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Mercedes F1 Team Lets Jorge Lorenzo Behind the Wheel at Silverstone (with video)


This video was posted a few days ago on the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team YouTube channel featuring a recent drive of a championship-winning F1 car by multi-time motorcycle GP champion Jorge Lorenzo. I have raced go carts with, and against, motorcycle racing champions in the past, and I can personally attest to the astonishing speed top motorcycle racers display sitting in a four wheeler.

As you will see in the video, Lorenzo begins preparing for his single outing at Silverstone by sitting in a sophisticated simulator at the F1 team’s offices. The team was impressed not only by Lorenzo’s speed in the car, but his methodical approach to learning and progressing. ¬†Take a look:

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Gary says:

    I believe there was one British bloke who was a champion on both two wheels and four. Many years ago, though. Can’t remember the name.

  2. Gutterslob says:

    I’m surprised they still use that clayish material for the impressions of driver’s custom fit in-ear monitors. Figured it’d be those laser scanning guns nowadays.

  3. WJF says:

    The car he is driving should have the phrase “free candy” on the side of it judging by the look he has on his face in that picture

  4. Dave says:

    I got to watch young prospect drivers test in F1 cars at Silverstone. Some could barely get the car from a turn onto the straight. They appeared very difficult to manage until Sebastian Vettel went out in his car and clicked off laps that looked easy.

    Rossi has had a few drives in Ferrari’s F1 cars. On his 3rd drive, he was 11th fastest at an official F1 test among all of that season’s regulars. Incredible.

  5. dt 175 says:

    I wanted to see Jorge ride MWT-9 before he left Yamaha…

  6. Scott says:

    It would be nice if they let us know what Hamilton and Rosberg turn on that same course…

  7. joe b says:

    …probably easier than getting that d*mned ad from reappearing again and again, at the bottom of this page. when will it end?

  8. mickey says:

    Man, I’ll bet that was a blast.

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