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Is BMW’s K 1600 Grand America a Response to Honda’s New Gold Wing?

Honda’s all-new Gold Wing has rightfully taken center stage in the luxury touring category, but BMW has a response in the form of the K 1600 Grand America introduced earlier this week at EICMA. The 160 horsepower six-cylinder machine adds to the already luxurious K 1600 models in BMW’s lineup with several new features.

Exclusive styling and ergonomic changes are intended to enhance the ability of the K 1600 Grand America to deliver “long distance rides both comfortable and fascinating in American highway cruising style, whether solo or with a passenger.”

Have a look at the photos and the full press release from BMW concerning the new K 1600 Grand America:

BMW Motorrad expands its range in the full dresser touring segment with the addition of a model designed specifically for comfortable travel. The BMW K 1600 Grand America sees its premiere at the world’s biggest motorcycle trade show, the EICMA in Milan (7 – 12 November 2017).

BMW Motorrad expands its range in the full dresser touring segment with the addition of a model designed specifically for comfortable travel. The BMW K 1600 Grand America sees its premiere at the world’s biggest motorcycle trade show, the EICMA in Milan (7 – 12 November 2017). Derived from the BMW K 1600 B, the new model combines the supreme performance of its 6-cylinder engine with exclusive equipment features that make long-distance rides both comfortable and fascinating in American highway cruising style, whether solo or with a passenger.

The American way of travelling.

The design of the BMW K 1600 Grand America embraces the passion for relaxed, luxurious travel on two wheels that is especially widespread in the USA. For this purpose, the styling developed for the bagger concept of the BMW K 1600 B has been modified and a number of distinctive features have been added. In addition to the dynamically elongated side line that slopes evenly down to the rear, another clearly recognisable feature is the drop-shaped silhouette created from the visual link between the high-rising windshield and the low positioned side cases.

Chrome-plated rear silencers arranged parallel to the road are harmoniously integrated in the elegant, flowing design. The authentic look of the BMW K 1600 Grand America is rounded off with a topcase complete with integrated passenger backrest. In addition to expanded transport capacity, the BMW Grand America offers significantly enhanced travel suitability due to the additional seating comfort for rider and passenger. The topcase is also an instantly recognisable indication of a vehicle concept developed specifically for extended touring.

American style: additional brake light integrated in the topcase.

The design of the BMW K 1600 Grand America is inspired by US custom bikes, and this is also reflected in other details at the rear. An additional brake light integrated in the topcase gives the rear view a distinctive presence. It also visually harmonised with the lights integrated in the side cases, which act as brake lights and turn indicators. All lighting is produced by means of LED units.

Maximum exclusivity: Style Package with paint finish in Austin Yellow metallic and Blackstorm metallic.

As standard, the new BMW K 1600 Grand America is finished in the powerful, elegant colour Blackstorm metallic. In addition to the BMW logo, the vehicle trim also bears a model designation with reference to the engine type. In addition, a high-quality badge is positioned centrally on the fuel tank with the inscription “K 1600 Grand America”.

The Style Package specially created for the BMW Grand America ensures even further enhanced exclusivity. It consists of a two-colour paint finish combining Blackstorm metallic with the highly expressive Austin Yellow metallic, as well as chrome applications on the front wheel trim.

6-cylinder engine with distinctive performance characteristics.

Supreme drive power makes travelling long distances on the new BMW K 1600 Grand America a relaxing pleasure. The latest version of the distinctive BMW Motorrad 6-cylinder engine delivers its performance effortlessly in every situation on the road. The most compact 6-cylinder engine of its kind has an output of 118 kW/160 hp at 7 750 rpm, generating a maximum torque of 175 Nm at 5 250 rpm. In the new BMW Grand America it offers not just the familiar, apparently inexhaustible power reserves but also distinctive performance characteristics. Based on the principle of “The American Way of Riding”, the top speed is limited to 162 km/h or 101 mph. This takes into account the fact that customization with additional fittings in the rear section – as is popular in this vehicle segment – can impact significantly on wheel load distribution, so in terms of riding dynamics, stability and safety are guaranteed in all situations.

