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T12 Massimo: The Final Design of the Master Goes on Sale (with video)

Massimo Tamburini passed away four years ago, but the father of the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4 had one final motorcycle design in progress. This was an ultimate track day bike where cost was not a consideration.

Massimo’s heirs and associates completed the machine dubbed the T12 Massimo, and will now offer a limited edition of 12 machines priced at approximately $1 million U.S.  I suppose it goes without saying that the very best Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes are part of the package, but the carbon fiber body work covers a tuned BMW S1000RR superbike engine making more than 230 horsepower.

With carbon fiber and magnesium everywhere, the T12 Massimo weighs slightly more than 330 pounds dry. A street legal version is not currently planned, so in return for your $1 million you get a machine that is usable only on a closed course. Here is what the builders have to say about this machine, followed by a list of specifications and a video.

T12 Massimo is a pure, extreme, race-track-only sport bile. No street legal homologated version is planned at the moment. Real work of art, it is to all intents and purposes to be considered a piece of absolute value collection for exclusivity, as the last work of Maestro Massimo Tamburini.

Absolutely nothing can compare to its immaculate, superb styling and to its no compromise execution that produced a dry weight just above 150 kilos. Massimo Tamburini has conceived every detail of its ultimate project under the sign of ultimate perfection, selecting the most refined solutions for the execution of every detail and every component.

The frame structure is a classic Massimo Tamburini’s trellis design, in high tensile steel alloy tubing, impeccably welded.

The structure incorporates Massimo Tamburini’s own patented system that allows to modulate and adjust the flectional rigidity of the structure with no need to replace any element. The steering tube is a magnesium casting clamped by the steel tubing trellis.

In the best Massimo Tamburini tradition, the engine is a fundamental element of the chassis structure, duly clamped at the rear by plates cast in magnesium.

The plates very solidly locate the single-sided swing-arm and the swing-arm pivot pin. Swing arm pivot bolt, linkand shock absorber are all fully adjustable. The swing arm is also a magnesium casting as well as the front telefork tri-clamps and the eccentric hub of the rear wheel, while wheels are magnesium forgings. All other components are CNC machined from high tensile aluminum alloy billet.

All superstructures are made of carbon fiber, manufactured specifically by a company leader in the auto motive and civil aviation industry to ensure an exceptionally high quality level in terms of both look and structural resistance. In addition to the sleek fairing also the air box and the ventilation ducts are made of carbon fiber. The structure of the tank, also made of carbon fiber, is self-supporting, the choice of which has allowed to integrate it in the main frame structure, while providing at the rear tail seat its support.

Not only Massimo Tamburini designed the lightest bike in its class, but also the most compact ever, so small that it might look like a racing bike of a lower displacement class. All components represent the best on market till now: front suspension GP-type by Öhlins, rear suspension also GP-type by Öhlins, a racing type of shock absorber especially modified according to the customized indications of Massimo Tamburini who commissioned them on purpose to the Öhlins technicians. Brake GP system by Brembo, top racing rotors and calipers complete with Staubli lines and quick release connections. Instrumentation and all electronics are by Motec and cablings come from aerospace technology.

Finally, the BMW S1000RR engine comes in its most exclusive SBK edition, worth 230+hp, a most refined and extremely advanced power unit.

This is his last project, the greatest, the purest expression of his spirit and his passion. T12 MASSIMO : his dream …has become true.


Type: BMW S1000RR SBK

Displacement: 999cc

Bore: 80mm

Stroke: 49,7mm

Compression ratio: N.A.

Distribution: gear driven DOHC

Induction: 4 valve per cylinder

Cooling: by fluid

Power: 230+ Hp

Torque: N.A.

Electronics: MOTEC M170

Lubrication: forced, wet sump

Exhaust system: T12 4-into-1 by Arrow

Primary transmission: by gears

Clutch: oilbath

Gearbox: 6 speed, quick shift race type

Final transmission: chain


Patent: Adjustable lateral stiffness

Frame: high tensile steel tubing trellis with cast magnesium plates

Front suspension: Öhlins GP type

Rear suspension: Öhlins GP type

Front brake: Brembo Racing

Master cylinder: PR 19-18 GP type

Front calipers: GP type, four pistons P4.34/38 Monoblock radial mount with fluid lines Staubli quick release connection

Front rotors: 320mm steel

Rear brake: Brembo racing

Master cylinder: PS13 GP type

Caliper: GP type, monoblock P2.34

Rear rotor: 218mm steel

Front wheel: forged magnesium

Rear wheel: forged magnesium

Front radial: Pirelli Diablo SBK racing 120/70-17

Rear radial: Pirelli Diablo SBK racing 200/60-17

Steering axis rake: adjustable

Teleforks tri-clamps offset: adjustable

Trail: adjustable

Wheelbase: N.A.

Fuel tank capacity: N.A.

Dry weight: 154.5 kilos

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Mark says:

    I’m not the least bit interested in ANY bike that uses expanded metal mesh as part of the finish. That is the stuff of homeowner fabrication, not factory.

  2. bike rider says:

    $1 million and no kickstand? I’ll wait for the kickstand edition. Needs to lose a few pounds and add a few horsepower, for perfection. (We non-buying bikers are never happy;)

  3. Frank says:

    Another absolutely stunning Italian motorcycle from the master of design.

  4. DP says:

    Engine choice is bit disappointing, although from rational stand point understandable. I would expect MV Agusta triple or four.

    When comes to exposed parts of engine or exhaust, it was apparently no-no in this case and I understand why. This is not a common sales bike after all.

  5. Chase says:

    Absolutely beautiful engineering masterpiece. But I’d still rather have a Ducati V4 .

