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BAAK Motorcycles Captures the Spirit of Retro With Incredible Video

If you want to understand the spirit, and essence, of the retro motorcycle movement taking place in the industry today, BAAK motorcycles and the incredible video they have produced (found below) is a good place to start.

BAAK appears to be about as authentic as it gets with its creation of bespoke parts for motorcycles, ranging from Triumph to Moto Guzzi. Even a few minutes on their web site convinced us that the company is immersed in expressing where motorcycling started … a place many riders today want to get back to.

The video below is one of the best produced motorcycle videos we have seen in the industry (maybe the best). We hope you have a high-definition monitor, at least 1080p (1440p or even 4k would be better).

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Derick says:

    Hallo, ich denke, dass ich sah, die Sie besucht mein weblog so i kam ich “revanchieren”.
    Versuch zu finden, um die Dinge zu verbesser verbessern mei
    Ich nehme an, ess ist ok, um einige Ihre Ideen !!

  2. Mark says:

    Pause at 1:45. Check out that nice BAAK-side 😉

  3. Road Toad says:

    Nice arse but that shifter is a good foot from the peg on that single. Odd. I didn’t think Hipsters were still a thing over here. I do believe they would have to withdraw to their safe space if they saw a nude female rear and a cross in the same video.

  4. Road Toad says:

    Nice ass but that shifter is a good foot away from the peg on that single. WTF? Are Hipsters still a thing? Is a nude female bottom and a cross allowed in the Hipster playbook? I think US Hipsters are different.

  5. Paul Scott says:

    The BAAK video is absolutely beautiful from every aspect of it’s message and artistic content. I have watched this video around six times, sent it to all my friends and wife, looked at the BAAK website and contemplated my next project which is going to be a big twin motorcycle build. I think that is exactly what BAAK had in mind when they produced this video. Congratulations on a first class product.

  6. pete says:

    Lucky horse

  7. Martin B says:

    I take the cross at the end to be ironically mourning the death of the hipster (like the mock funeral held for the hippy in 1968). Nice Robin mono-wing plane (not an antique, still current production). The Royal Enfield is a modern, reliable bike, though occasional spanner use is required to stop bits from parting company with the machine. The RE rider had the best filmed parts, I’m sure the BMW would have lost at least one cylinder trying to get through those tight castle gateways. The girl has every right to be proud of her butt, that must have taken a lot of work. We’ve all seen way too many Triumphs. And the music…what is it about hipsters? They try to emulate the carefree sounds of the sixties, but with such glum presentation, garbled and meaningless “lyrics”, and unoriginal melodies… The real music of the sixties was in your face, loud and proud, telling it like it was, and it sounded great. You could dance to it. All you can do with hipster dirges is the thorazine shuffle. No wonder all the kids are depressed.

  8. Jan J says:

    Thumbs Up! Great Editing! Great Bikes!

  9. gpokluda says:

    Love it. great scenery, music and exhaust note on the bikes. A message to BAAK and the producers of the video: Pay no attention to the dribble you read from the haters. You’re stuff is righteous. Keep it up.

  10. bad Chad says:

    Wow, pretty darn cool! This is the stuff that might pull more young folks into riding!

  11. brian reynolds says:

    Nice video but they should spend vastly more on product quality and development. I purchased rearsets from them for my previous V7 and they were cheaply made and did not even line up correctly with mount points. Maybe less hair gel and more attention to what they are actually selling other than handsome people.

  12. Mick says:

    I don’t understand the nostalgia thing. Particularly things like the kids in the video being nostalgic for bikes that are older than they are.

    At least they are promoting mechanical aptitude, after a fashion. People have become so taken with their throw away society that they can’t fix anything. You can’t beat an old motorcycle through some old town in what looks like Spain without knowing how to fix things.

  13. motorhead says:

    The absence of Malcolm Smith in the video means it’s not the greatest ever motorcycle video. Though it does depict a Christian cross near the end which is an oblique reference to “On Any Sunday.” I must say nice things about a glistening bare bum in a shower at sunset. It does have that going for it.
    A large single or a parallel twin is something I must buy soon.

