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New Triumph Tiger Models Coming November 7 (with video)

Triumph has focused so much of its energy on Heritage models of late, it could be argued it has been ignoring another hot market segment … Adventures bikes. That should change on November 7 at EICMA.

Triumph currently offers Adventure models in two engine capacities, the Tiger 800 and the Tiger Explorer (with the big 1215cc engine). The teaser video below doesn’t reveal much, but appears to have references to both displacements, so Triumph may be about to update its entire lineup of Adventure models.

One driver must be Euro 4 engine emissions compliance, which would lead Triumph to make significant changes internally to improve both emissions and fuel economy. Perhaps, improved power, as well.

2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer XCa

Other changes are apparent, including adaptation of a TFT instrument display and numerous electronic aids controlled from the handlebar. There is even an indication of active headlights (note the illumination of a cornering light at roughly the 15 second mark of the video).

Stay tuned for full coverage of all the new models introduced next week in Milan.

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  1. TonyZA says:

    Tragically they still have the pillion foot peg bracket welded directly to the 800’s frame (00:06).
    One fall and the frame is irreparably bent; a bit of a disadvantage for a bike with off road pretensions. The 1200’s are designed correcly, why not the 800?
    Love the engine though – an absolute gem.

  2. Vrooom says:

    Weird, is there a rear brake caliper in that photo? I could see a Tiger 800 in my future. Plenty of performance, halfway decent off road, comfortable, it’s hard to knock.

    • Tyler says:

      If you look close, there is a little orange tittle at the top of the rear rotor, looks like a twin piston caliper stretches to the left of that point. Its there, but its silver and hides well.

  3. kyle says:

    Triumph will get my ADV money when they axe the bra headlights.

  4. bmbktmracer says:

    I’d like to see them set a target wet weight of 425 pounds with 8″ of travel, and then give us the best engine configuration possible that’d meet such a goal. The ADV thing is approaching the saturation point as the 800+ class is fully covered. The 500-650 class has low-buck streetbikes with beaks, but little offroad capability. I’m just not excited about TFT displays and enhanced traction control anymore. Triumph is on the right path with their 900 and 1200 twins, so maybe a similar “minimalist” approach to an ADV bike would pique our collective interest.

  5. Gary says:

    Not a fan of thin film transistor displays. I like the sweep of an analog (physical) needle in my periphery for engine speed, thank you.

  6. thrus says:

    The side view just makes me think more of an engineering project with everything showing even part of the frame under the seat. I don’t understand why they make huge exhausts instead of making them smaller around but a bit longer, I know they need to total size to met regulations but it could be spread out along more of the pipe instead of just the last 12-18 inches.

    • Grover says:

      Agree. The side of the bike looks like no thought whatsoever was put into aesthetics. It just looks confusing. They should hire an Italian designer to clean the thing up.

  7. SausageCreature says:

    Didn’t they just revamp the entire Tiger line (at least the 800’s) two or three years ago? Certainly Euro 4 was already on the radar by then, no? I didn’t think they were getting crusty just yet.

  8. VStrom Pilot says:

    Had one of the original Tiger 800 models (1997) and wish I still had it! What a road ripper it was and worked surprisingly well off road. Ohhhhh, that sound WFO!!!

  9. jimjim says:

    Can’t wait to see what Triumph has done, love my 2012 Tiger 800 but cruise control, radially mounted brakes, TFT display and a little more HP would be hard to resist.

  10. redbirds says:

    I wish Triumph would import the Tiger Sport, the improved version of the Tiger 1050. I had a Tiger 1050, an ’07. Great “ADV” bike with a fantastic motor, good brakes and lighter (505lbs wet) weight and with Michelin Pilots and no real pretense at being an off road bike. One of the best bikes I ever owned.

  11. INTERPRIZE says:

    What is it with the peak on the front? Was there ever a purpose for this silly protrusion?

  12. allworld says:

    Triumph has about 6 versions of the Tiger 800 and 4 of the 1215. Upgrades are always good, and keep the line up fresh. I wouldn’t say they are ignoring this segment.
    I would like to see them pay some attention to the Naked/street fighter segment.
    It would be nice to see both Speed Triple and Street Triple platforms in a touring more sport touring version. A modern redo of the Sprint ST would be great.
    Think KTM 1290 GT, MV Turismo Veloce, or even Suzuki GSX S100F, Kawasaki Ninja 1000…

  13. Max says:

    From the vid, it looks like radial mounted Bimbo brakes, cornering lights, cruise control, heated grips, & TFT display. Definitely bits that cater more to street riders than off roaders.

  14. ApriliaRST says:

    One word: Weights.

  15. Tyler says:

    I do really love the 800 version of this bike, but again I would REALLY love a 350-400cc variant akin to a modern Cub. And a competitor from KTM based on the 390 engine. Kawasaki and Suzuki are bringing sub 500cc ADV bikes stateside, I would like to see some robust competition there.

    • bmbktmracer says:

      Wouldn’t you rather see KTM spin the 690 Enduro in an ADV format, or Honda create a modern 650 Africa Single? Not sure I see the advantage of having a LOT less power in order to save 25 pounds.

      • Max says:

        I haven’t ridden a thumper for a long time. Last one I had was in ’83. It buzzed me to death on the road.
        KTM 690 looks great, but most of my riding is on road and buzziness annoys me.
        Triples are very smmoodd.

        • Tyler says:

          Current gen 690 is way smoother than previous versions, better counterbalancing don’t ya know.

          Yes I would love to see an ADV adapted off the 690, but I am a big fan of small bore bikes so I gotta stick with my core values.

  16. Neil says:

    The Tiger 1200 was top heavy when I sat on it. The 800 was ok but it did not feel like I’d want to spend a whole day riding it. I like the Africa Twin myself. DCT. Will be interesting to see what Triumph comes up with.

    • joe b says:

      Neil, have you a DCT? what is it like… I have a VFR DCT it took me a while to begin to like it, explore all of what it can/can’t do, I have grown know how to use it. Most don’t want it without ever using it.