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Aragon MotoGP Results

Marc Marquez (Honda) won a close-fought battle with Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) at Aragon earlier today. These two riders went back-and-forth for several laps before Marquez pulled a small gap in the last two laps and held on to win. Finishing third behind Dovizioso was Suzuki’s Andrea Iannone.

Both Iannone and his Suzuki teammate Alex Rins ran up front most of the race and finished just a few seconds behind the Marquez/Dovizioso battle. From pole position, Ducati’s Jorge Lorenzo proceeded to crash in the very first corner … ending his race and suffering a minor injury to his foot. Marquez extends his already sizeable championship points lead. Follow this link to full race results. For additional details and points, visit the official MotoGP site.


  1. mechanicus says:

    He and Miley Cyrus would make a good couple. They could have tongue sword fights.

  2. TwinDog says:

    OK Marc, enough of the tongue stuff, you’re not 15 years old anymore. Good win.

  3. Sean says:

    For some reason I find it hard to like or root for Marquez.

  4. Bob K says:

    I really want to cut off Marquez’s tongue.
    Think it’d be worth anything on e-bay?

    • Dino says:

      Aww, he’s just trying to clean his helmet for the next round! Nothin’ better to clean off those pesky insects than your tongue…

  5. SharkGuitar says:

    MD really dropped the ball in their coverage (lack of) of the race.
    No mention of the first lap incident with Jorge or the post race verbal sparring.

    Come on guys, your readers deserve a bit more information here.

  6. Dave says:

    Espargaro claiming scalps in 6th, on the Aprilia.

  7. Lim says:

    Looks like MM was on tire preservation mode during the first three quarter of the race. Dovi couldn’t get close in the last two laps and the gap grew to 0.6s by the time they crossed the line.

    Suzuki improved tremendously this season, though still lacking in the top end. MM effortlessly passed AI in the back straight when he dropped to third.

    With Suzuki doing well, VR can’t say the inline-4 is not competitive.

  8. John Fisher says:

    Marquez is very good but he also took Jorge out in the first turn. Jorge had the outside line and MM ran wide. MM has little regard for his fellow racers.

    • Mark says:

      Did you watch the race? MM took no one out. He simply got the holeshot and took the lead, and the line away. Lorenzo tried to keep up. and failed in a spectacular way. MM has guilty plenty of times of reckless behavior, but sure as heck not this time.
      Lorenzo quote: Because we were very wide and already the other riders [were coming], if I didn’t want to lose five or six positions I had to open the throttle. Obviously I didn’t expect the rear would slide like this or I would not have opened the throttle, I would have put the bike straight and gone outside the track.

      “But I didn’t have any more options and, whereas in Misano the crash was completely my fault, this time Marc destroyed my race, my foot.

    • mickey says:

      Apparently you have never raced, or watched many races. In the race for the first turn, the inside riders ALWAYS push the outside riders wide, someone is ALWAYS getting pushed offline in the first turn. Its one of the dangers of being on the outside of a turn. Unless the outside rider is fast enough to sweep around the inside riders, into the lead by himself, chances are he is going to be pushed wide. It’s one of the reasons riders try to be in the lead on the inside going into the first turn.

    • Bud says:

      Nonsense, blaming Marquez for Lorenzo’s mistake.

    • Jeremy in TX says:

      Sorry, gotta agree with everyone else here. When you try to ride around the outside or enter a turn wide, the inside is left open for any sniper ready to take advantage. In turn one at the start of the race, it is garanteed that all available spaces will get pounced on.

      Lorenzo is good at riding around the outside and does it fairly often. Marquez took his line this time. By his own admission Lorenzo said he had a choice to lose position or try to get on the gas early and go for it. He went for it and failed. There was no contact or even near contact with MM.

      Lorenzo’s explanation of the event basically says to me that he was squarely to blame. How that became Marquez’s fault in Lorenzo’s mind, I can’t say.

    • Paul says:

      two objects being of the same mass can not occupy the same space at the same time.
      both 93 and 99 entered turn 1 hot (as does most of the field of any motor sport race of any kind).
      plenty of other guys also riding the paint out of turn 1 behind 99 and 93.
      93 was ahead of 99 and therefor afforded himself the room and time required to keep his bike on the pavement, upright, and not in the gravel.
      99 stated he had a choice…crash or go off track. he chose wrong although I am glad that he did have the time and sense NOT to run into 93 as other’s have in situations where time and space are much more limited.
      99 stated 93 performed a block pass like maneuver causing 99 to have to make the decision to crash or go off track.
      so… is a block pass against the rules and/or not part of most all forms of motor sport racing…especially out of turn one where there are dozens of block passes?
      i have to wonder how many riders choose to crash as an alternative to a trip through the gravel and back on the track.
      i watched the crash many times before 99’s ‘bold’ claim and even more times after.
      i’d bet a dollar 99 has watched the crash 10X more than I on order to ‘formulate’ any sort of claim to divert blame for his poor showing.
      i do not at all see and fault from 93 but i do see 93 occupying a line which 99 would have benefited having.
      -funny that 99 stated he will not formally lodge a complaint to race officials because the crash looks like, to absolutely everyone else, it’s completely his own fault.

