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NY Times Publishes Excellent Insight Into MotoGP Champ Marc Marquez

As reigning MotoGP champ Marc Marquez (Honda) prepares for another season, and an opportunity to earn his 4th crown in the Premier class, the New York Times has published a nice, informative story about his off-season life at his parents’ home in the town where he grew up, Cervera, Spain.

It turns out Marquez has humble beginnings, and enjoys spending the off-season in the simple family home, as opposed to the fast lifestyle pursued by some other young millionaire racers. He trains with his younger brother Alex, who has a World championship himself from the Moto3 class. Definitely worth your time to read the article.


See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Tim C says:

    “Motorcycling is a dangerous contact sport, he argued…”

    Well, that explains quite a bit.

  2. blitz11 says:

    He’s earned everything he has – showing hard work and innovation pay off. Actually, as far as I know, few, if any, MotoGP riders are trust-funders. One more appeal of the sport.

    • Dave says:

      They aren’t farm kids, either. Even with the great support juniors can get in Spain, racing Moto’s is never cheap. Karel Abraham is from a very wealthy family. His dad owns the Brno track that hosts the Czech GP and the Team Karel has raced in almost his whole career.

    • j_cott says:

      Yeah, racing ain’t cheap. If they weren’t racing, they probably would be trust-funders, but the money was spent racing instead….

      What’s the saying? “f you want to make a million dollars racing, the best way to do it is to start with 2 million.”?

  3. PAUL says:

    Marquez , poetry in motion , brilliant rider , still learning the trade and getting better with each passing race , without any unforseen circumstances this young Spanish rider will go the distance and will go down in history as one of the best

  4. MGNorge says:

    Very well written and no sign of political slant by the paper! 🙂

    • Dirck Edge says:

      Did you expect them to say something about the Catalan Independence movement?

      • Jimmihaffa says:


      • MGNorge says:

        Touche’! 🙂

      • stinkywheels says:

        Dirk,Right now you left wing journalists are on a VERY short leash. Good thing you don’t work for them. They’d pick you apart like piranhas.

        • Gary says:

          Can we please keep political crap out of this dialog? It’s bad enough I have to swim the drivel day in and day out. I come here to escape from it.


        • Tim C says:

          Why do you assume (<– the brother of all f-ups) that "Dirk" is a left-wing journalist? Thankfully, MD is pretty good about this overall (as in I've not seen enough mention of politics one way or the other to even remember doing so), vs. Jalopnik/Lanesplitter which can't say a damn thing without waving their The Media Formerly Known As Gawker bias flag in your face.)

  5. mickey says:

    I admire the kid. FOr his age and wealth, he seems to have his head screwed on right, always comes to the track prepared and is relentless in his desire to win, so much so he had to be convinced that its most often better to take the points and finish 3 rd than crash trying to win. Look forward to watching him for many years to come.

  6. Provologna says:

    You lost me after the forth word in the title…..just kid1ding, I’m sure it’s good, in spite of the NYT being a DNC/Progressive tool.

    MM does seem to be a good chap. For such a girlie looking bloke, he certainly comes well prepared mentally and physically to deal w/Rossi’s mind games and tactics on the field of battle.

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