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Italian WSB Results (Both Race 1 and Race 2)

Ducati’s Chaz Davies broke through to dominate racing at Imola this weekend with a double win.  In Race 1, Davies bolted away to a big lead and led by nearly 7 seconds over championship leader Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) when a red flag halted the racing at lap 12. Ducati’s Marco Melandri was credited with third place.

Sunday’s Race 2 had to be re-started after an early red flag, but Davies again rode superbly to overtake Kawasaki’s Tom Sykes mid-race and ultimately beat Rea with nearly 4 seconds at the line with Sykes finishing third.

You will find full Race 1 results here and full Race 2 results here. Rea continues to hold a commanding points lead in the championship. For additional details, results and points, visit the official WSB site.

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  1. Does anyone remember how much tire smoke there was when Pirelli took over as the sole tire supplier to SBK? If you don’t recall, watch Sykes’ rear wheel in race two. If he is still figuring out how to make the tire last a whole race, seems there’s work to do. Maybe he just likes to light ‘er up!

  2. ROXX says:

    Why doesn’t MD cover American Superbike racing?
    There’s been some really good racing and sidelines drama going on this year.

  3. dt 175 says:

    the smartest guys in the paddock? Rea and van der Mark…

  4. Craig says:

    Agreed… need more competition at the front, but the top 2 are just that good on their bikes right now. The differences with and IL-4 and V-2 cause the CC advantage and the FIM has done a good job of keeping it fair… The differences come in how the motor makes power and so some tracks are PURE DUC and some PURE KAW… hopefully most tracks are somewhere in between.

    Can’t believe Melandri is taking so long to get up to speed on this thing, but has done well by being consistent so far, so good on him. When you are not as fast… don’t crash. 🙂

    Come on Chaz… early in the season and due to JR being outstanding you are already an underdog…

  5. Vrooom says:

    I’m just glad Rea didn’t win again, that was getting boring. Ducati getting a couple of hundred ccs doesn’t bother me, after all, this is their first win this year, and anyone could go to a twin and get that.

  6. Alonzo! says:

    and the Ducati has what size motor compared to the Kawasaki????

    • Honda50 says:

      Don’t ask; somebody here is gonna get his feeling hurt.

    • xLaYN says:

      If you can’t fight them join them…

      it does also have the advantage of having twice the number of cams….
      and half the number of swingarm arms… obviously making it faster as it just have to cope swingarm air drag on one side, this work to their benefit by making the air go faster on one side than the other working as a wing hence allowing Ducati to “fly” through the track…

    • Dave says:

      Who cares.. If that were what mattered, the Kawasaki (and all the other I4’s) would never win.

  7. bbriansrider says:

    Chas Davies claims he,s welsh how can he be when the English national anthem plays and
    not the welsh anthem.
    and he.s from Hereford on the border of wales/England
    I don,t like him anyway scruffy git

  8. Norm G. says:

    re: “Ducati’s Chaz Davies broke through to dominate racing at Imola this weekend with a double win.”


    now about this pickle of being mid May and 75 points adrift. 🙁

  9. Randy D. says:

    Glad to see someone finally beat the Kawasakis for a change this year. Wish there was more real competition this year than like last year too.

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