  14. Ramish Rambarran says:

    Out of the few motorcyclists who can afford to buy it:
    1. Fewer wants to OWN the BAAK.
    2. Even fewer wants to RIDE the BAAK.
    Absolutely NOTHING beats the modern machine. Not even nostalgia.
    …………….Of course the video uses higher tech than the BAAK !

  15. Rotorhead says:

    Nice production value, but “best motorcycle video ever” it ain’t. Still dig it though.

    • Provologna says:

      Your quote is false, which invalidates your point. Did you do that on purpose or does it reflect your lack of comprehension?

      They have a new thing called “cut” and “paste.” Try it next time.

  16. Kevin Newell says:

    Motorcycle videos do not need a musical sound track. They don’t need any sound track other than the machines themselves. There has not been a piece of music written that is more suitable for a video like this than the exhaust note a motorcycle is capable of producing.

  17. G Hill says:

    Love that first bike. Be dropping metal bits, and tooth fillings in it’s wake but not a deal breaker.

  18. Fastship says:

    I wonder what Ogri would have made of this lot!

  19. spokes says:

    I feel the experience people want of riding these retro bikes can only be had if you ride an old bike. These bikes look the part and that is all well and good but having ridden the BSA Victor 441 and the Triumph TR5T as well as numerous 2 stroke Jap and Spanish bikes back in the day I can’t believe the experience is the same. Looking the part is cool for sure and the reliability of today’s bikes is certainly appreciated by me and the retro guys and gals. On the other hand the passion and emotion that riding my Bultaco Frontera 370 and Yamaha TY250 gave me is something I wish every young motorcyclist could appreciate. More power to these young guys and gals if this is what defines motorcycling for them. For me at my age the Honda CRF450L and the Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 are looking mighty sweet!

  20. DucDynasty says:

    In 1972/73′ we rode Honda XL250’s 350’s everywhere. They were even capable highway bikes (60 mph anyway). They were inexpensive, reliable and most of all…! This video reminds me of those times, sans the naked showers, castles and airplanes. Who could afford those then – or now?
    Beautiful video!

    • Martin B says:

      I toured NZ in ’75 on an XL350, and I can assure you it made a great tourer! Not that high of a speed on a long flat boring roads, but give it a few winding roads to unravel, and very little could stay in sight. Unlimited ground clearance, light and agile steering, and readily accessible torque, all made it cut like a knife through butter. I left a lot of faster bikes way behind, and their riders were working real hard while I was relaxed and hardly ever even changing gear. I extended the swing arm, put old RD350 shocks on the back, and had a street rear tyre, and put a smaller rear sprocket on, all to maintain stability at higher speed, reduce revs, and generally make it more enjoyable for open road antics. I could throw it around with abandon, lock up both wheels at will with perfect control, and generally I felt invincible. I have never enjoyed riding any motorcycle more.

  21. Walter says:

    I bet hipsters didn’t even need lotion watching that video lol

  22. SausageCreature says:

    The parts for sale on their website look tasty, especially the leather seats and saddlebags. The hard parts look great too. Leather fork gaiters seem kind of…uhhh…questionable, though.

  23. Luigi says:

    I like em all especially the trials/Scrambler,and I prefer 1:46 🤪

  24. paul says:

    The star IMO is the scramberlized Enfield, it looks like how a scrambler should look. However, if you go to their website and shop through the parts catalogue for what is required to duplicate their bike you will soon see how a very expensive undertaking this will be. Keep in mind the prices are in Euro, you will need the donor bike and then there will be the sweat equity. This is not a light project.

  25. Fastship says:

    My take in this phenomenon lies in the fact that manufacturers now have to design their bikes to satisfy the requirements not of us buyers but of the bureaucrats in the EU and elsewhere resulting in new products that are less and less attractive.

    EICMA had very few new models this year pending EURO 5 legislation when there will be a further downgrading of what we are allowed to buy.

    • Dave says:

      How have bureaucrats caused bikes to be less attractive? Despite ever tightening emissions standards, motorcycles have continued to get more and more powerful. There are now a few sport bikes in the market that produce over 200hp. We also have more choices than we’ve ever had.

