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Dakar Rally Soldiers to Finish Despite Extreme Weather

The 2017 Dakar Rally has seen two separate stages cancelled due to weather conditions. The world’s toughest rally typically won’t let weather get in the way, but this year has been something special.

The cancellation of Stage 9 resulted as extreme weather caused a massive landslide in Argentina, killing two non-participants. Motorcyclists have been forced to ride in daunting wet conditions, including deep mud and wet sand, taxing their incredible skill and endurance.

After the completion of Stage 10, KTM rider Sam Sunderland of Great Britian holds an half hour lead over a KTM teammate. Given the unpredictability of the race, however, riders from Yamaha, Honda and Husqvarna all still have a shot at the overall victory. We will bring you a report at the conclusion of the race. These photos are courtesy of the Yamaha and Honda factory efforts.

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  1. Randy D. says:

    What Dish channel is this on? I can’t find it.

  2. Vrooom says:

    These guys are total studs. It is such a demanding event, mentally as well as physically. Normally they have to deal with heat and deep sand, this year you’ve got to add flooding and mud to that. The world’s greatest race.

  3. Jonny Blaze says:

    I get half hour of daily coverage, with commentary by Carlton Kirby.

    What’s the issue? Lack of sponsors?

  4. PatrickD says:

    Thanks to the availability of camera drones, some of the captured footage has been spectacular. When motorsports are in hibernation at this time of year, it’s a wonder that this event doesn’t get more extensive coverage.
    As well as the motorsports interest, it’s also a fantastic geography education.

    • Scott says:

      That’s true. For instance, I never knew Dakar was in South America. You learn something new every day!

      • peter h says:


      • sbashir says:

        Dakar is not in South America. Dakar is the capital of Senegal in Africa. The Dakar Rally is named after the famous Paris to Dakar Rally that was held every year from 1978 to 2007. In 2009 the rally was moved to South America and renamed the Dakar Rally.

    • Ron H says:

      “When motorsports are in hibernation at this time of year, it’s a wonder that this event doesn’t get more extensive coverage.”

      This is the U.S. If it was a football game it’d be on multiple channels.

  5. JD says:

    Thanks for posting something about the Dakar! I’ve followed it for over a decade and find it an incredible race. Last year’s bike champ broke his femur in the race this year–its that tough of an event–and worse. I’ve enjoyed watching Robby Gordon drive (okay, his vehicle is not a bike) for many years. It is a shame he wasn’t there this year, but understandable after the tragedy of this past year for him. Gas on!

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