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Monster Energy Supercross Historical Notes Package – Round 14 – CenturyLink Field – Seattle, WA

Monster Energy Supercross will make its anticipated return to the Pacific Northwest for the first time in three seasons. The championship’s history in Seattle dates back 39 years, with a total of 43 races across two different stadiums.

In 1979 Seattle became the third city in supercross history to host doubleheaders, doing so until 1989. As a result, the old Kingdome was home to 33 races over the course of 22 seasons. That’s the fourth-most of any stadium in history.

Following a hiatus from ’00-’04, supercross returned to Seattle in 2005 at its current home of CenturyLink Field, which will host its 11th race this season and the 44th Seattle visit in the sport’s history.

CenturyLink Field became infamous in 2011 when a 1-to-2-magnitude earthquake was registered during celebration of a Seattle Seahawks touchdown in the playoffs. The venue also briefly held the Guinness World Record for noise at an outdoor venue.

450SX Class Stats: Seattle

2014 Podium:

  1. Ryan Villopoto
  2. Ryan Dungey
  3. Eli Tomac

The first 450SX Class race held in Seattle was on February 18, 1978. Jimmy Ellis earned his final career win riding a Honda, which was his lone win aboard a brand other than Can-Am.

Four-time champion and Seattle-area native Ryan Villopoto earned his first of 41 career 450SX Class wins at CenturyLink Field in 2009 in front of the hometown crowd.

Seattle-are native Larry Ward won just three supercross Main Events in his career, but he bookended those wins at his home race nine years apart in ’90 and ’99, including the final race inside the Kingdome.

Rick Johnson is the proverbial “King of Seattle,” winning seven races over six seasons of doubleheaders, including his first career win in ’84. He also posted a pair of doubleheader sweeps in ’87 and ’89, and won four straight races from ’86-’88.

Of all the active riders currently competing in the 450SX Class, only Justin Barcia has claimed victory in Seattle. Just five riders have won at CenturyLink Field in 10 seasons.

All-Time Wins by Brand in Seattle (Last Win)

Honda: 20 (2013)

Kawasaki: 9 (2014)

Yamaha: 9 (2011)

Suzuki: 5 (1999)

All-Time Wins in Seattle (Wins)

Rick Johnson (7)

Jeremy McGrath (4)

James Stewart (4)

Mike Bell (3)

Bob Hannah (3)

Ron Lechien (3)

Darrell Shultz (2)

Ryan Villopoto (2)

Jeff Ward (2)

Larry Ward (2)

Kevin Windham (2)

First-Time Winners in Seattle

1981: Darrell Shultz

1984: Rick Johnson

1984: Jeff Ward

1990: Larry Ward

2009: Ryan Villopoto

2012: Andrew Short

Brand Sweeps in Seattle (450SX & 250SX)