Electronic suspension Dynamic ESA and reverse assist as standard.

In addition to the engine, the standard electronically controlled suspension Dynamic ESA also contributes to the supreme riding qualities of the new BMW Grand America characterised by dynamic performance, comfort and stability. In the standard setting “Road” it provides fully automated damper adaptation, ensuring the very highest level of comfort and excellent traction on virtually all surfaces. What is more, “Cruise” mode can be activated for a very soft damper set-up and pronounced comfort.

Reverse assist, also a standard feature, facilitates manoeuvring of the new BMW Grand America. It is activated by pressing a button on the left-hand handlebar panel. The rider then uses the start button to set the bike in motion.

Relaxed “feet forward” position for long-distance travel.

The relaxed seating position available to rider and passenger is a feature that contributes to the incomparably comfortable ride feel offered by the BMW K 1600 Grand America – even over extremely long distances. The model is fitted as standard with footboards, allowing the rider to adopt a convenient “feet forward” posture. The passenger can also enjoy a comfortable seating position thanks to the low rear frame and a seat height that is reduced by 70 millimetres. Footboards are also available for the passenger as an optional extra.

Perfect weather protection due to high windshield.

The standard equipment of the new BMW Grand America also includes high-quality engine protection bars, heated grips, seat heating, cruise control and a model-specific windshield that is especially high. In conjunction with side trim that reaches a long way to the rear, it ensures perfect protection from wind and other adverse weather conditions. The integrated air ducting elements also supply the rider with fresh air as required. An audio system complete with navigation preparation is another feature on board the new BMW K 1600 Grand America as standard.

Meanwhile the selection of optional equipment items available ex works includes Shift Assistant Pro, the eCall system Intelligent Emergency Call available in European markets with ConnectedDrive capability, the Comfort Package, the Safety Package, various seat heights and forged handlebars. The program of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories enables further customisation. 

An overview of highlights of the new BMW K 1600 Grand America:

  • Ultimate luxury touring motorcycle in American style.
  • Authentic, harmonious design with dynamically elongated side line that slopes to the rear.
  • Topcase with integrated passenger backrest and additional transport capacity for particularly long trips.
  • Side cases and topcase with integrated lighting units.
  • Optional Style Package with two-colour finish in Blackstorm metallic / Austin Yellow metallic.
  • 6-cylinder in-line engine that meets EU4 requirements with an output of 118 kW/160 hp at 7 750 rpm and a maximum torque of 175 Nm at 5 250 rpm.
  • Top speed limited to 162 km/h or 101 mph.
  • Electronic suspension Dynamic ESA with damping modes “ Road ” and “ Cruise ” as standard.
  • Reverse assist for effortless manoeuvring as standard.
  • Effective weather protection due to particularly high windshield.
  • Low rear frame, passenger seat reduced by 70 millimetres and ergonomically adapted footrest position.
  • Footboards for relaxed “feet forward” rider seating position as standard.
  • Footboards available for passenger as Original BMW Motorrad Accessory.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for shifting up and down without clutch activation as an ex works option.
  • Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works option for rapid assistance in an accident or emergency (only available in European markets with ConnectedDrive capability).
  • Standard equipment also includes engine protection bars, ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control DTC, xenon headlight, heated grips, seat heating, Multi-Controller, three riding modes (Rain, Road, Dynamic), cruise control, audio system with navigation preparation.
  • Diverse range of optional equipment items (adaptive turning light, daytime riding light, Keyless Ride, Hill Start Control, central locking etc.).
  • Wide range of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories (forged wheels, chrome-plated mirror caps, navigation system etc.)

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Norm G. says:

    re: “Austin Yellow metallic”

    i do like the Gold on the “bagger vance”, rather fetching…

  2. Alan says:

    I just bought the K 1600B one month ago after riding Harley’s of all types for 25 years. Can tell you this bike is far superior in every way. To build a Harley to my taste would have cost 40k and still not had the power or handling. By the way the B is not limited at 101 mph had it past 125 and it never stopped pulling. Put a dry sac on the seat strapped it down and went on the road with all the gear I needed for a week. Owned an ultra classic with the top case pulled it off and maybe used it once a year. Would never sacrifice the performance this bike gives for a top case.

