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Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac Dominates Recent Supercross Rounds

Although we don’t provide much supercross coverage here on MD, we try to note significant developments in the discipline. One of those developments is the recent emergence of Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Eli Tomac as one of the dominant forces in the sport.

Although still 12 points behind championship leader Ryan Dungey (KTM), last Saturday night in Indianapolis, Tomac won his third straight 450 main event … his sixth win of the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series. With six rounds remaining, and his current momentum, Tomac could end up with his first 450 class supercross title, adding to his 2012 Supercross Lites crown. We will be watching to see how the 2017 series finishes up.

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  1. Chrisgo says:

    Tomac has beaten Roczen straight up before, it was a surprise to me the way Tomac rode at the beginning of this supercross season, but you know he has it in him to win, and win big.

  2. Dave says:

    I don’t think Ken will be back for the outdoor season this year. He has had 10 operations on his arm. Hopefully he will recover completely but it is a serious injury. Tomac has turned it up a lot since the beginning of the season and I think he would be tough for Roczen to beat now. The point is mute because of injury. Can’t win the championship when you crash.I

  3. gary t says:

    I noticed a huge difference in the LCQ (that pace made the track look rough and riders were getting bounced around a lot) Then to see Tomac’s performance seemingly make the obstacles dissapear opened my eyes to what kind of superhuman talent the top riders have. Musquin had a few red hot laps also. I think its a combo of great suspension and knowing how to utilize it. Whatever it is, I enjoyed the heck out of watching it.

  4. TomG says:

    I believe ET could have ran with Roczen if he had not gotten hurt and was still racing. ET is leaving Dungey (and everyone else) in the dust. I mean walking off and leaving them. Roczen was fast and won a couple races but the races were a lot closer between he and Dungey than they are between ET and Dungey. I like Dungey too but it is good to see a different rider at the top of the podium for a change. Dungey won the last two championships. Maybe ET will win this year. Regardless it is fun to watch. It would be better if the racing was a little(a lot) closer.

  5. MotoMaster39 says:

    Team Green definitely found some better settings as the season went on. E.T. was nowhere near his current pace at the beginning of the season. During the last race the commentators mentioned a new rear shock setting, which makes sense, because during the first few rounds, it looked the the rear end of his bike was squatting way too much. You also can’t rule out the mental aspect, because he went on a tear as soon as Roczen was out of the series.

    • Dave says:

      I’ve read that Vilopotto had some really strange setting preferences. It’s probably taken a while for them to find what Tomac likes, though it has been 2x seasons now. Whatever.. He’s got his mojo working now.

      • MotoMaster39 says:

        Villopoto definitely had a more traditional “American” riding style.. Attacking the track in a seated position more often than other guys. Eli stands on the pegs a lot more like the traditional “Euro” style. Standing up a lot, you need a shock that’s stiffer and more springy than someone who sits on the seat a lot.

        Also FWIW, the new KX450 is supposed to be quite a bit different from the old one. It’s something like 6lbs lighter. Also the old bike was supposed to be more of a brute and super tourquey, while the new one supposedly is very linear and “smooth.”

        • Dave says:

          I sometimes wonder how much of the characteristics of the stock bike carry over to factory bikes. Everything is tuned/tailored to the preferences of the rider.

          It seemed like Eli wasn’t getting along with the green machine for a while there. That’s certainly not the case now. Maybe he said, “make me a green Honda! (whatever that is..)”. lol

          Eli’s success shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody who followed cycling in the 90’s. His dad, John, was the Bob Hannah/Ricky Johnson/Jeff Ward of mountain bike racing, as well as a National Champ on the road bike and BMX prior. He had an amazing skill set.

    • Brian J says:

      “You also can’t rule out the mental aspect, because he went on a tear as soon as Roczen was out of the series.”

      Bingo! Same thing happened at the end of the nationals last year with Tomac riding the GP’s while Roczen sat out.

  6. Ricky Crue says:

    Although I like Ryan Dungey, as a fan I think he has got caught up in points racing and in the meantime lost some of his mojo. His comments after last the race last week were very telling to me. I be Roger and the whole KTM organization loved the comment about “It’s just a dirt bike race”, and I’m sure he probably had to explain himself to the brass on that one. Tomac is on fire, but I still think they’d all be eating Ken’s dust had he not gotten injured.

    • Dave says:

      Tomac is on fire, though he has been on fire before and wound up crashing out for most of the outdoor season a couple of years ago. As we saw with Roczen, a big part of this sport is staying out of the hospital and making it to the finish line every week. That kind of consistency has won Dungey a title or two. Hopefully Tomac has found the balance, he’s looking great so far..

  7. orbit398 says:

    Awesome to watch Eli in action. Been a fan of his for years since he was in the Lites class. Good to see him putting it all together as he is the dominating rider. Ryan just can’t match his speed and newly found consistency. Too bad Ken Roczen got badly injured early on in the series. Wonder if Eli could have kept up with him. Guess we’ll have to wait till the outdoor series and if Ken comes back as he got really messed up.

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