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Marc Marquez Has Crashed 26 Times This Year; How Does He Avoid a Season-Ending Injury?

Honda’s Marc Marquez in front of title rival Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) earlier this year.

Something is different when a MotoGP Rider crashes these days. Season-ending injuries seem to occur far less often, even though the bikes are as fast, or faster, than they ever have been in the past.

The final race of the MotoGP season is this weekend at Valencia, and Marc Marquez appears poised to take his fourth title in the Premier class aboard his Factory Honda. Even if rival Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) wins the race, Marquez will take the title with an 11th place finish on Sunday. Marquez doesn’t finish in 11th, or worse, unless he crashes.

We haven’t been keeping count here at MD, but according to a report on, when Marquez crashed during practice earlier today, it was his 26th of the year. Frankly, this sounds about right, as Marquez crashes multiple times during a single weekend quite frequently.

Most of these crashes are low-sides, as opposed to the far more dangerous high-side crashes. I think it is safe to conclude that modern traction control, and other electronic aids, on MotoGP bikes tend to prevent high-side crashes (although they still occur).

The other factor in Marquez’s favor is his age. He is still only 24 years old, and younger riders tend to have more flexibility, which helps prevent injury from a fall.

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  1. harryiscool says:

    He is pushing as hard as is humanly possible.

  2. MacSpoone says:

    He’s talented, no doubt. He’s also lucky.
    One day, that luck won’t be with him, though, and it’s going to be a rough recovery for him afterward..

  3. Pacer says:

    Crashing is learning. Marquez pushes the limit during practice, and knows where the line is during the race. He has a better understanding of the tires capability simply because he has tested it.

  4. viktor92 says:

    The guy appears to have rubber bones, and has an incredible luck

  5. Norm G. says:

    Q: Marc Marquez Has Crashed 26 Times This Year; How Does He Avoid a Season-Ending Injury?

    A: Adamantium.

  6. dt 175 says:

    no suzuka/salzburgring/spa/laguna seca, misano’s crescendo of left-handers has been neutralized, Silverstone and assen have been emasculated and the electronics on yer average high end street bike were not available to wayne rainey or mick doohan. Spaniards like sito pons and juan garriga couldn’t do shit on a carbed 500 so dorna spent BIG money, and along w/ the manufacturers,changed the tracks/rules/bikes to where high-speed, rear-wheel power-slide, race-winning throttle control is in a box under the seat/in the pits, available to all, not just a coupla yanks/aussies w/ preternatural right wrists…

  7. Tommy D says:

    Saw the headline and thought, “Someone is trying to jinx MM.”

  8. Curly says:

    27 now but on Pole for tomorrow . The guy is charmed.

    • mickey says:

      Amazing. Only rider in the 1:29s. In his interview he said he turned left left left and then right and couldn’t feel the tire, causing the crash, so tomorrow he knows to take it easy in that first right hander. Smart racer.

      Dovi in what 3rd row? Tough hill to climb. Like the Himalayas.

    • Norm G. says:

      re: “27 now”

      see entry for DMF (Dodgy Michelin Fronts)…

      it appears they can strike any rider at any moment, including the “Murg”.

  9. Norm G. says:

    re: “Wonder if he is going to go for pole, or just be happy with a second row start.”

    strategy will be to try for pole therein to be clear of traffic into T1. can’t risk a “Jay torpedo” (or anybody elses torpedo).

  10. GT says:

    As mentioned MM’s crashes are mostly lowsides but in practice as he looks for the limits. He came from racing minibikes where he learned the technique of popping the crashing bike back upright with his knee. As such he uses crashing as a tool for the most part selectively choosing what corners to push and attempt recovery in this fashion with the hopes of gaining fractions of a second. Occurring mostly in practice / qualifying sessions he has usually left some space between himself and others unlike in the race where entanglement with another rider leaves very little control over “how” you crash. IE he had little control over Rossi’s low speed bump 2 seasons back. Finally early Schwantz like flexibility sees him walk away mostly unscathed.

  11. Dino says:

    Special leathers, lined with Flubber?
    Maybe he had learned early in his career, how to crash right (stay loose, but stay in control?)

    • Curly says:

      All of the GP rides are using airbag leathers these days that can sense when the rider and bike separate and a high side orientation. I don’t see them inflate on most low sides though if there are no cartwheels.

  12. 5229 says:

    Question is, how much does all this cost HRC? All those crashes ring up quite a bill. Sooner or later the Honda high command are gonna say. Quit wrecking the bikes dude! LOL.
    As stated before, Marquez is entertainment and one heck of a motorcycle rider. Enjoy the moment fellas.A Rider like this is special to watch.

  13. mickey says:

    I read about that today and can only surmise that because there seems to be fewer high sides these days, there are fewer collarbones breaking, but more pinky fingers getting broken.

    But to crash as much as Marquez does and does not get hurt or break anything defies logic. The guy is unbelieveably skilled, and unbelievably lucky.

    Will watch qualifying in the morning. Wonder if he is going to go for pole, or just be happy with a second row start.

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