  3. Doc says:

    Excess is the fad right now. Hopefully that will reverse itself. I’ve owned and ridden all kinds of bikes, some light and some heavy. For in and around town light is good. But out on the open road a heavier bike for me is better. The Road King Classic I owned was great out on a rural two lane highway(hate interstates). The bars, seat, and floorboards were perfect. Very comfortable. Handled very well and very good brakes. In town it was ok but I prefer my CB1100. But the Road King is as heavy as I ever want to get. When you have to put reverse on a bike or and electric center stand on it, then its too much. We’re weighing ourselves down with too much weight and too much tech, which is mostly fluff anyway. My cell phone is a perfect example. If I leave it at home by accident and sometimes on purpose, the lack of tech is real freedom.

  4. Bubba Blue says:

    BMW has to limit top speed to 101 mph because most BMWs, this one in particular, are not stable above that speed. The motorcycle will wobble and you wont be able to control it. As the bike begins to come apart, the tires will burst or the wheels will possibly come off. The brakes will not stop it. If you hit a bump, the suspension won’t absorb the bump, the motorcycle will resonate and throw you and they’ll likely be pealing you off a Stucky’s somewhere.

    • Francois says:

      Nonsense. BMWs are probably one of the best handling and stable bikes you will find out of the box, in all there models. Yes, there was a problem with the 2013 R1200GS LC, but that was sorted by 2014. These 1600’s are one of the best high speed touring bikes you can find – and saying this, I am not even a fan of it – too big, like the Gold Wing – belongs in the BMW car section on the showroom, like Honda in some of their showrooms lately.

  5. mechanicus says:

    Shrink it uniformly 75% and i would be interested. I need lithe, not bloated.

  6. ABQ says:

    Is this really what they think of America? I feel a little insulted. But before I go to my safe place I think that I will say something. The F800GT can easily do better than this land yacht. Higher speed, better economy, more manueverable,and more fun.The same can be said for the R1200RT.
    BMW should just take that 6 cylinder engine and put it in a factory made trike.

  7. Norm G. says:

    does this new generation still employ the electric center stand…? don’t think i ever saw that mentioned when this first came out. pretty neat gadget.

  8. James says:

    Please pay attention if you actually plan on spending $25,000 on a bike. I recently started riding again after a 20 year hiatus. In the last 2.5 years I have had a 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650LT, 2015 Versys 1000LT, 2016 Multistrada 1200S touring and now the 2018 BMW K 1600 GTL. They say not to buy your last bike first. I don’t have a lot of spare time and I’ve used all these bikes primarily for commuting 30 minutes to work on highly technical and twisty roads. I have loaded all three cases on these bikes to capacity for my daily commute. I’m 5’6″ and 140 pounds.

    I can tell you this BMW handles these twisties with the ease of Versys 650 and the Multistrada. All while getting 40 mpg. The Versys 1000 was very labored by comparison. I put about 4000 miles on those other bikes before making the BMW decision. I have yet to find the perfect bike, but this 1600 certainly comes very close. The Multistrada probably had a slightly smoother gearbox, but the BMW is super positive and the Gear Shift Assist Pro works superbly well when I choose. The brakes on the Multistrada were slightly more positive, but the BMW’s work great and the ABS Pro keeps all in check in every circumstance.

    I was not disappointed with my other motorcycles but this BMW has exceeded every other expectation! I made the mistake of riding a 1600 and I was hooked! If you choose to ride with a passenger from time to time you will find the handling on this bike to be unbelievable. It really is set up to handle one or two people with ease. The whole package provides tons of sport and luxury. The BMW multi-controller works incredibly well and intuitively. I would probably also look at this new America version and also the new Gold Wing Tour if I was buying now. I doubt my decision would be any different because this GTL dynamically would probavbly handle better these other bikes.

    As far as reliability goes, I think the playing field has been leveled sometime ago. This BMW platform is now in its sixth year of production and the Gold wing is just coming out of the gate again. Both of these bikes carry a three-year warranty and that’s where it stops. If you’re looking for any further guarantee, purchase an additional extended service agreement through the manufacture.

