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Yamaha Sport Heritage Motorcycle Models Introduced for 2019

Cypress, CA – October 10, 2018 – Unique and iconic in design, the 2019 Yamaha Sport Heritage motorcycle lineup received introduction today from Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. Featuring a new race-inspired Aluminum/Red color scheme for the XSR700 and XSR900, the 2019 model lineup also includes the mighty VMAX, Bolt and Bolt R-Spec urban performance bobbers, and the entry-level V Star 250.

Faster Sons: Vintage spirit with modern technology

Yamaha’s Sport Heritage motorcycle models bore creation from the company’s in-depth experience gained from the design and manufacture of the world’s most famous and iconic motorcycles spanning seven decades. During this time, the world of motorcycling has evolved continually, yet the unique emotions and intense excitement experienced when riding on two wheels have always stayed the same.

The Faster Sons design philosophy fuses fashionable vintage style with advanced engine and chassis technology to create some of the most beautiful, enjoyable, and exciting motorcycle models available today.

Race-inspired Aluminum/Red color for 2019 XSR700 and XSR900

For 2019, the authentic and timeless style of the XSR Sport Heritage models is reinforced with a bold yet simple Aluminum/Red color scheme inspired by the red and white bodywork that was made famous by Yamaha’s GP-winning bikes in the 1970s. Featuring a thick red horizontal stripe with a solid black outline over a deep aluminum silver body color, which is accentuated by the red stitching used in the seat, this vintage design harkens back to the era when Yamaha established itself as the most exciting and innovative brand in the market.

With its high-quality finish and timeless style, the Aluminum/Red color perfectly complements the unique character of the XSR900 and XSR700 by blending authenticity and modernity in equal measure.

2019 Sport Heritage Model Highlights, Colors, Price and Availability

V Star 250

  • 249cc air-cooled 60-degree V-twin engine for bottom-end torque and smooth roll-on power
  • Light weight with a 27-inch seat height for easy handling
  • Available in Metallic Silver, MSRP $4,349.00, arrival at dealerships beginning in October 2018



  • 689cc inline two-cylinder crossplane-concept engine with powerful linear torque output
  • Light, slim, and compact chassis for nimble handling
  • Available in Aluminum/Red, MSRP $8,499, arrival at dealerships beginning in February 2019


  • 847cc inline three-cylinder crossplane-concept engine with torque-rich performance
  • Lightweight, short-wheelbase aluminum chassis
  • Traction Control System (TCS) and D-MODE adjustable engine settings
  • Available in Aluminum/Red, MSRP $9,499.00, arrival at dealerships beginning in November 2018

Bolt & Bolt R-Spec

  • 942cc air-cooled 60-degree V-twin engine provides excellent power and low-end torque
  • Compact, stable chassis for light maneuverability with an upright riding position
  • Bolt available in Raven, MSRP $7,999.00, arrival at dealerships beginning in October 2018
  • Bolt R-Spec available in Matte Silver, MSRP $8,399.00, arrives beginning in October 2018


  • 1679cc, 65-degree V-four engine produces astonishing-yet-controllable acceleration
  • High-tech aluminum chassis combined with modern technology components for performance
  • Available in Matte Raven Black, MSRP $17,999, arrival at dealerships beginning in October 2018

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