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Introducing the new 2018 Brutale 800 Dragster RC

Emotion at first sight. The gaze can’t help but linger on the silhouette of the Dragster 800 RC. A synthesis of style and performance, like every MV Agusta. Yet also an extraordinary example of originality and irreverence. The Dragster 800 RC is brazen yet smoothly executed, uncompromising yet perfect in every detail. Which is why it’s even more electrifying than its predecessor.

The RC livery, enhanced with race-style graphics, was designed by the MV Agusta Reparto Corse (Racing Department) and inspired by the F4 RC, which competed in the 2017 Superbike World Championship. Make no mistake: just one glance at the Dragster 800 RC and you’ll imagine you’re exiting pit lane and hurtling towards the first corner, leaving behind only the roar of the in-line three-cylinder engine.

The Dragster 800 RC offers an exclusive mix of chassis, mechanics and style, with spectacular new F4 RC forged red rims with Pirelli’s finest rubber. But don’t be fooled by the extreme design and the choice of a 200 mm rear tyre: while that drag racing sensation is never far off, the Dragster’s ultra-sophisticated chassis set-up ensures the dynamic effectiveness and pure riding pleasure of a pure sports bike.

From a technical viewpoint, the new MV Agusta Dragster 800 RC has inherited many of the new features from the Dragster 800 RR and, like the entire three-cylinder platform, is Euro 4 compliant. The engine – fully designed and developed by MV Agusta – provides cutting- edge compactness, low weight, elastic power delivery and superb performance, making it the benchmark in its class.

To make this new MV Agusta Dragster RC even more desirable, only 250 will be built worldwide and a wooden box will be provided with each motorcycle containing a beautiful titanium SC Project silencer, bike cover and certificate of authenticity. Once the SC Project silencer is fitted, it pushes the already powerful 140 hp triple to a new level of 150 hp with a uniquely powerful sound.

Main Innovations

  • Exhaust manifolds with a new 83×90 mm diameter catalytic converter, cell density 400 CPSI
  • Larger-volume silencers which reduce noise as per standards but amplify the distinctive sound of the MV Agusta three-cylinder engine
  • An exhaust valve located in the exhaust manifold makes its debut on this model
  • The cylinder heads are fitted with valve guides in a new sintered material, impregnated with lubricant to reduce wear, HB +25%
  • Introduction of a Harmonic Damper to reduce vibration and noise
  • Starter motor mechanics have been redesigned to improve durability • The starter freewheel has been reinforced
  • The balance shaft has been completely redesigned with a 2.25 gear module with 30% more engagement to reduce noise, modified profiles with optimised contact to reduce friction; the bushing set clearance has been modified to reduce wear and noise
  • Introduction of new oil and water pump control gearing, z39/45 2.25 gear module with 30% more engagement to reduce noise, modified profiles with optimised contact to reduce friction
  • Primary gearing has been redesigned (z22/41) 2.25 gear module with 30% more engagement to reduce noise, modified profiles with optimised contact to reduce friction
  • As with the F3 range, a completely new gear shifter is completely new, with redesigned gear dogs making changes more fluid. Average space between gear dogs has been increased by 45%, lower lever effort and a reduced shifter recess angle
  • As on the F3 range, new engine covers have been fitted: these increase engine protection in the event of impact, reduce noise emissions (in line with the certification standard) and amplify the frequencies that combine to create the distinctive MV Agusta 3-cylinder sound.


All electronic developments are shared across the entire three-cylinder platform. More specifically, they include new engine mappings (specially developed for the Dragster 800 RC) and 8-level traction control which has been further optimised to improve performance. EAS 2.0 electronic shifter logic has been modified to make shifting faster and more practical for sporty riding yet also smoother and more progressive.

Production of the Brutale Dragster RC will be limited to 250 worldwide, with the first shipment arriving late November 2017. MSRP $24,498 with 3 years warranty and two years roadside assist.

For all inquiries and to pre-order the Brutale Dragster RC, please contact MV Agusta by visiting

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