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Stop Ignoring the Recall on Your Older GSX-R … Get a $100 Visa Card

This is a GSX-R brake caliper … the brake item needing service is the master cylinder on the right handlebar.

We decided to help Suzuki bring attention to a front brake master cylinder recall service for certain GSX-R models (specified in the press release below) built through the 2013 model year. Some of these bikes need a service procedure on the front brake master cylinder, and Suzuki is trying to get reluctant owners into their dealership to have this service performed by offering a $100 Prepaid Visa card. Here is the press release:

  • Suzuki Announces Incentive Program for GSX-R Recall Service
  • Customers with affected GSX-R models are eligible for $100 Prepaid Visa Card when recall is completed

Brea, CA (September 20, 2018) – Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) has announced a trial incentive program to increase completion of a front brake master cylinder recall service on select GSX-R models. For a limited time Suzuki will provide eligible customers a $100.00 Prepaid Visa card upon completion of their motorcycle’s recall service.
Suzuki’s goal is to reach customers who own or ride affected 2004 – 2013 GSX-R600/750 and 2005 – 2013 GSX-R1000 models, and to inspect and repair the front brake master cylinder on those affected models as quickly as possible. The eligible period for the incentive runs between September 1, 2018, and November 30, 2018. The number of incentives is limited and will be fulfilled on a first come basis.

“Safety is our number one priority and we want to ensure every affected GSX-R is repaired. We created this trial incentive program to bring additional attention to the brake master cylinder recall service on these GSX-R models.” said Steve Muthig, SMAI Vice President of Service. “We recognize that taking your motorcycle to the dealer for any recall service can be inconvenient and with the $100 prepaid Visa card we hope to offset that inconvenience to our valued customers.”

Eligible customers are being notified of the trial incentive program beginning September 1, 2018. The program requires customers to bring their affected motorcycle to an authorized Suzuki dealer for recall repair completion between September 1, 2018 and November 30, 2018. After the recall service is done, customers can register the repair at a special website and once that claim is verified from the dealer-submitted warranty claim, qualified customers will be sent the prepaid Visa card.

“Our dealers know of the importance of completing any recall service and have been briefed about the trial incentive program for the GSX-R brake master cylinder,” continued Muthig. “We will work closely with every dealer and customer to make sure their affected motorcycle receives all necessary recall service.”

Suzuki customers can check to see if their motorcycle, ATV or scooter have any outstanding recall or service campaigns by visiting the Safety Recall Information page on

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  1. Mkv says:

    Brakes…. you mean the coward lever?

    Squids don’t need brakes

  2. gman says:

    How bad is it that Suzuki has to pay people to service their bikes? I agree with Bob K, Suzuki owners tend to ignore any sort of regular servicing on their bike. Working in the industry for a long time, more times than not, I’ve seen Suzuki’s come in the shop with 20-30k miles that have done nothing but oil changes. Let’s chalk it up to Darwinism and let nature take it course.

    • Bob K says:

      Doesn’t matter if it’s dirt or street, Suzuki tends to be the most clapped out ill-maintained bike. But the squids will certainly tart them up.

  3. Sivan says:

    I have a funny problem with this recall on my K9: I already use an aftermarket Brembo master.

    I thought I’d get the recall done when I sell the bike, but got tired of the calls and postcards (they won’t take me off the list), so I went to the dealer with the stock one in a bag. They turned me away because it has to be mounted on the bike.

    So I don’t know, $100 for mounting and bleeding and get it done?

  4. Ryan H Craig says:

    I’m going to guess this has something to do with the lawsuit that Suzuki just lost, where actual and punitive damages totaling several million were awarded. The case involved a GSXR of this generation where the brakes apparently failed in an emergency situation.

  5. Bob K says:

    I hate to stereotype people, no that’s not true… but Suzuki owners tend to be the cheapest cheapskates of the MC world. So much that Suzuki has to offer them 100 clams to come in for a recall on a part that won’t cost them anything in the first place. If I were Suzuki, I wouldn’t worry about them. If they have a master cylinder issue, it’s more likely that the cheapskate owners haven’t even flushed and filled their brake fluid even once. They can pay for a replacement part out of their own pocket when the piston rusts up.

  6. Mick says:

    All right. Mind blown.

    Some GSXR fans can be accused of having a rather…studly…attitude. But don’t these bikes make like 130hp and up?

    I mean. Come up numb scull. It’s your fricken brakes. They are what makes your bike quiet again after you have played with the loud handle for too long. If they don’t work, your bike stays loud. Then it might very well make a really loud bunch of crunching and/or scraping noises. If that happens, you might never hear anything ever again.

  7. ApriliaRST says:

    What’s the recall about, specifically?

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