  9. Jon says:

    ‘ powerful, elegant colour Blackstorm metallic’

    Wow, I guess some colours really are faster.

  10. ben says:

    Top speed limited 101? why? My new KTM 1290 ADV R is limited to 125, an annoying feature that was not disclosed by the manufacturer prior to purchase. Is this the new thing now? all new bikes get the electronic nanny? pathetic

    • mickey says:

      it’s not new, they have all been nannied for years (except MV Augusta who refused to sign the agreememnt), but the nanny is setting the bar lower and lower all the time.

    • Don says:

      You’ve got to love Marketing speak. “distinctive performance characteristic” – what they are calling a cut in top speed these days. They make it sound like a design feature.

  11. Randy says:

    As an “American” buyer, I have an “American” attitude. Which means don’t infringe upon my liberty or choices. Even though I rarely exceed even 80mph, I choose to protest the governed speed limit by not buying one. I know I’m a dying breed, but dag-nab-it, a man’s got to stick to his principles.

    • Dino says:

      everyone knows the “right” thing to do, and how they should be smart.
      But once in a while, the conditions are right, and you just wanna do what you wanna do.
      In the middle of Montana, on a deserted road in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, I settled in for a quick romp up to a certain speed (a bit north of 101). I would have been very put off if the big rig I was riding had decided for me to politely quit at a speed determined by some suits in some meeting. That bike would have a For Sale sign on it soon after that.

  12. Buzz W says:

    How is this a response?

    The K1600b has been in the works for several years now.

    The new Wing was announced a few weeks ago?

  13. todd says:

    I’m holding out for the 3200 v-12. This isn’t big enough for touring.

  14. Ellis says:

    3-way test! Venture vs Gold Wing vs BMW! Let the best bike win! Let the rest be crushed by steamrollers!

  15. Gham says:

    From all accounts the K1600 has a glorious motor,it’s just all the other BMW crap that’s connected to it that ruins the experience.No way would I choose this over a new Wing (which I think is the best looking one in years).Now that I know the BMW is limited to 101 mph I might need to see if my Ultra will get there itself before I try and pass one.

    • Don says:

      That “glorious motor” isn’t quite so glorious when the service manager hands you the bill for a valve adjustment. When that was about to happen to me concerning a 2015 Multistrada I woke up, realized I was living above my means, and sold that sucker pronto. No complaints up till then!

  16. Butch says:

    Don’t care much for the Harvest Gold.
    Maybe the Avocado Green would be a better choice.

  17. Yamalude says:

    My brother had a new BMW Cruiser that fried it’s valves 40,000 miles. After it was rebuilt by the local BMW shop, he traded for a KT1100(?), new as well, and it did the same thing at 16,000. He bought a Goldwing and was never happier.

    • Dirty Bob says:

      This BMW 1600, 6 cylinder has too much hanging off of it. Top speed is 101mph; what a joke. Yes, give me a Gold Wing: stripped, chopped, and extended rear for my tourer. Yes the Gold Wing will tour all day at 115mph with these changes like a rocking horse.

    • Francois says:

      Somebody I knew (have not seen him for years now) had 2 1100 Gold Wings. Which he alternated for commuting and touring through the years. I heard his one cam belt snapped at around 400000km. It was never replaced from new – and I understand they need to be replaced every 100000km or so. That is impressive reliability.

  18. Jorge says:

    That’s the homeliest looking bike I’ve ever seen….even a Hayabusa looks good next to it 🙂

  19. richard says:

    big and not necessary..rode the previous generation…hard to handle at low speeds..hope this one is better..looks a lot like a Wing clone.

  20. steve says:

    For the bucks, I’ll take a Rocket III touring every time.

  21. gene says:

    they are called “Bavarian Manure Wagons” for a reason..
    I can imagine the cost of doing a valve adjustment on one of these over grown pieces of crap..


  22. Doug says:

    Another massive plastic dreadnought to wage war against Honda. The planet groans. Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead! It’ll probably end up floating in the oceans along with the Bloated-Wing.

