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Rins Kick Starts Motorcycle Season at Motorbeurs Utrecht

Team Suzuki Press Office – February 28.

Right between the Thailand and Qatar winter tests, Alex Rins took the opportunity to visit Suzuki’s Dutch fans at their annual motorcycle season opener; the Motorbeurs fair in Utrecht.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Suzuki booth to enjoy the presence of the young MotoGP rider, who took part in an interesting Q&A session in front of the Suzuki fans, before meeting them one by one for an autograph session.

“To be in The Netherlands means a lot for me, because Assen supported my return to MotoGP racing, it represented a sort of new beginning” Alex Rins explained in the Q&A session.

“Last year I suffered the arm injury in Austin that took me out of the championship for 5 GPs, and I came back at the TT of Assen, which was in fact my third race in MotoGP. The welcome I got from the Dutch fans was incredible and even here in Utrecht I can feel this same warmth. Right now things are good; the tests in Malaysia and Thailand gave us positive results and also effective progression. We were able to define our technical direction, and we also introduced the new fairing, which proved to be helpful for the anti-wheeling without affecting handling. I’m looking forward to testing again in Qatar.”

Alex Rins and the Team SUZUKI ECSTAR are already in Qatar to prepare for this third and final test before the MotoGP season opener on March 18th.

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