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2019 Triumph Street Scrambler Gets More Power, Updated Suspension and New Brakes

Triumph’s Street Scrambler is noted for many things, including somewhat uninspiring engine performance from its 900cc parallel twin. For 2019, Triumph has announced an 18% increase in horsepower (up from a claimed 55 to 65 HP), as well as several other changes to the model. Among those are an uprated Brembo four-piston front brake caliper and cartridge forks. Here is a summary from Triumph, including all of the changes to the 2019 model:

Born For Freedom and Fun.

The beautiful, characterful, fun and accessible Street Scrambler is one of Triumph’s most loved and authentic modern classics. Launched in 2017, with its rugged off-road attitude and a cool versatility, it has been embraced by customers and customizers alike.

Drawing on an unparalleled heritage traced back to the early 1960s and world’s first Triumph scramblers – the classic Bonneville T120 TT and TR6 ‘C’ –  the new for 2019 Street Scrambler brings a whole new dimension of performance with a significant step-up in power and specification, new first-in-class technology, and an even higher level of finish and beautiful scrambler detailing.

Available: January 2019

More power and performance

  • Significant power increase, up by 10Hp to 65Hp, 18% more peak power than before
  • Higher revving engine, with a red line now 500rpm higher than the previous generation
  • High 59 Ft-lbs torque output
  • Unmistakable scrambler sound

Higher specification for improved ride

  • New Brembo 4-piston front brake caliper, enhancing braking performance
  • New higher-specification cartridge front forks for a more comfortable ride
  • Dynamic scrambler ergonomics with wide bars, forward set pegs and a 19” front wheel
  • Dual purpose tires for great grip on road or light off-road surfaces
  • Accessible low seat height for every height of rider

New first-in-class technology

  • New Road and Rain riding modes
  • Switchable ABS and traction control
  • Torque-assist clutch
  • LED rear light
  • Immobilizer and USB power socket

More purposeful and beautiful

  • New more contemporary logo
  • New more premium instrument styling
  • New adventure-oriented seat finish
  • Wider spaced front forks for more scrambler-style presence and poise
  • Distinctive, stripped back scrambler features and details

Built to personalize

  • 120+ custom accessories
  • New ‘Urban Tracker’ inspiration kit

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  1. says:

    I am an old man and i can tell you this beast looks nothing like the street scramblers i remember. As far as I’m concerned it is butt ugly, just my opinion..

  2. John says:

    I have triumph trophy’s going back to the original 1949 Square Barrel and the latest is a 2017 Street Scambler. An aftermarket larger disc brake kit fell out of the mail for it today a fork cartridge emulator kit and progressive springs are next. As soon asa warranty expires it will get a camshaft upgrade.

    Triumph has done all these upgrades with this new street scrambler which will make it a better bike than mine was. My bike is a decent bike with mediocre brakes, suspension and sleepy motor. The chassis provides stable predictable steering with no surprises.

    My beef is that my street triple R and 690 KTM Duke were fantastic off the show room and the only upgrades I did were exhaust.

    Does retro mean you buy a new bike and then upgrade it. That’s what we did in the sixties and seventy’s with Brit bikes.

    The upswept pipes are what seduced me.

  3. Butch says:

    To my eye the Street Twin would be the better choice.
    Those curved pipes mask that slab look of the downtube as well as the radiator.

  4. kyle says:

    Coming from a (extremely happy) 2017 Triumph T100 owner…

    The new forks and brakes will be appreciated!
    I don’t know why Street Twin/T100/T120 doesn’t get switchable ABS, it’s the same bike (All I want is to trail brake into turns 😐 )
    I think the redline being 500+ RPMs is funny as the power plummets after 4K
    MCN said “clock upgrade” wow an engineer actually thought it was a good idea to give a 12hr option mode!? CRAZY!

    No LED headlamp?

    360′ crank also on the wish list.

    Still amazing bikes. I’m super happy with mine. Except for that wrench icon that is not deletable by owner.

    • GreenMan says:

      “360′ crank also on the wish list.”

      I wonder how people ALWAYS manage to find something to complain about here?

      Getting rid of those old hat 360′ cranks is the best thing Triumph did in recent memory. Vastly better exhaust note and character aside; I like the way cross-plane 270′ cranks build torque.

      Now sure, a 180 or 360 might be able to rev higher and run a bit smoother but… You’re missing the point. Scrambler is not a sportbike or a naked bike from hell.

      If you want performance, a GSX-F, S1000R, CB1000R or Monster 1200 will quench all your needs + some more.

      All in all, I like The Scrambler the way it is…

      • Butch says:

        I am a big fan of the vertical twin engine and I’ve owned several over the years.
        My experience is that the 180’s are buzzy and have no counter balancer.
        The early 360’s were un counterbalanced and shook like a paint shaker.
        The Yamaha TDM’s of the 90’s were probably the first to mass produce the 270 and were counterbalanced as are the modern 270’s.
        I owned a W650 which was a counter balanced 360. While lacking in character was one of the smoothest vertical twins I’ve ever owned.

      • Kyle says:

        Not complaining because I stated how happy I was with them and what amazing bikes they are. Critiquing, yes. If nobody spoke up, half the innovations in bike development wouldn’t exist or at least be delayed a few years.

        And my 79 Yamaha XS650F was the nicest engine I’ve ever ridden. 360’ crank, smooth, powerful throughout revs. Could probably keep up with my 900.

        The 270’ is not bad at all, and I have never ridden a Triumph with 360’ so I can’t say for sure. But Yamaha had it dialed.

    • mickey says:

      My brothers T 120 has that stupid military time clock. What time is 14:40 anyway lol ? changing to a 12 hour clock WOULD be a useful upgrade for most I would think.

  5. Jeremy in TX says:

    The old air-cooled Scrambler looked better I think. Something seems off with this one, not that I dislike it. It probably looks better in person. Nice bike. It needed the power boost, IMO.

    • GreenMan says:

      Yes, I felt the same thing the first time I saw it.

      But I’ve figured it out!

      It’s the… SEAT!

      Old Scrambler had an ADV like plank seat; which gave it that brawny, off-road-y look (To me, anyway).

      So unless you can’t get yourself to look beyond the radiator; this is it!

      My eyes like the old seat but my bottom likes the new one…

    • todd says:

      I believe they are copying the successful Himalaya design…

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