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Monster Energy Supercross Historical Notes Package – Round 17 – Sam Boyd Stadium – Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas hosted its first Monster Energy Supercross race in 1990, with this season marking the sport’s 26th visit to the desert. Las Vegas became the host of the championship finale in 1993, and will bring the season to a close for the 22nd time.

Sam Boyd Stadium has been the home of the Las Vegas Supercross since its inception. It is one of just three stadiums in series history to host every visit to a host city for over two decades, along with Anaheim’s Angel Stadium and The Dome in St. Louis.

History was made inside Sam Boyd Stadium in 1997 when Doug Henry won the first supercross race aboard a four-stroke, officially kicking off the current era of the sport dominated by these powerful motorcycles.

Las Vegas is the home of the prestigious East/West Shootout in the 250SX Class, which became an annual tradition in 1997 and is reaching its landmark 20th anniversary this season. For the second time it will be a points-paying, dual region Main Event.

450SX Class Stats: Las Vegas

2016 Podium:

  1. Ryan Dungey
  2. Jason Anderson
  3. Eli Tomac

The first 450SX Class race held in Las Vegas was on March 17, 1990. Jeff Matiasevich won aboard a Kawasaki for his one and only premier class victory.

There have been 13 different winners in 25 Las Vegas races. After hosting different  winners in each of the first seven seasons, just seven riders have tallied every victory since 1998.

“The King” Jeremy McGrath capped off his final championship-winning season, and earned his final Las Vegas victory, at Sam Boyd Stadium in 2000.

With a win on Saturday, Ryan Dungey would become the winningest 450SX Class rider in Las Vegas history and would also become just the second rider to win three straight there. It would also clinch his third-straight World Championship.

Half of the all-time winners in Las Vegas (13) were also champions that same season. Moreover, every 450SX Class champion since the sport’s debut in Las Vegas in 1990 has at least one win at Sam Boyd Stadium.

All-Time Wins by Brand in Las Vegas (Last Win)

Yamaha: 8 (2008)

Kawasaki: 7 (2014)

Honda: 6 (2011)

KTM: 3 (2016)

Suzuki: 2 (2010)

All-Time Wins in Las Vegas (Wins)

Ryan Dungey (4)

Jeremy McGrath (4)

Chad Reed (4)

Ryan Villopoto (3)

Ricky Carmichael (2)

James Stewart (2)

First-Time Winners in Las Vegas

1990: Jeff Matiasevich

1991: Mike LaRocco

1995: Jeff Emig

Brand Sweeps in Las Vegas (450SX & 250SX)

1992: Honda – Jean-Michel Bayle and Jeremy McGrath

1997: Yamaha – Doug Henry and Kevin Windham

2009: Kawasaki – Ryan Villopoto and Christophe Pourcel

2014: Kawasaki – Ryan Villopoto and Justin Hill

2015: KTM – Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin

Riders to Win in Both Classes in Las Vegas

Ricky Carmichael

Ryan Dungey

Jeremy McGrath

James Stewart

Kevin Windham

Past Winners in Las Vegas

1990: Jeff Matiasevich – Kawasaki

1991: Mike LaRocco – Suzuki

1992: Jean-Michel Bayle – Honda

1993: Jeff Stanton – Honda

1994: Jeremy McGrath – Honda

1995: Jeff Emig – Yamaha

1997: Doug Henry – Yamaha

1998: Jeremy McGrath – Yamaha

1999: Jeremy McGrath – Yamaha

2000: Jeremy McGrath – Yamaha

2001: Ricky Carmichael – Kawasaki

2002: Ricky Carmichael – Honda

2003: Chad Reed – Yamaha

2004: Kevin Windham – Honda

2005: Chad Reed – Yamaha

2006: James Stewart – Kawasaki

2007: James Stewart – Kawasaki

2008: Chad Reed – Yamaha

2009: Ryan Villopoto – Kawasaki

2010: Ryan Dungey – Suzuki

2011: Chad Reed – Honda

2012: Ryan Dungey – KTM

2013: Ryan Villopoto – Kawasaki

2014: Ryan Villopoto – Kawasaki

2015: Ryan Dungey – KTM

2016: Ryan Dungey – KTM

250SX Class Stats: Las Vegas

2016 Podium:

  1. Joey Savatgy
  2. Zach Osborne
  3. Malcolm Stewart

The first 250SX Class race held in Las Vegas was on March 17, 1990. Jeremy McGrath earned his first career win aboard a Kawasaki, igniting the most successful career in Monster Energy Supercross history.

McGrath remains the winningest 250SX Class rider in Las Vegas history after earning the win in each of the first three seasons from ’90-’92. He also shares the distinction of being the winningest 450SX Class rider, giving him a record total of six Las Vegas wins.

In the 20-year history of the East/West Shootout, both the Eastern and Western regions have an equal share of wins at 10 apiece.

All-Time Wins by Brand in Las Vegas (Last Win)

Kawasaki: 14 (2016)

Honda: 7 (2013)

Suzuki: 6 (2008)

Yamaha: 4 (2014)

KTM: 3 (2015)

All-Time Wins in Las Vegas (Wins)

Jeremy McGrath (3)

Justin Barcia (2)

Ryan Dungey (2)

Ryan Hughes (2)

Nathan Ramsey (2)

Ken Roczen (2)

Andrew Short (2)

James Stewart (2)

Eli Tomac (2)

First-Time Winners in Las Vegas

1990: Jeremy McGrath

2003: Andrew Short

2011: Ken Roczen

2013: Tyler Bowers

2014: Jeremy Martin

Past Winners in Las Vegas

1990: Jeremy McGrath – Kawasaki

1991: Jeremy McGrath – Honda

1992: Jeremy McGrath – Honda

1993: Damon Huffman – Suzuki

1994: Ryan Hughes – Kawasaki

1995: Ryan Hughes – Kawasaki

1997: Kevin Windham – Yamaha

1998: Ricky Carmichael – Kawasaki

1999: Nathan Ramsey – Kawasaki

2000: Travis Pastrana – Suzuki

2001: Nathan Ramsey – Yamaha

2002: James Stewart – Kawasaki

2003: Andrew Short – Suzuki

2004: James Stewart – Kawasaki

2005: Davi Millsaps – Suzuki

2006: Andrew Short – Honda

2007: Ryan Dungey – Suzuki

2008: Ryan Dungey – Suzuki

2009: Christophe Pourcel – Kawasaki

2010: Jake Weimer – Kawasaki

2011: Blake Baggett – Kawasaki (East)

2011: Ken Roczen – KTM (West)

2011: Ryan Sipes – Yamaha (Shootout)

2012: Justin Barcia – Honda (East)

2012: Eli Tomac – Honda (West)

2012: Justin Barcia – Honda (Shootout)

2013: Tyler Bowers – Kawasaki (East)

2013: Eli Tomac – Honda (West)

2013: Ken Roczen – KTM (Shootout)

2014: Jeremy Martin – Yamaha (East)

2014: Dean Wilson – Kawasaki (West)

2014: Justin Hill – Kawasaki (Shootout)

2015: Marvin Musquin – KTM

2016: Joey Savatgy – Kawasaki

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