  23. Emoto says:

    I don’t believe that the K16 series has had problematic shafts or final drives.

    • Norm G. says:

      i disassembled and analyzed some failed units of the K12 variety and let them know where they were screwing the pooch regarding the inner bearing (still got the pics around here somewheres). conspicuously “bey ooom vey” boffins have since wised up and put vents back on the final drives starting in like 2010/2011. if you look at the older kit from the R1150/R1100/K1200 era they were all vented/rebuildable.

      i’ve not looked at the K16 unit, but even without doing so, even money says they are vented too. starting around M.Y. ’05 it seems the plan was to reduce maintenance costs to the consumer by making the units semi-sealed running synthetic fluid that would theoretically last the life of the vehicle. it looked good on paper, it always does, but in the REAL WORLD things tend to get a bit more complex.

      • Francois says:

        They tried that life long synthetic oil thing. So much that 2007 R1200GS did not even have a drain plug on the shaft. But it did not work. They went back to old fashioned replace oil shafts in 2008 (which I own and still do). The 2007 owners have to loosen the final drive and fold it down to drain it.

  24. Paulo_les_gaz says:

    So, basically, we are back with a K1200LT!?!?!

  25. Tom R says:

    You can thank European Liberals for the 101 mph top speed. The German Safety Czars recently declared that motorcycles manufactured/sold with a top case must be limited to this speed.

    • Fastship says:

      That’s the EU for you – and why I am so happy to be leaving its rancid grip!

    • Dave says:

      An interesting choice for a country that is the home of the famous Autobahn highway system.

      I wonder why we don’t have zero speed limit highways here in Freedom land?

      • jim says:

        its also the country with a single set of rules of the road and stringent and expensive licensing process. With moto’s you have to re-
        qualify for jumps in displacement – scooter, 250 and 600+ I believe are the jumps.

    • mickey says:

      Can’t they sell them without the top box and have the top box as an add on option? Would that get around that?

      wow that’s even more limited than the CB1100 which people throw a hissy fit about because it’s limited to 112 mph. lol

      • Tom R says:

        Presumably. The BMW website states the top speed of the recently available K1600B (no top box) as “over 125 mph”.

      • jimjim says:

        BMW also lists top speed of the 2018 K 1600 GTL that comes with top box of over 125 mph so not sure what’s up with this bike being limited to 101 mph.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “The German Safety Czars recently declared that motorcycles manufactured/sold with a top case must be limited to this speed.”

      re: “Based on the principle of “The American Way of Riding”, the top speed is limited to 162 km/h or 101 mph. This takes into account the fact that customization with additional fittings in the rear section – as is popular in this vehicle segment – can impact significantly on wheel load distribution, so in terms of riding dynamics, stability and safety are guaranteed in all situations.”

      translation: since loading the rear lightens the front, once you add wind pressure into the equation they don’t want anyone (overly litigious Yanks in particular) pulling a Paul Orritt…

  26. GarryE says:

    Have had my BMW K-GT for 4 years 52000 miles of problem free riding…..Have had 3 BMW and wouldn’t ya know never a drive shaft fail or anything else on the 3 ….Once a year service is expensive for sure…..I have had nearly 290,000 on two different Gold Wings,2003 ridden for 170k miles before a left turner took it out…Front end issues,fork seals only problems…Then 2008 air Bag model that I rode for 118k miles ,same front end issues with fork seals…,sold it to buy the BMW 16GT….It will be a tough call which of the two I would buy , Honda’s Gold Wing has always been at the top for the touring segment but I also think that BMW is right there….dollars are about the same….service will probably be the issue for many…. For sure it would be fun riding both and trying to figure which one is good for ya……

    • paul246 says:

      That is a lot of riding. Thanks for your input.

    • Francois says:

      Agree. My 2008 R1200GS had no shaft problems and I still ride it. Service it yourself – still got spark plugs, oil, oil filter and air filter – once it is out of warranty. Take it to somebody that does aftermarket servicing (the are plenty of them around that used to work for BMW) to do the tappets/shims, throttle body balancing and sensor check every once in a while. Or all the other complicated technical stuff. You will save a lot of money.

