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Checking in on Flat Track: Indian and Honda Clinch AFT Titles Early

Indian Motorcycle returned to flat track racing this year in dominant fashion with their new Scout FTR750.  With four races remaining on the calendar (beginning with the Springfield Mile next weekend), Indian has clinched the manufacturer’s title in the AFT Twins division.  Honda has done the same in AFT Singles.

Here is a summary of the season thus far from American Flat Track:

American Flat Track congratulates Indian Motorcycle and American Honda on their respective 2017 Manufacturer Championship victories.

The AFT Manufacturer Championships tally up the points earned by the highest-placed rider representing each manufacturer in every Main Event. The combined efforts of the Indian Wrecking Crew in AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines competition and the Honda-mounted contingent in AFT Singles have been such this season that both crowns have been clinched before the season’s end.

AFT Twins Manufacturers’ Champion Indian Motorcycle immediately proved itself to be a dominant force in its long-awaited return to the sport with its potent Indian Scout FTR750 racer. Quite simply, Indian’s 2017 campaign has been one of consistent and unrelenting excellence. 

Thus far this season, Indian Motorcycle has taken 335 out of a possible 350 points in the Manufacturers’ standings, with 11 victories and three runner-up finishes in 14 races to earn its first Grand National Championship Manufacturer title.

Additionally, the trio of Jared Mees (No. 9 Indian Motorcycle Rogers Racing Scout FTR750), Bryan Smith (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle Racing backed by Allstate Scout FTR750), and Brad Baker (No. 6 Indian Motorcycle Racing backed by Allstate Scout FTR750) have combined for five podiums sweeps — and on 11 occasions, at least two have stood together on the podium.

“Securing the Manufacturers’ Championship through 14 races is an unbelievable accomplishment,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Product for Indian Motorcycle. “To return to professional flat track racing after more than 60 years away from the sport and win the championship on a brand-new Scout FTR750 race bike is a testament to all the hard work from the entire Indian Motorcycle Racing team.”

Meanwhile, American Honda’s AFT Singles Manufacturer title run was assembled from the ground up by a deep and hungry pack of riders, any number of which have the potential to challenge up front on any given weekend.

AFT Singles points leader Shayna Texter (No. 52 Richie Morris Racing Honda CRF450R) spearheaded the championship on the strength of four Main Event victories.

Brandon Price (No. 92 Brandon Price Racing backed by Parkinson Brother’s Racing/DPC Racing/Don’s Kawasaki Honda CRF450R), Parker Norris (No. 24 Goodroe Racing Honda CRF450R) and Tanner Dean (No. 138 Walrath Racing Honda CRF450R) have also stood atop the podium for Honda this season.
“We’re very pleased that Honda has earned the 2017 AFT Singles Manufacturers’ title with four rounds remaining,” said Mike Snyder, American Honda Senior Manager, Powersports Marketing. “For 2017, Honda revised its Red Rider Rewards program for American Flat Track, and there’s now no better contingency program in the Singles class. With seven of the top 10 riders in the current points standings being Honda-mounted, it’s clear that the CRF450R is the bike of choice for flat track racing. Thank you to the series organizers for the increased exposure the sport has been garnering, and to our Red Riders for representing Honda so well on dirt ovals across the country.”

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. EZ Mark says:

    Springfield makes it 5 races Shayna didn’t make the main.
    If she wins the title after that, Kolby and Brandon should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Ed says:

    I love a podium full of Indian riders around the wallpapering of HD logos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like the Harley girls standing behind the Indian Riders.

  3. advman says:

    I’m personally not a cruiser guy, tried to like them but they caused me some horrible back pain on long days in the saddle, I like my feet underneath me not in front. If Indian & Harley would branch out and start making either adventure tourers, or more of a standard type bike with a nice v/twin I’d bet that their sales would increase exponentially. Look at the early history of each manufacturer, they didnt start out making cruisers. I’d be proud to own a bike made in the US, not sure what they are waiting for, hoping this will happen in my lifetime but until then there are many other choices I guess.

  4. Tom R says:

    Cheers to Indian/Polaris for going racing and winning, but isn’t this particular form of competition pretty much like picking low-hanging fruit?

    They go up against H-D XR750s and XG 750s.

  5. Mitar says:

    We often say what wins on Sunday sells on Monday. And the oldie but goodie – track development leads to improved performance and reliability and technical advancement for road going versions……. This applies to Japanese manufacturers – why not Indian?

    • Robert Jones says:

      It leads to performance gains. But Indian doesn’t sell a bike that is even close to what they race. It would be nice if they did, but flattrack style streetbike don’t sell.

  6. EZ Mark says:

    I’m rooting for Shayna, but I think she’s going to have to podium both of the remaining short tracks and win both the half miles to win the title. Too bad they’re not running the singles on the mile at Springfield.
    Go get em Shayna.

  7. blitz11 says:

    I’m rooting for Shayna – winning the championship would be a significant and historical event. If only i could ride a fraction as well as she can – wow. She’s a class act, also. My daughters really enjoyed meeting her.

  8. Tom R says:

    Flat track racing seems about as relevant to potential Indian Motorcycle buyers as pole vaulting is to Lazy-Boy chair shoppers.

  9. dt 175 says:

    Nicky was only a Mile away…

  10. beasty says:

    Makes me wanna head over to my Indian dealer and purchase the consumer version of the racer. Oh wait……..

    • carl says:

      America doesn’t want that, they like their 1500lb 2000cc V-twins with 50 hp along with their weekend pirate costumes.

      • beasty says:

        What nonsense.

      • Bud says:

        Weekend pirate costumes. Love it.

      • Provologna says:

        But…..remember, BIG TORQUE!

        If torque is all that, where’s the HD diesel motor?

      • Robert Jones says:

        And stand around, say “Bro” a lot, talk about the next “Run”, and make a lot f remarks to other riders about rising a “Real” bike.

        • gary t says:

          Good one bro! Or perhaps they are talking about how they nearly got their arses shot off,so a bunch of losers can enjoy the “freedom” of hiding behind their keyboard making BS remarks. Lots of Veterans rolling the “Weekend pirate costumes” while riding those 1500 pound bikes. BTW some of those 50hp bikes actually run really well.
          Why is it comments on most articles on this site turn into an unrelated rant on certain types of motorcycling? IE: I hate supercross, I hate Harleys, I hate the way this group dresses, my 30 year old bike is the best ever made because my friend’s cousin’s dentist had one that went 106,000 miles.
          Regarding the article, I think it is very impressive that Indian did so well. It will be interesting to see what HD does next year in the series.

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