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Yamaha Showcases Custom “Journey Further” Star Eluder

Cypress, CA – June 15, 2018 – When Yamaha introduced the Star Eluder as the ultimate V-Twin bagger, the allure of customization potential was shared by custom bike builder Cory Ness. Son of legendary custom builder Arlen Ness and President of Arlen Ness Motorcycles, Cory Ness is no stranger to creating custom motorcycles and products. Three generations of the Ness family have been heavily involved in the motorcycle industry for nearly 50 years, and with Cory at the helm, Yamaha formed a partnership to create the custom “Journey Further” Star Eluder.

The Cory Ness Method

Cory Ness got his first taste of motorcycle customization as a child in the living room of the family’s house, where he watched his dad, Arlen, build amazing creations. Over the years, Cory’s interest in customizing motorcycles continued to grow, with his dad helping him to learn the art of hand-crafted fabrication.

Cory began developing his own style and applied a clean “in-your-face” look to the motorcycles he created. His approach to customization begins with making accessories functional, serving to improve the bike, and then he adds flair to both the accessories and the bike.

The “Journey Further” Star Eluder

Yamaha’s Transcontinental Touring slogan of “Journey Further” embodies the spirit of the Star Eluder, which combines powerful performance with ultimate comfort features and technology to allow riders to journey further than ever before. Cory Ness did not compromise on the values of this spirit when building his custom bike.

When first seeing the Star Eluder, Cory noticed the wide front end of the motorcycle and its low stance. He decided to emphasize the look by using a wider front tire (180mm) mounted on a billet aluminum wheel. To accomplish this, he had to widen the stock front fender and notch it out to allow for the necessary clearance.

Cory wanted to give the rear end of the bike a “Ness twist,” making it lower and longer. Along with a billet aluminum rear wheel, he added a Ness-designed rear fender and saddlebags, a Corbin Seat and the new billet aluminum Arlen Ness Accessories developed specifically for the Eluder. As always, the details were important, so Cory blacked-out some sections in order to let the custom blue paint and accessory details really pop.

When asked about his approach, Cory commented, “Sometimes, attention to little details makes the big details look even better, which makes it a great overall package.”

Cory’s intentions for his creation are clear. “There is nothing like the open road in the middle of nowhere to see the country,” he notes. “This motorcycle just makes you want to ride, which is a key takeaway in any custom motorcycle. The ‘Journey Further’ Star Eluder’s low center of gravity and seat height means being able to sit on it flat-footed, which adds to the confidence in it as a touring bike.”

Arlen Ness Signature Custom Billet Aluminum Accessories for the Star Eluder

The Star Eluder provides a great platform for bolt-on accessories, and Cory Ness worked with the goal of designing a series of bolt-on accessories that would be available for Star Eluder owners.

When designing the accessories, Cory wanted to make sure there were plenty of noticeable details. “These accessories are not just about looking good, they are about longevity,” he said. “This is what we pride ourselves on. We don’t just talk about motorcycles, we ride motorcycles, we put a lot of miles on motorcycles. We use this experience to build parts that add to the riding experience.”

With any bike Cory Ness customizes or builds parts for, he receives great satisfaction from seeing them used by customers. “From local events to seeing them on the ride home from work,” Cory says, “I’m always looking for them.”

Arlen Ness Signature Custom Billet Aluminum Accessories are now available exclusively through and authorized Yamaha dealers. The lineup includes:

  • Billet Aluminum Clutch Cover Insert
  • Billet Aluminum Generator Cover Insert
  • Billet Aluminum Cam Cover Insert
  • Billet Aluminum Pulley Cover Insert
  • Billet Aluminum Speaker Bezels
  • Billet Aluminum Instrument Bezels
  • Billet Aluminum Master Cylinder Covers
  • Billet Aluminum Handlebar Clamp
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