something like that.

        Compare this to the last sport bikes ads: “titanium tank and muffler”, “cornering ABS”, “variable camshaft timing”, etc. That’s how you advertise features for someone who knows about them.

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          There are plenty of bikers who care nothing about titanium tanks, mpg or even ergonomics for that matter. They just want the bike to look cool, feel “right” – fashion motorcyclists, if you will. But motorcyclists nonetheless. To each his/her own.

          Heck, to some extent, the vast majority of us want our bikes to look cool and/or feel right, just in different ways.

        • KenHoward says:

          “That’s how you advertise features for someone who knows about them.”

          Here we go again with the “real” vs “phony” biker comment. “Titanium tank”? (where did you see that?) V-tec for a bike engine? Anyone here desire that? You’re sounding like the “non-biker” you disparage. Those who live in glass houses…

          • Random says:

            Hey man, chill out. Obviously we want our bikes to look good. Turns out the priority between aesthetics and performance is different for every bike and every rider. Not flingin crap at someone’s door, just pointing commercial strategies (they exist even if you didn’t believe so). We’re all bikers, the more the merrier.

            The listed features are from actual superbikes launched in Intermoto, and despite your disdain there are some people who want those exact features. Now who’s disparaging someone…

          • Random says:

            Besides, how this turned from an advertising and commercial analysis into callin names? 😛

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “two slow-as-November-mud bikes”

      and dammit that’s S-L-O-W…!!!

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “replete with the equally silly “bike club” party scene in the nonexistent urban garage hanger?”

      LOL, but the man does have a point.

    • Guy says:

      No glitch on my T120s fueling, goes like shit off a stick.

      • VLJ says:

        The T120 produces less than seventy hp at the rear wheel, so there’s not much shit to be flung from its very small stick, and the full power/full response “Road” mode has an annoying abruptness on partial throttle applications. It’s the same sort of on-off lightswitch lurching that plagued
        the FZ-09, only the T120’s is far less obnoxious.

        Even as underpowered and slow as the T120 is, I would own one right now had it not been for that glitchy fueling. Two minutes into the test ride, I knew I wouldn’t want to put up with it. My Street Triple R had perfectly smooth fueling, and with the T120 having a decent amount of torque there’s no reason for any on-off throttle abruptness.

        I’m not the only one who noticed it, either. Many “first ride” reviewers have commented on it, and even the salesman at my store admitted that the fueling needed work.

      • Guy says:

        Well mine has NO fueling problem, and as for being underpowered and slow, 130mph is enough for me but I guess for Valentino Rossi types like you its not enough. If I had wanted a sports bike I would have bought one.

  44. Spiderwatts says:

    Beautiful! More and more choices!!

  45. mickey says:

    My younger brother (64) has a new T120 in red/white and it is indeed a thing of beauty and a very nice motorcycle. One of my nephews (37) has a T120 Bonnie Black and for some reason the absence of color makes it unappealing to me even though they are basically the same bike. Its funny my brother wears a Triumph leather jacket and Shoei full face helmet. The nephew is more likely to wear a flannel shirt with his bushy beard exposed by his open face helmet. Amazing how just paint changes the personality of person it attracts.

    I would never be interested in this bobber genre of bikes, nor would my brother, but I can see where it might be a popular seller for Triumph and to possible buyers more inline with my nephew.

  46. CrazyJoe says:

    Wasn’t sure if it was a hard tail or not. Video shows its not. Can it be accessorized to look like the first Daryl Dixon bike on the walking dead? Not into ape hangers but this one looks cool.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “Daryl Dixon bike”


      moderator, i ask that you please close this thread to any further comments as this one will not be topped, thank you.

  47. teelee says:

    So few dealers, and still closing down others. Why make new bikes when there are not enough dealers.

    • Pacer says:

      Yeah! Close the factory cuz we got no dealers to ship to! Who wants my lunch money? If I lay down would one of you please kick me?

    • KenHoward says:

      ‘Better call Triumph, now! Their clueless upper management obviously requires your business expertise.

      • teelee says:

        In 10 years there will be more BSA dealers than there will be Triumph dealers. I here there is another Triumph dealer giving up the brand in Jan. 2017

    • todd says:

      You must live in the sticks. There are ten Triumph dealerships within a reasonable drive from me.

      • Norm G. says:

        re: “There are ten Triumph dealerships within a reasonable drive from me.”

        oh yeah…? wait awhile. market forces will soon whittle that down to 2 ’cause that’s 8 too many.

  48. Bob says:

    I’m 67 years old and a Triumph rider since ’63. The video tells me this bike isn’t aimed at my demographic, but I like it anyway. It’s really well done and an improvement over the air cooled America cruisers. Note to the styling department: If you want to further the illusion of “hardtail”, lose the shiny swing arm pivot bolt hardware and go black instead so it’s less conspicuous.

  49. DCE says:

    I wonder if one of the accessories is a WWII US officer’s hat (like Brando or Von Zipper)?

  50. My2cents says:

    I like it a whole bunch without the apes. The Brando edition should come with a Schott jacket option.

  51. bmbktmracer says:

    Awesome! Not my kind of bike, but I can appreciate the style and engineering and think this bike could end up being Triumph’s best seller.

  52. Gham says:

    I hope some of my friends buy one,would love to swap around rides for the day,glad they did it on the T120 platform.

  53. Alex says:

    So much cooler looking than the fuddy-duddy T120.

  54. Bill says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is exactly what some people have been hoping for. Maybe not you and maybe not me , but I expect it to sell well.

  55. Butch says:

    Tapping into the Sportster 48 market is probably another good move by Triumph.
    The 48’s are quite popular where I live.
    I rarely see a standard Sportster anymore.

  56. Jeremy in TX says:

    Not sure why they felt the need to push the torque curve even lower than that of the T120, but I think it is a pretty cool looking motorcycle sans the ridiculous ape hangers.

  57. GoodlyRun says:

    Yes please. So many reasons to buy this instead of an HD.

  58. Don says:

    Looked like fun but I have a fz09,,,, could use a nice looking pillion though.

  59. Neal says:

    What a silly thing.

    • xLaYN says:

      Please elaborate.

      I have reservations against the “original and true” movement, but as a commercial move it may be interesting… almost looks like one of those garage builds.

      The model on the first photo is nice.

      • Neal says:

        I don’t need a bike to be fast, I’m sure this bike is faster than most cars on the road, but I can’t help but shake my head at sacrificing so much functionality for fashion. Softail frames sacrifice so much in terms of handling. This bike is impossible to take a passenger on or saddlebags. This bike is the motorcycle equivalent of fancy high heel shoes.

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