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Suzuki Shows Strength on 2nd Day of Losail Test

Andrea Iannone of Team SUZUKI ECSTAR

Day 2 of the three-day MotoGP test at Losail has ended with the Suzuki Factory team showing surprising strength. Quickest on the day was Andrea Iannone, with his Suzuki teammate Alex Rins in 5th spot.

Once again, times were closely bunched with the top 14 riders within 1 second of Iannone’s lap time. Take a look here for a complete list of Day 2 quickest laps. MD will provide a final report on the Losail test this weekend.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. My2Cents says:

    I also would like to see Suzuki with another title perhaps it would inspire Kawasaki to rejoin the race scene.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      I’d love to see Kawasaki enter the fray, but I can’t see that happening unless WSBK becomes completely irrelevant. Which it may?

  2. ROXX says:

    Day 3 results so far:
    1 5 J. ZARCO 1:54.029
    2 46 V. ROSSI +0.247
    3 4 A. DOVIZIOSO +0.302
    4 35 C. CRUTCHLOW +0.428
    5 42 A. RINS +0.621
    6 9 D. PETRUCCI +0.630
    7 99 J. LORENZO +0.663
    8 43 J. MILLER +0.720
    9 26 D. PEDROSA +0.745
    10 25 M. VI√ĎALES +0.844

  3. Pacer says:

    Another strong manufacturer can only improve the racing. Hope they have found something.

  4. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Enough with the lickety-split hero riders. Please return to MOTORCYCLES.

    • Dave says:

      They’re all heroic riders, now they’re on reasonably close equipment. We can’t go back to the days when only 3 guys had a chance to win because they were the only ones with win-capable machinery.

  5. Bud says:

    I’m sure it’s quite accidental, but the shape of those winglets recalls the GS1000S fairing, at least from the angle in the photo. That’s kind of cool.

    • Provologna says:

      Interesting catch! I owned two GS1000S, a ’79 and ’79-’80 bastard. ’80 upgrades included well functioning rear sets and slotted brake rotors. The 80s CV Keihin carbs likely increased fuel economy, but lean low speed jetting caused jerky throttle response. CV were more difficult to mod than the original 26mm slide needle Mikuni. I ran 28mm slide needle from a Kawi Z1-R.

      No question the ’80 took backward steps with its 80mph speedo, ugly stepped tuck and needle seat cover, and shorter muffler with multiple smaller exit holes for an anemic, chuffing exhaust note.

      After a crash Blake Andros of San Rafael re-painted the S with red replacing all the blue accents, which IIRC Suzuki sold in non-US market.

      • Bud says:

        As I recall the 80 had a stepped seat too. I always liked the “hot rodded” look of the GS1000S and the Lawson Replica. Great ergos too for their day, though it was pretty easy to put the footpegs on the pavement.

      • My2Cents says:

        I am about to high jack this thread by adding that if Suzuki was to join the retro trend it would be great to see a modern version of the Wes Cooley or a original Katana with a current 1100 in the frame.

    • My2Cents says:

      Except for the fact that this is a fixed unit versus handle bar mounted fairing the resemblance is there but distant. That being said the Wes Cooley edition was a nice bit of UJM history. That was back in the day when Suzuki took chances with production motorcycles.

  6. mickey says:

    Go Suzuki!

  7. Tom R says:

    What happened to the ban on “wings”? That Suzuki looks more actual cruise missile than motorcycle.

    • superlight says:

      They can run wings in motoGP, but not with exposed edges. That Suzuki photo doesn’t show that the wings turn downward after extending outboard, very similar to the Ducatis.

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