1987 Race 2: Honda – Rick Johnson & Kyle Lewis

1988 Race 2: Kawasaki – Ron Lechien & Jeff Matiasevich

1991: Honda – Jean-Michel Bayle & Jeremy McGrath

1994: Kawasaki – Mike Kiedrowski & Ryan Hughes

1997: Yamaha – Doug Henry & David Vuillemin

1998: Yamaha – Jeremy McGrath & David Vuillemin

2006: Kawasaki – James Stewart & Grant Langston

2007: Kawasaki – James Stewart & Ryan Villopoto

Riders to Win in Both Classes in Seattle

Jeremy McGrath

Ryan Villopoto

Kevin Windham

Past Winners in Seattle

1978: Jimmy Ellis; Honda

1979: Mike Bell; Yamaha

1979: Bob Hannah; Yamaha

1980: Mike Bell; Yamaha

1980: Mike Bell; Yamaha

1981: Darrell Shultz; Suzuki

1981: Darrell Shultz; Suzuki

1982: Donnie Hansen; Honda

1982: Mark Barnett; Suzuki

1983: Bob Hannah; Honda

1983: Bob Hannah; Honda

1984: Jeff Ward; Kawasaki

1984: Rick Johnson; Yamaha

1985: Ron Lechien, Honda

1985: Ron Lechien, Honda

1986: Jeff Ward; Kawasaki

1986: Rick Johnson; Honda

1987: Rick Johnson; Honda

1987: Rick Johnson; Honda

1988: Rick Johnson; Honda

1988: Ron Lechien; Kawasaki

1989: Rick Johnson; Honda

1989: Rick Johnson; Honda

1990: Larry Ward; Suzuki

1991: Jean-Michel Bayle; Honda

1992: Damon Bradshaw; Yamaha

1993: Jeremy McGrath; Honda

1994: Mike Kiedrowski; Kawasaki

1995: Jeremy McGrath; Honda

1996: Jeremy McGrath; Honda

1997: Doug Henry, Yamaha

1998: Jeremy McGrath; Yamaha

1999: Larry Ward; Suzuki

2005: James Stewart; Kawasaki

2006: James Stewart; Kawasaki

2007: James Stewart; Kawasaki

2008: Kevin Windham; Honda

2009: Ryan Villopoto; Kawasaki

2010: Kevin Windham; Honda

2011: James Stewart; Yamaha

2012: Andrew Short; Honda

2013: Justin Barcia; Honda

2014: Ryan Villopoto; Kawasaki

250SX Class Stats: Seattle

2014 Podium:

  1. Cole Seely
  2. Jason Anderson
  3. Justin Hill

The first 250SX Class race held in Seattle was part of a doubleheader on February 8, 1985. Bader Manneh claimed his one and only victory aboard a Kawasaki, in his first ever supercross start.

Nathan Ramsey’s two Seattle wins came consecutively, albeit six years apart. He won the final Kingdome race in 1999 and then won the inaugural CenturyLink Field race in 2005.

Despite having more Seattle victories than any other brand with 10, Kawasaki has not won in the Pacific Northwest since Ryan Villopoto took the checkered flag in his hometown in 2007.

All-Time Wins by Brand in Seattle (Last Win)

Kawasaki: 10 (2007)

Honda: 7 (2014)

Suzuki: 6 (2009)

Yamaha: 5 (2012)

KTM: 2 (2013)

All-Time Wins in Seattle (Wins)

Jeff Matiasevich (4)

Ryan Dungey (2)

Jeremy McGrath (2)

Nathan Ramsey (2)

Donnie Schmit (2)

Cole Seely (2)

David Vuillemin (2)

First-Time Winners in Seattle

1985: Bader Manneh

1993: Phil Lawrence

1997: David Vuillemin

2010: Broc Tickle

Past Winners in Seattle

1985: Bader Manneh; Kawasaki

1985: Mike Healey; Suzuki

1986: Willie Surratt; Honda

1986: Donnie Schmit; Kawasaki

1987: Donnie Schmit; Suzuki

1987: Kyle Lewis; Honda

1988: Jeff Matiasevich; Kawasaki

1988: Jeff Matiasevich; Kawasaki

1989: Jeff Matiasevich; Kawasaki

1989: Jeff Matiasevich; Kawasaki

1990: Ty Davis; Honda

1991: Jeremy McGrath; Honda

1992: Jeremy McGrath; Honda

1993: Phil Lawrence; Suzuki

1994: Ryan Hughes; Kawasaki

1995: Damon Huffman; Suzuki

1996: Kevin Windham; Yamaha

1997: David Vuillemin; Yamaha

1998: David Vuillemin; Yamaha

1999: Nathan Ramsey; Kawasaki

2005: Nathan Ramsey; KTM

2006: Grant Langston; Kawasaki

2007: Ryan Villopoto; Kawasaki

2008: Ryan Dungey; Suzuki

2009: Ryan Dungey; Suzuki

2010: Broc Tickle, Yamaha

2011: Cole Seely; Honda

2012: Ryan Sipes; Yamaha

2013: Ken Roczen; KTM

2014: Cole Seely; Honda

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