  27. allworld says:

    This may or may not be BMW’s response, but certainly they are aimed at the same buyer.
    Add the Yamaha and offerings from both Indian and HD, there are some real choices for buyers.

  28. Wendy says:

    Limiting the top speed to 101 is a self defeating move. When a Gold Wing rider blows past you, the BMW rider will be crying at the sight of a stuffed animal disappearing in the distance.

  29. fastship says:

    I’m actively looking for a tour bike for ’18, my first. I was and forever will be inspired by Honda’s CBX six from my youth for which I was too young and broke to ever have. So it was a thrill of my life to test the BMW six last summer. I drove it out of the dealer and returned immediately with a broken gear box. The salesman rode it, said there’s nothing wrong with it – that massive “clunk”? nah – they all do that mister!

    I could not live with that for the test ride let alone own one. They desperately need a DCT like the Lead Wing has. BMW can’t make gearboxes. Whatever other attributes this bike has I couldn’t see past that dreadful gearbox.

    For the last three years now I’ve been looking at EICMA in the hope Moto Guzzi will show a proper touring bike but I’ve now given up on that too.

    Sooo…the fabulous Lead Wing is a lifestyle bike to which I don’t have the time to do justice, I’m off to the local Ducati dealers at the weekend and I’m gonna buy a Multistrada seen on this very site this week. It’ seems to be the best touring bike for Europe there is in contrast to American inspired touring bikes like this one :¬)

  30. PN says:

    Too big. The GWing looks a lot better.

  31. RonH says:

    I predict a fail.

  32. Sean says:

    Looks like a giant banana

  33. VLJ says:

    I’m an American, I travel by motorcycle, and I loathe the feet-forward, cruiser-style riding position.

    This is just insulting to Americans. The problem is, it’s basically accurate.

    No two ways around it. We suck.

    • jimjim says:

      I’m not a cruiser guy either but the highway boards on this bike are in addition to the standard pegs.

    • austin zzr 1200 says:

      Exactly, the marketing wizards who wrote this copy sound like they are coming out of the Kremlin…completely tone-deaf. If folks want a more reliable Harley, they will by an Indian or the the Yamaha Venture, not this banana-slicer

  34. Grover says:

    I must be crazy. I used to tour comfortably on my Honda CX500. Didn’t know I had to spend 30k on a 900# bike to do it!

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      You don’t have to spend $30K to do it, but you can if you want. And that is the whole point, no?

  35. dman says:

    With its speed limited to 101 mph, not to mention all of its other attributes, this is the polar opposite of the new supercharged Kawasaki. Neither is really for me, but I know which one I like better. And it ain’t the one with “silencers arranged parallel to the ground”.

  36. Buzzard says:

    Goldwing is a great bike I’ve owned over 35 motorcycles it is best all around. People say it’s a old mans bike until I get them in the canyon. F6B. I saw one with 500,000 miles on it.

  37. Frank says:

    Another nice choice for the luxury touring buyer.

  38. John Bryan says:

    Not that I’d go that fast – for long, anyway – but is the new Wing speed-limited at 101 MPH too? Seems to be an odd “feature” to highlight in a press release much less include at all…

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “seems to be an odd “feature” to highlight in a press release much less include at all.”

      i haven’t ridden the K16’s but i remember on the older K12’s (roughly the same shape/aerodynamics) over like 70-80 mph i would get this weird vacuum behind the screen that actually would make the bike go even faster than the throttle input i was giving it. not sure if it actually was speeding up, but it was definitely something that’s noticeable/disconcerting. mind you this was a looong time ago so i can’t remember if i traced it to having the screen at max height, and when lowered it would go away or whatever, but this may be the issue, but then i don’t suppose this “aero phenomena” would be any different on a Winger.

  39. viktor92 says:

    I prefer to travel in a car instead of this mammoth on two wheels (same for the Goldwing)

  40. Stuki Moi says:

    While 17/17 f/r wheels make sense from a tire availability pov; it doesn’t suit a huge-fairing, low seat height class of bike nearly as well as the 18/16 combo on the ‘Wing. I bet even this “Americanized” version will still outhandle the ‘Wing if going fast through twisties is the goal; and the I6 sounds phenomenal. But chances are the ‘Wing will out-tour it. And definitely outsell it.

