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The Turismo Veloce RC has arrived!

The new Turismo Veloce RC plays tribute to this cycle of development, sharing the aspirations of the Reparto Corse race bikes in a sports touring form, whilst highlighting the vast new technology CRC has developed for the model.

The Turismo Veloce RC is now available in the USA as a limited production version, with a stunning race livery and a list of enhancements to make this a truly special sports tourer.

Turismo Veloce RC

A revolutionary product concept came before distinctive aesthetics; the Turismo Veloce has redefined the idea of a touring motorcycle. MV Agusta has re-prioritised and redefined the objectives, focusing on compact volumes, minimal weight wrapped in a unique design. Initial studies took into account the side mounted luggage, designed to integrate seamlessly not only with the lines of the bike but also with the supporting structure of the rider seat and passenger. When the luggage is removed the bikes character is transformed and characterised by a lithe, dynamic profile. Focused around a compact three-cylinder 800 cc engine – with a revised black surface treatment – the “Fast Tourer” offers an unaccustomed light weight to power ratio for this segment. The use of LED lighting technology combined with a graphic DRL (Daylight Riding Light) has created a unique identity for this vehicle, making this bike immediately identifiable, even in a fleeting moment when encountered on the street.

The construction of this top of the range motorcycle is further enriched by virtue of the RC version, which will be produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces. Recognizable primarily for specific racing livery, characteristically aligned to the other precious RC models. The evolution of the Turismo Veloce encompasses both functional and cosmetic features: the latter of which is accentuated with a carbon fiber deflector on the front mudguard. The forged wheels feature a design that accentuates lightness and a racing pedigree derived from the variant used on the F4RC. Functional changes include a new sprocket, which improves smooth driving characteristics and precision. The passenger seat has been redesigned to improve ergonomics and comfort over long distances. The front engine mounts have increased longitudinal chassis stiffness and subsequently driving dynamics.
There has been a series of profound modifications regarding the three-cylinder engine with counter-rotating crank; redesigned to further reduce vibration and noise. Regarding the head there has been interventions to the valve guides, redesigned to achieve improved refinement; the harmonic damper and the chain tensioner, which now ensure a significant reduction in mechanical noise alongside an updated gearing for the transmission.

The desire to improve an engine that has achieved since the onset highest levels of efficiency is underlined by the new six-speed gearbox, with an optimized design to improve general functionality for faster, precise, gear shifting. The starter motor and the associated gears have been further refined for optimum sports touring.

Alongside the mechanical updates there has been further refinement to the MVICS 2.0 (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) electronic platform developed exclusively by MV Agusta and with EAS 2.0 (Electronic Assisted Shift Up & Down), as well as traction control adjustable on 8 levels with the possibility of complete disengagement. The first improvements were made to the engine control management, with the aim of increasing the engine regularity providing a more fluid and enjoyable power delivery in all conditions. Subsequently, there has been modifications made to the various engine maps (Flexible ‘Tourism’, Full-Power ‘Sport’ and ‘Rain’ limited to 80 hp), in search of perfection and refinement . The hardware has been subjected to significant improvements, thanks to the revision of the Ride By Wire components, for maximum sensitivity, response and improved throttle control.

The high-quality chassis is the result of integrating the MVICS platform which electronically controls the front forks and a Sachs rear shock absorber, on the basis of the vehicle’s dynamic parameters. The semi-active suspension provides continuous control of the response, on the basis of the established and reliable ‘Skyhook’ algorithm; revised and tuned by MV to define the Turismo Veloce riding characteristics. Standard equipment includes the Garmin navigation system, dedicated twin 30 litre capacity side panniers,center stand, adjustable windshield, heated grips and cruise control.

The limited edition Turismo Veloce RC comes standard with 24 months warranty and 24 months premium roadside assist at an MSRP of $23,298.


  1. mickey says:

    Don’t they usually release the most attractive angle picture first? Egads

  2. My2cents says:

    You know what they say about love.

  3. P Harris says:

    that’s some ugly sh*t…IMO

  4. randy says:

    A little short of pictures, but it’s a breath of fresh air. I still love my lower tech ST2 and BuellXC12XT but at least it’s step in the right direction. Keep the weight and seat height down. I still dream of winning the lottery and getting a Motus though.

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