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Yamaha Introduces All-New Star Eluder Bagger Motorcycle

Cypress, CA – September 6, 2017 – Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, today introduced the all-new 2018 Star Eluder motorcycle, adding a bagger model to the company’s transcontinental touring line-up.


Drawing from the recently-introduced 2018 Star Venture, the Star Eluder is powered by an air-cooled 113 cubic inch (1854cc) V-twin fuel-injected engine, and features “Drive Mode” settings that adjust throttle response, traction control, a heated seat for the rider and passenger, a fully-featured infotainment system and more. Together with Yamaha’s renowned quality, performance and reliability, these features combine to make the Star Eluder the most technologically advanced V-twin bagger motorcycle with the perfect balance of modern features, design and emotional character.

“We are very excited to introduce the Star Eluder as we further expand our transcontinental touring motorcycle line-up,” said the General Manager of Yamaha’s Motorcycle Group, Mike Doughty. “With its aggressive styling and infotainment technology unlike any other motorcycle in its class, it will truly empower riders to elude conformity while experiencing the thrill of the road.”


The Star Eluder’s torque-rich 113 cubic inch (1854cc) air-cooled V-twin engine with 126 pound-feet of torque provides smooth and responsive power delivery. Lightweight forged alloy pistons, carefully-tuned twin counterbalancers and advanced composite engine mounts combine to deliver the raw character of V-Twin engine performance without excessive vibration.

A low center of mass characteristic is effectively achieved through the engine’s semi-dry-sump design, allowing the engine to sit lower in the frame, and an external oil tank that is integrated into the aluminum subframe to centralize mass and reduce weight. A compact oil cooler is hidden between the front frame down tubes to help maintain ideal engine temperatures.

The new six-speed transmission features ratios chosen to make the most of the huge low-end torque. Brisk acceleration in lower gears keeps the Star Eluder ready for action, while highway cruising at 75 MPH in sixth gear is achieved at an ultra-smooth 2,750 RPM.

Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T®), a ride-by-wire throttle control system, converts the rider’s grip input into calculated throttle control providing precise and refined responsiveness. Yamaha D-Mode allows the rider to choose from two different throttle response settings – an ultra-smooth touring mode, and a sport mode for sharper response. The traction control system helps prevent wheel spin when dealing with reduced-traction road conditions, and a finely-tuned cruise control system also comes standard on the Star Eluder providing for comfortable cruising with improved fuel economy.

The Star Eluder’s exhaust system features a twin-muffler design with a throaty V-twin exhaust note. To achieve optimum sound quality, Yamaha carefully developed the exhaust tone throughout the entire RPM range in collaboration with the audiophiles at Yamaha Music.

Paired alternators – mounted low and forward in the engine cases – provide ample electrical power for the heated seats, audio system and lighting. With 750 watts of total output, riders can add common electrical accessories and usual heated apparel without taxing the motorcycle’s charging system.


The all-new Star Eluder features a state-of-the-art infotainment system mounted high in the cockpit for maximum visibility. A 7-inch full-color LCD screen displays an array of information. Controlled via touchscreen, handlebar controls or voice commands via accessory headset and mic, the infotainment package gives the rider access to vehicle system control and data, a range of audio sources and wireless Bluetooth® communications options. By integrating vehicle systems into the infotainment console, running data such as the trip computer, remaining fuel range and air temperature can be easily confirmed on-screen, while elements such as the heated seat can be controlled by the rider.

Boasting paired high-performance speakers, the Star Eluder audio package features AM/FM/WB radio and can also play pre-recorded music or stream Pandora® from a smart phone via the onboard USB, AUX stereo or Bluetooth® wireless connection options. A USB charging and interface port is located in the locking fairing storage compartment for use as needed.


The Star Eluder is built around an advanced hybrid chassis designed for light, agile handling with confidence-inspiring stability. The main steel frame provides optimal rigidity, while the rear aluminum die-cast subframe reduces weight and centralizes mass creating balanced straight-line stability with agile handling on curvy roads.

