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Max Biaggi Leaves Intensive Care on His 46th Birthday

Seventeen days after a Supermoto accident left him with 11 broken ribs, a broken collarbone and lung injuries requiring surgery, six-time World champion Max Biaggi left intensive care earlier today (his 46th birthday). His girlfriend Bianca Atzei posted this photo on Instagram.

Here is what Biaggi himself wrote on Twitter (translated from the Italian):

“This time I risked not being here, the nicest gift is getting out of intensive care after 17 days. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for all the affection I have received every day. Unforgettable. I love you all. Max”

We understand he will be undergoing physical therapy, but is expected to make a full recovery. Best wishes to you Max.

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  1. MIGUEL ZEDRX says:

    Talk about an eternal racer. I was watching an old 250 gp vid of Biaggi the other day(from a VHS recording)Get well,Max.

  2. Skully says:

    Excellent news!!! Happy B-Day to the Roman Emperor & Rock On Max!!

  3. Vrooom says:

    Poor Max, an Italian girlfriend half his age to nurse him back to health. I don’t wish the injuries on anyone, but if you have to have ’em….

  4. Guy says:

    Get well soon Max, you are a Legend.

  5. Lenz says:

    Max is a lucky man at many levels it seems – ICU for 17 days suggests his injuries were not minor. A shirtful of broken ribs with their nasty tearing ends flailing around is not good for lungs / major blood vessels / busy pink pumpy thing

  6. Norm G. says:

    for the love o’ God you two GET A ROOM…!!!

    oh wait they did, in the ICU, my bad.

  7. Tommy D says:

    Really glad to hear this. Most of here probably loved to hate this guy when he raced against Rossi early on in their MotoGP years. While we enjoy the drama of a good race and love the antagonist/protagonist war that rages, we really don’t wish any bad on our anti-hero’s. My negative opinion changed about Max while watching him on the Aprilia win WSBK Championships in 2010,2012. I own an SR50 commemorating this. Also check out the MotoGeo video of Max and Jamie enjoying a sumo day

  8. Scott says:

    Alright, that’s enough of our racing superheroes getting hurt and killed. No more! Okay?

  9. Gary says:

    Terrific photo. Max is a lucky man … and his smile says he knows it.

  10. Tom R says:

    Eleven broken ribs?! Good God, are there any left to NOT break?

  11. VLJ says:

    Looking at her, I have a pretty firm idea as to what his best B-Day gift is.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Huhuh… Huhuh. You said “firm.”

      In all seriousness, I had heard about his accident but wasn’t aware that it was so serious. Glad to see he is OK.

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