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Try To Crash Me Now … Bosch Bringing the Rocket Thrusters (with video)

An interesting article over at CNET’s Roadshow today features the latest in Bosch motorcycle safety development. Thrusters.

If you have been paying attention, you know that Bosch has been a leader in the development of sophisticated motorcycle safety systems. Traction and stability enhanced by state-of-the-art IMUs (inertial measurement units) and on-board computational power are, perhaps, its hallmark. But what about gas thrusters perfectly timed to keep a motorcycle from falling over or sliding out? Turns out Bosch is working on that, as well.

Roadshow, posted the YouTube video below (the video is apparently courtesy of Bosch) that perfectly illustrates what we are talking about. If you are familiar with an airbag inflater, or even a pressurized cartridge to fill up your bicycle tires, you get the basic concept. Pressurized gas is released to stand-up your motorcycle as it begins a slide that would otherwise place rider and bike on the tarmac. Have a look, and give us your thoughts below.

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  1. dave says:

    OT a bit, but some of you will dig this….Chits getting interesting. Elon’s now talking about adopting thrusters for cages. Wonder IF he got the notion from this /other related Bosch work? Hmmmm

  2. goodlyRun says:

    Anyone here remember a TV show called Nighthawk?
    Had a bike that flipped over backwards in the air?

  3. fred says:

    Rube Goldberg lives! At least his legacy lives on at Bosch.

  4. Mr.Mike says:

    I can see myself accidentally triggering this thing while changing a tire and getting a blast of pressurized gas in the face.

  5. Jim says:

    Or just ride a trike. A little danger helps keep your head in the game. Safety features breed complacency to some extent.

  6. P Harris says:

    dunno – right situation and you’ve burned off a small child’s face. That would seem unfortunate, but safety has a price.

  7. dt 175 says:

    on real roads that slip is caused by what the CHP call “lack of surface appraisal”. Freddie Spencer and marquez don’t need no jets. hell, Fast Freddie did that w/ carbs!!!

  8. Phillip says:

    I’ll take a bike with wings and thrusters. Then I can ride in the sky not worried about traffic.

  9. bmbktmracer says:

    Cal Crutchlow has already ordered a set…

  10. WilliamA says:

    Here’s the problem: around the world, we’re spending trillions on the costs and effects of traffic collisions. Governments are desperate to get out from under these avoidable costs (90% of crashes are the result of operator error), but they know very well that we’re not going to evolve a new, error-proof human being any time soon, so the mobility sector has to be adjusted in ways that are significant enough to accommodate human error.
    Some very, very intelligent, well-informed, and powerful members of the sector advocating for this magnitude of change hold the position that it cannot be accomplished with the motorcycle as we currently know it continuing in the stream of traffic.
    Key to the industry’s response is the proposition that the motorcycle’s critical safety weaknesses can be overcome. Bosch is front and centre in the development of this response.

    • Dino says:

      All the more reason to stay active with your legislative representatives. Either directly, or through organizations like the AMA here, and similar groups in Europe. They track these issues and are fighting to make sure that motorcycles DO have a place in the plans and strategies being planned for the future

  11. CrazyJoe says:

    I suppose motorcycle cops are some of the best or at least the most experienced riders. When one gets into an accident you don’t question his skills and they do get into accidents. Stupid things happen to. Maybe it’s me but I’ll take whatever assist I can get.

  12. kjazz says:

    I’ve used personal thrust vectoring when extreme slippage occurs for years now. It has only succeeded in putting skid marks into my underpants. Maybe this works differently….

  13. In the very last seconds of the video, they do remove the training wheels. Would like to see it mounted on the rear as well..

  14. Smith says:

    In the very last seconds of the video, they did remove the training wheels.

  15. GT says:

    I rechecked the date. It still is not April 1st.

  16. Ricardo says:

    Are we going the same route as self driving cars for the future of motorcycling?

  17. Vrooom says:

    I’d have to see it without the training wheels to see what really happens to a bike that is stood up in the middle of a turn due to loss of traction. It would likely just go wide, possibly leading to a worse outcome.

  18. takehikes says:

    Dibs on being the first guy to unbolt those and point them to the rear……

  19. fred says:

    This would be great for riders that drink and ride

  20. Motowarrior says:

    Mazda already makes a motorcycle that won’t fall over. They call it the Miata, I think, and they keep it upright by adding two additional wheels. Really clever. Completely negates the need to be able to ride competently.

  21. Tank says:

    I think we can thrust this idea into the trash bin.

  22. SausageCreature says:

    Eh, I’m fine with it. Maybe it would work in the real world, maybe not. Mankind only advances when someone asks, “What if?” And the only way to answer that question is to try it out and see. Sometimes we like the answer. Sometimes not. And sometimes even failed ideas will open the door to much better questions, such as “What if we mounted it on the *front* of the bike and loaded it with paintballs?”

  23. Bart says:

    I’ll believe it when rockets land backwards.

    Oh wait, they already do that!

  24. Chris says:

    How about…..learning how to ride better for safer riding????

  25. allworld says:

    I had a Bosch dishwasher; it looked nice, was pricey, but never worked well.

  26. Nomadmax says:

    Motorcycles are being ruined by manufacturers trying to sell them to people who have no business riding one.

  27. Paul246 says:

    If that doesn’t work out they could always use them as bow thrusters on some of the big baggers.

  28. Onto says:

    I’d rather have thrusters that faced backwards so they could be used for acceleration.

  29. Fastship says:

    Where’s my jetpack I was promised would be on the market by the time I was 21?

  30. Sean says:

    Soon motorcycles will have 4 wheels.

    • Pacer says:

      They should allow them to make street quads. Imagine a modified YFZ with an MT07 engine. Think of riding that on the dragon. 🙂

  31. dave says:

    Why the hell not?!?! Cool tech for sure, and could really save your ass. Not sure about the weight or packaging, but won’t judge until I see it. Seems like the equivalent of what airbags can do for car safety.

  32. Mdm says:

    More power Scotty

  33. Mark says:

    I feel foolish for having watched that.
    That and the three wheeled Yamaha thingy.

  34. Jabe says:

    Umm darn, bike won’t start until I recharge my thrusters.

    • Phil says:

      Oops, my thrusters have gone whilst off doing a u turn in the dirt. That will be $900 for a replacement units please.
      Getting it to work is only half the story. It has to not piss people off with unexpected inconvenience and expense.

  35. Dino says:

    The trouble with trying to make anything idiotproof, is underestimating the power of complete idiots… Thrusters? really? no problem with THAT in real life.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The trouble with trying to make anything idiotproof, is underestimating the power of complete idiots… Thrusters? really? no problem with THAT in real life.

  37. TF says:

    Interesting. Maybe HD can get back in the game with a multi-axis Fat Albert JATO option.

  38. Skully says:


  39. Grover says:

    Won’t know how well it works until you take the training wheels off.

  40. bmbktmracer says:

    It’s bad enough that the rider farts…

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