A 46mm telescopic fork features damping and spring rates selected to offer an ideal balance of bump absorption and high speed handling, all without losing a light and responsive road feel. The rear suspension features a linkage-type system with a gas-pressurized shock for a plush, controlled feel. Similar to the front fork, damping and spring rates were carefully considered to give the Star Eluder an ideal balance of comfort and road feel, while convenient tuning is provided thanks to a remote rear shock spring preload adjuster.

Unbeatable braking confidence is achieved through high-performance, triple-disc brakes featuring advanced electronic control. Yamaha’s Unified Braking System dynamically adjusts front and rear brake force balance in real time to ensure linear braking feel and power, and Yamaha’s refined antilock braking system (ABS) prevents wheel lock-ups when dealing with reduced traction road conditions.

Lightweight front and rear aluminum alloy wheels have a stylish low gloss black finish. Up front, the 18-inch wheel features a 130/70 radial tire for light and neutral steering feel, while the rear 16-inch rim mounts a large 200/55 radial for stunning style and road grip.

Both rider and passenger can customize their comfort and ride position. Five-position hand levers cater to the rider, while height-adjustable floorboards cater to the passenger. A fully heated seat keeps both the rider and passenger comfortable.

Air management is crucial for any long distance touring motorcycle. Providing more air flow in hot conditions and reducing air flow in cold weather was a key element in the development of the Star Eluder. A stylish full-coverage fairing provides ample wind protection, while the short windscreen adds to the tough motorcycle character. Ducted vents inside the lower fairing can be opened or closed to further customize airflow for changing conditions.


The Star Eluder also includes a class-leading 6.6-gallon fuel tank and all-LED lighting. The side cases and upper and lower faring storage compartments provide a combined total of 18.8 gallons of storage volume. The USB outlet-equipped fairing storage compartment and side cases feature electric locking lids straight from the factory. Yamaha’s Smart Key system with remote key fob allows for easy access to the side cases and fuel tank cap, offers an “answer-back” function for locating the motorcycle in a crowded parking area and allows for keyless operation of the main switch.


A range of infotainment upgrades are available with the Star Eluder GT Option Package, including GPS navigation with points-of-interest and route logging to help simplify the planning, sharing and uploading of ride routes from a home computer. A CB radio system can link riders to other road users, while SiriusXM® and SiriusXM Travel Link® provides satellite music, weather and traffic information. Along with a security alarm, the GT Option Package offers one of the most advanced infotainment systems ever featured on a motorcycle.

The all-new Star Eluder will be available in Liquid Silver, Impact Blue and Raven at Yamaha dealers beginning in early 2018 with a MSRP of $22,499 for base models, and $23,999 for models equipped with the GT Option Package.

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  1. Adrian says:

    I thought air scoops this big went out with Buell! And it resonates the Kawasaki Vaquero a bit too much as well. It should be a traffic-stopper on the road tho.

  2. Steve says:

    The teaser video featured a stripped down Roadstar and a Raider. Looks like they couldn’t elude a bullsh*t product name and marketing campaign. What might sell is the new 1900 motor with ABS in a bike less than $17,000. This won’t sell when you can get an American bagger for the same $$$. Buyers of this will get killed on the resale.

  3. Ellis says:

    Not as sleek or as good looking as the F6b, but probably more comfortable because it’s got more leg room.

    Echoing others, I would also like a version without all the distracto-tech infotainment bu11sh!t.

    • BPinAZ says:

      I had the F6B, it was horrible and resale was the worst! New BMW bagger will kill Honda’s and Yamaha’s offerings.

  4. Your Uncle Bob says:

    No mention of Cruise Control or self-cancelling indicators. I like that style of motorcycle, why do es Yamaha not make a modern one instead of a Harley retro clone? It could have been much lighter, nicely styled, water cooled and so forth. I don’t care for “Infotainment” either.

  5. arrowrod says:

    Air cooled? Let me guess, push rods. 130 torques, 62 HP. Just like Harley. Does it have immense heat burning your legs? Just like Harley?

  6. Provologna says:

    Why does that word “infotainment” make me throw up a little bit in my mouth?

    MOAR air scoops!

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