    • WSHart says:

      Well put, good sir! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if there’s no money in the wallet, it might as well be your personal picture of Dorian Gray.

      It’s just a new, limited edition motorcycle. No personal memories are attached to it, or at least for the majority of us in the real world outside the Matrix of the interwebs.

      I would rather have that which I can afford which in turn, will afford me the opportunity to make a few memories rather than something that only stirs the soul instead of filling it.

      Some of the more philosophic philistines here will doubtless cry “sour grapes!!” but they would be wrong. Reality is what we make of it and I choose not to make whine or vinegar out of their silly grapes of wroth.

  6. Butch says:

    “The price of anything is the amount of life you are willing to exchange for it” HDT

  7. Matt says:

    A wet clutch on a no expenses spared race bike ????

  8. My2cents says:

    As dense as i am I needlessly wonder why a BMW engine and not a Ducati?

  9. jabe says:

    I want to see more bikes like this, and less prices like this.

  10. todd says:

    And to think some kid on a clapped out SV will still blow your doors off.

  11. WSHart says:

    Looks like something Sheik Yerbhootay would buy on a whim. Apparently, whims are far more prevalent than are smarts.

    This thing may have a chain and some here may want it to have a shaft but it’s obvious it’s ego driven.

  12. Montana says:

    Right you are Andrew, it’s just an updated K1.

  13. Tank says:

    That’s how I felt when I first saw the bike. I’ve changed my opinion since then.

  14. CrazyJoe says:

    I heard it said “Some people have to much money.”

  15. mg3 says:

    Sorry Mr. T. You are a mechanical genius and artist too, but to me, motorcycles are for riding, not mounting on a museum wall. NO SALE! (not today anyway)

  16. Tank says:

    I’ll just wait for one to come out on Craigslist.

  17. Mick says:

    I bought a 916 back in 1994. This bike doesn’t do anything for me.

    I would wager that the design has been altered as well. Massimo died before the short tail section crap hit the fan.

    • Bob K says:

      I don’t care for it either. I dig the purposefulness of it, but simply put… it isn’t beautiful. For that money, it’d had better be.

  18. allworld says:

    It’s too bad I’m stuck in the real world.

  19. huls says:

    Mr. Leno, Mr. Leno sir.. your motorcycle is ready sir.

  20. PatrickD says:

    In terms of exclusivity and probable increase in value, it’s a better investment than any bike we’re likely to buy.
    Have you seen how much people pay for paintings? This is the same idea.
    This is the final masterpiece of a Great Master.

  21. Provologna says:

    Let’s see here………..50 lbs heavier than my old Yamaha 250 dual sport, with 7.5x the power. Hmmmm…..impressive? Yes, me thinks so!

  22. VLJ says:

    Tamburini or no Tamburini, for an S1000RR with a bunch of carbon fiber and other trick bits to cost a million bucks it’d better include the entire roster of Monster Energy umbrella girls.

  23. HS1... says:

    He was simply in his own league of outstanding. John Britten was in another. Different, but the two greats of our time.

  24. Larry Kahn says:

    Perfect for more money than sense.

  25. Rapier says:

    I’m not sold on the long lower fairing containing the exhaust, aesthetics wise. Of course that mimics the original design which was an element I never adored. That was counter weighted however by the under tail exhaust. We all know the good practical engineering reasons why those are gone but aesthetically I don’t think they will ever be surpassed. It took some adjustment back in the day to see motorcycles where the motor was not seen but at least the visible exhaust said engine. Without engine or exhaust visible on this it just seems,,,,, , let me think about it.

  26. paul says:

    Beautiful work by the Italian master.

    I would mount it on the wall along with my ’77 Cinelli Super Corsa. Lower it from the wall every month for a ride and polish.

    Whether it is shoes, cars or bikes, the Italians have style in their blood like no other people.

  27. Moto-Kafe says:

    Maybe I’ll get to see one of the 12 in person at the Barber Museum someday….???

  28. Dino says:

    Oh, if only i had that kind of disposable income! Basically, an artful race bike.. i would take it out a few times, scuff up the tires, and park it in the man cave..
    Wait.. i think i see a tank seam (and no center stand? ).. no deal!

  29. Shmitty says:

    Awesome motorcycle. Value of bike: $100k, tops. Value of exclusivity: $900k. Are you insanely rich or just insane? This just might be the bike for you!

  30. dt 175 says:

    rather have an MGS-01…

    • Bob K says:

      I’d love to see them update this and actually get it to meet USDOT and EPA regs this time around. Chances are I’ll be buying a V85 before that ever happens.

  31. VLJ says:

    My Yamaha Majesty could take it.

    -Hot Dog

    • Slow Dog says:

      Please, the zuma can!

      -Slow Dog

    • Hot Dog says:

      I’m sure I could, cuz this thing is too damned beautiful to ride, it’s a work of art! It’d sit in my living room and I’d be out riding in the Dakota snowy spring time on my scooter. By the way VLJ, I used to have a Majesty but I sold it to get a big block Tmax, there’s no replacement for displacement, don’t you know?

      This bike is beautiful, what would my payments be over, say, 6 years?

  32. JOHN says:


    • TimC says:

      Show your work.

    • Provologna says:

      On certain days, depending on the change in value of Amazon stock, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ net worth may fall or rise several billion (not million) USD. One day about a month ago his net worth increased about $17B IIRC.

      Jeff Bezos buying all 12 of these bikes is like you or me buying bear and pizza for our BFF biker buddies.

      One of my all time favorite clients last year purchased three audio components with sum total value about $40k USD. It’s probably not so difficult considering he owns his own jet.

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