      • Lim says:

        The main issue is JLo missed the holeshot. And he was out wide even before entering turn one. That left a huge gap on the inside for the other riders to turn in. Marq, Dovi, Andrea, already got their bikes lined for an early entry into T1 – and all of them exit wide.

        • Paul says:

          99 couldn’t help himself…and totally blew it!!!
          99 knows well the routine of entering a turn closely following someone who knows he/she is being closely followed.
          99 knew 93 was coming from (protecting) the inside line at speed and therefor obviously was going to be going wide.
          99 tried to do what he’s done (and every other racer) 1000 times.
          99 attempted to cut to the inside of the turn (and 93) in order to come out of the turn 1st and throttle past 93.
          99 messed up then and there and again when he tried to blame 93 for his mistake.
          99’s post race actions are very insulting to race fans.

          • IllinoisEh says:

            For the record I’m not particularly a fan of either of these racers, but I feel JLs criticism of MM is a little more warranted than most of you seem to. It is true there was no contact and it was JLs decision to open the throttle on a dirty part of the track that caused him to crash, but at the same time MM was kind of an ass to dive into the first corner too fast to actually make the turn within the confines of the track and force JL so wide. If he’d completed the turn inside of the curb striping I’d say JLs whining was completely unwarranted, but as it stands MM was kind of being a dick. Then again, everyone should be used to that by now…

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            I don’t think anyone denies that, but the opinion is that the move was aggressive but fair.

            Whether MM intentionally cut JL’s line or just ran deeper than he intended, I don’t know. But either way, the action was effectively no different than a block pass which is the m.o. for all racers in most corner passes.

          • Paul says:

            lot’s (every last one of them?) of riders are consistently on the paint coming out of the many turns and at all tracks, at all races.
            JL knows this as he is one of the riders that rides the paint too.
            JL also knew riding the paint was exactly where MM was headed to in that situation.
            that’s why JL wanted to cut the corner and head for the inside…a very common maneuver.

          • Tony says:

            If MM had stayed within track limits then JL would have no cause to complain. As Troy Bayliss pointed out, MM braked too late and had to run on the green area i.e. exceeded track limits to gain an advantage but was not penalised. If he had jumped the start by a fraction on a second then he would have been penalised. Punishment should fit the crime.

          • Jeremy in TX says:

            Except there was no crime.

          • Paul says:

            “If MM had stayed within track limits then JL would have no cause to complain. As Troy Bayliss pointed out, MM braked too late and had to run on the green area i.e. exceeded track limits to gain an advantage but was not penalised. If he had jumped the start by a fraction on a second then he would have been penalised. Punishment should fit the crime.”
            ridiculous comment having no bearing on JL’s situation whatsoever. PERIOD.
            JL and his bike were down and done for WHILE MM WAS STILL ON THE TRACK. MM arrived on and rode the paint AFTER JL was down. PERIOD.
            JL and his bike were both sliding ON THE TRACK behind MM as they, all three, were headed towards the paint.
            !!!MM (and a lot of other riders) exceeded the ‘track limit’s’ AFTER JL WAS DOWN and OUT!!!
            JL did as he does and tried to cut to the inside. He made a huge very foolish and costly mistake causing the crash therefor disgracing himself. Then the disgraced JL went looking for someone/something/somewhere to divert the blame. Apparently JL’s insulting tactics worked with some.
            Had JL simply said “Sorry team/sponsors/fans I took a shot and missed…it happens.” he would have done a lot better for himself. JL chose otherwise.
            -Bayliss said MM braked too late and had to run wide…no frign’ $hit sherlock!!! it happens all the time by all the racers in all forms of road racing…4 wheels and 2 wheels) – probably why no one is penalized when they ride out on the paint.

  9. Jeremy in TX says:

    Exciting race from the top four there. No matter what one may think of him, Marquez is really something to watch. I can’t really recall a rider that can just stay on the jagged edge like that the whole time. It seems like he is always over the limit, yet he manages to stop, turn and then hook the bike up again. Good stuff.

    And what a great salvage operation by Rossi. Way to make lemonade.

  10. Tom R says:

    Please, please, no more pictures of Marquez doing…that.

  11. mickey says:

    Top 4 put on a great tace. No doubt it would have been top 5 if polesetter Lorenzo hadnt gone flying in turn one lap one. The Suzukis were suprisingly competive with Marquezs Honda amd Dovis Ducati. Got to say Marquez is some kind of rider. Hope he tones down his actions agter winning. HEs starting to resemble Lorenzo in that regards.

    • 5229 says:

      Marquez resembling Jorge’s post race actions? I don’t recall seeing Marc swinging a hammer after a win.

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