  41. Doc says:

    For some reason this reminds me of a ocean bound mammal.

  42. roger says:

    top speed limited to 101 mph..?that’s a problem when you need to pass a long line of vehicles.
    Do BMW limit the top speed of the RT ? I’m certain it can exceed 101 MPH.
    I suspect the gold wing riders will amuse themselves blowing by K1600 grand america riders…

    • Curly says:

      Wait, you would cross the centerline to pass a long line of vehicles and exceed 100mph to do it. That sounds a bit insane.

      • TimC says:

        You haven’t ridden around the US West much?

        • beasty says:

          I don’t know about States out west, but many States consider over 20mph over posted limit to be reckless driving. The fine is large and the forfeiture of your vehicle ads salt to the wound. Get in an accident while doing that where someone is killed and you’re looking at big boy jail. Just sayin’.

          • mickey says:

            Ohio where I live is in that group. 9 over and you are getting a ticket, 20 over and you are getting a reckless op ticket, possible arrest and confiscation. Ya takes your chances.

            I was recently riding with some locals in Colorado though, and saw speeds and passes across double yellows going into and out of curves that would get you locked up here. Definitely made me apprehensive. Same feeling I had watching guys in Cali lane split at 55-60 mph.

      • Dirty Bob says:

        Insane is riding behind a group of hog riders for an hour. Passing is allowed in the West and 100+ passing is normal. You’re doing well where you are now, keep it safe and rubber side down etc….

    • Tim says:

      More emasculating than having a Goldwing blow by you would be having a Harley blow by you. Can you imagine the embarrassment?

  43. 5229 says:

    The answer to your question in my opinion is ..yes. Only one problem..the Gold Wing looks way better.

  44. WSHart says:

    Given BMW’s long history of final drive failures and usurious service costs, any sane person with more common sense than dollars to waste will pass on this two-wheeled trollop. Of course the elite among the uni-track motoring crowd with flock to the defense of the BMW and accuse the intelligent among us of being hoi polloi, plebian, not “fair” and anything else their fetid little ego can come up with. Like “moto-bullies”, LOL!

    Is the BMW pretty? Yes. Is it worth the money? Only if you feel that way. Is it worth the anxiety of not knowing where or when the drive shaft will fail? Only if you feel that way. Is it worth the cost of entry into the cool kids club that is automatic with any roundel oriented purchase. Only if you feel that way. Is it worth the stupid expensive maintenance costs? Again, only if you feel that way.

    Notice that I did not say “think so”. Because if you actually think about this BMW, you won’t buy it.

    • DeltaZulu says:

      ” Of course the elite among the uni-track motoring crowd with flock to the defense of the BMW and accuse the intelligent among us of being hoi polloi, plebian, not “fair” and anything else their fetid little ego can come up with. Like “moto-bullies”, LOL!”
      LOL, indeed. Great post, and, absolutely, 100% accurate. Everyone wants to be special…..

    • Neal says:

      Lol, that’s pretty funny.

      Let me guess… you ride a Vstrom 650? Or maybe a long paid off Ninja 250?

    • Tim says:

      I have a K 1600GTL which I purchased 4 years ago. I’ve yet to have a mechanical or electrical issue with it. I wanted a GS, but there was a 6 month wait. I tested the GTL because my wife wanted me to (no doubt because of the back rest on the top box). After a few days of thinking about how smooth and awesome sounding that motor was I decided to buy it. Would I have bought it if it was speed limited to 101 mph? No way. What’s the point of having that motor if it’s neutered? I’ve probably only hit triple digits a couple of times, both on wide open desert roads, so it’s not like I’d be doing that regularly. Still, there’s just something pathetic about owning a 160HP bike that won’t out run a Harley.

      As to your reliability comment, I don’t believe that’s fair. There is a reason why you see BMW’s routinely racking up hundreds of thousands of miles. I do agree with your comment about the “stupid expensive” routine maintenance costs, those are ridiculous. To top it off, they build them in such a way that makes self maintenance very difficult.

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