      • todd says:

        Motorcycles are becoming less attractive to the mainstream (the place where hipsters are drowned…) because we expect manufacturers to build 200hp bikes. Everyone – I mean EVERYONE – likes the look of that Enfield, even people who don’t ever notice motorcycles. It’ll get along just fine in every day traffic, is light and inexpensive (the stock version), and would do a fine attempt at making its owner a little more mechanically capable. If all bikes were like that, we’d have more motorcyclists in the world. Most bikes that are made only appeal to motorcyclists. Manufacturers need to stop doing that and start making bikes that are appealing to non-motorcyclists!

        • CrazyJoe says:

          Like RE with chrome tank. But reliability issues and parts cost like mufflers make it difficult to spring for one. I like it if it was a Japanese bike with real brakes. Great value if you’re lucky enough to get one trouble free.

    • Fastship says:

      Ask a manufacturer. There is not one element, not one that is not subject to some rule or regulation with which they have to comply. Even down to the paint.

      I tested many new bikes before shelling out for a new Multistrada and each one, including my own is forced to run at such lean conditions as to make it supremely irritating at anything other than hard throttle. They all run hot.

      The reason new bikes have ABS? Brembo bribed the EU with phony stats and money to pass laws making them compulsory. The reason bikes are made to run lean? Bosch bribed the EU with phony stats and money. You may scoff but as exhibit 1 I give you VW. There are many, many more…

      If you want choice go to an Asian motorbike show where you will see the future of motorcycle manufacturing. You won’t see them in the West of course, trade barriers created by bureaucrats see to that.

      These bikes are as much designed by bureaucrats as anyone else and the cost for their empire building is paid by us not just in punitive taxation but also in the inflated price of bikes in order to comply and the lack of new entrants these barriers to entry create. We get screwed both ways.

  26. Provologna says:

    Damn, I want that single. What is it?

  27. todd says:

    Wait, aren’t we all supposed to believe that Royal Enfield was going to break down a few times and not keep up with his buddies for the rest of the video?

  28. WSHart says:

    Gosh. That just makes me wanna start a paper route selling “Grit”. More three legged duck than three of a kind. I guess they make it hip to be droll.

    BAAK to the future? WayBAAK Machine? BAAK & Roll Music? BAAK TO Bach? Baa Baa BAAK sheep? BAAK lives mutter? BAAK off boogaloo? 1:45 into the video some dumb blond’s BAAKside?

    Looks like the wheels bespoke so they must betubes.


  29. CrazyJoe says:

    Maybe hipsters are right. It doesn’t have to be the most extreme machine. It has to look cool to be cool.

    • Randy says:

      Makes me wanna get in the garage and get started on the S40 and get the lights on the Bul Sherpa. Haven’t ridden the Ol’ Beemer in a few years. AHRMA here I come!

  30. jim says:

    peak non-ironic hispterization

  31. DP says:

    Oh man, now… this is motorcycle. I dig it.
    Sound, pull and practicality of use, not silly nonsense.
    Go BAAK to motorcycling!

  32. Mark says:

    These bikes must get boring pretty quickly, even if you have a castle to ride it through.
    1:45 in the video…never gets boring.

    • RANDY says:

      Yep, riding is a big bore. If you have TC,ABS,Navigation,smart suspension, it gets more exciting. Then we hurry up to look at our phones.

  33. carl says:

    Ya riiiiiiight!

  34. steveinsandiego says:

    Three of a kind I Throughout this movie, we wanted to show how different two-wheels pleasure can be from person to person, and how a unique build brings more emotion to his rider.

    oh, puhleeeze!

  35. bmbktmracer says:

    I guess cool people don’t smile. Nice video production, though.

  36. BOB says:

    I wanna be young and hip and ride classic bikes, fly classic planes, take outdoor showers and live in a post card.

  37. ag_streak says:

    I like the bikes but that video is very hips-tastic!


  38. blackxjr says:

    My everyday bikes in the ‘80s and the ‘90s were an Indian Scout an ES2 Norton and a G80 Matchless, I like the look of this builder.

  39. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Severely outstanding. Yup severely.

  40. Tom R says:

    What kind of a brand name is BAAK? That’s the sound my dog makes when he throws up.

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