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Benelli Introduces 752S (with video)

Every few years, Benelli seems to introduce some beautiful looking motorcycles that never really become a factor in the U.S. market. At EICMA this year, we have the new 752S naked pictured here … again a very attractive machine from the Chinese-owned marque.

Powered by a 754cc parallel-twin making a claimed 75 horsepower, the 752S will transfer torque to the rear wheel via a six-speed transmission. 17″ wheels carry rubber in modern sizes.

The balance-shaft equipped twin resides in a steel trellis frame with some impressive components mounted, including a beefy Marzocchi fork and Brembo brakes.

An LED headlight pairs with a full-color TFT display. Benelli indicates the bike will be available at dealerships next year, but has not yet offered any specifics regarding U.S. availability or pricing.

See more of MD’s great photography:



  1. Spiderwatts says:

    Another new bike choice! Hopefully the dealer situation in the US can be improved. On another note I must stick up for the test rider in the video.
    Stefano Cardellini was the test rider in the video. He likely has more riding skills than all the negative commenters here combined. This video was on a closed public road too.
    Enjoy all the new bike releases. Thank you motorcycledaily for all the info and links!!

    • Motoman says:

      Was thinking the rider in the video was very skilled and carrying good pace (assuming the video was in real time which it appeared). Pretty obvious when he he crossed into the other lane he could see no traffic was coming. I get the point of cutting corners when you are out for a twisty-road ride only serving to reduce the number of apexes you hit. I think it is funny when people do it on the street but this was a marketing video.

    • Motoman says:

      +1 on the riding skill of Stefano Cardellini. Looked like a quick, controlled pace by a skilled rider to me.

      • mickey says:

        the rider may have skills (and undoubtedly more skill than I) but I’d have made the exact same comment if the rider had been Marc Marquez who also has considerable skills.

        just not a good example for those that might not know any better

  2. mg3 says:

    Everything from the middle of the drivers seat forward is absolutely beautiful, stunning, I want it. But that rear end, whew. How does one carry a passenger, or a pair of gloves for that matter. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. GOML

  3. Provologna says:

    Standard equipment is a prosthetic device for unknown purpose, fastened just above the rear axle, @ 10 o’clock around the rear wheel. Very sexy…….NOT!

  4. Martin B says:

    It looks like Benelli took a Honda VTR250 and set the photocopier to 125% – which is exactly what I would have done as this thing looks freakin’ awesome! Looks and sounds beautiful, and if only the dork model knew how to ride a bike it would have looked even better. Benelli have a habit of making heavy but worthy bikes, and they sell quite well in the Antipodes. Italian supervision over Chinese workers – what could go wrong? One point – real bikes need round headlights!!

  5. Neil says:

    Nice little machine. Sounds good. Yeah he could stay in his lane but I guess they did close the road first. Italian/Chinese motorcycle. I mean they are making so many things in China these days, why not motorcycles. Nukes. Jet fighters. Weapons. How about something fun like a, yeah, motorcycle? The Monster but with a parallel twin. Of course you could just buy the KAW650 but it would not say Benelli on the tank. Pretty good Monster copy actually with just enough changes to make it not a Monster.

  6. Grover says:

    Nobody here is going to buy one. I used to live in Calif. where there are millions of bikes and never saw a single Benelli. I guess they’re out there but must be scarcer than hen’s teeth.

  7. allworld says:

    I don’t know of any Benelli dealers in my area. It looks like a nice bike, but with out any specs and actual test ride/reviews you can’t really know.
    Manufacturers trying to move into the USA market sort of all face the problem of dealerships.
    Perhaps there needs to be a rethinking of the way motorcycles are sold and serviced in the USA.

    • mickey says:

      Funny we don’t have a BMW dealer, or a KTM dealer, or an Aprilia dealer, or a Ducati dealer within 100 miles, but not too far away is a Benneli dealer. He was a Yamaha-Triumph-Zero dealer that gave up on Triumph and picked up Benelli instead.

      • allworld says:

        It’s odd but Triumph seems to be losing dealerships everywhere. I think they lost about 6 in my area.
        In general more MC dealerships are closing, then opening. Soon we will be buying bikes on Amazon.

        • Jeremy in TX says:

          This is second hand info (and maybe just opinion), so take it for what it is worth. Years ago, an acquaintance of mine who owned a BMW/Triumph dealership said that BMW became extraordinarily difficult to deal with. Turns out they wanted to weed out a number of (mostly) smaller and dealerships to cut down on their own admin cost and also so that the dealerships weren’t competing with each other and eroding the selling prices. Some people thought that BMW finally learned their lesson after losing so many dealers and began treating them better again. My friend said they just achieved their goal of fewer dealers with large unit and apparel sales nestled into large population centers.

          Fast forward over 10 years later, even some pretty large metro areas have only one or two BMW dealerships. Makes me wonder if Triumph is on a similar mission.

          • Fivespeed302 says:

            Second hand info here too, but I heard Triumph was requiring dealers to buy bikes that they didn’t want to boost sales/production numbers. What dealership wants to buy a ton of non-sellers just to get that one sweet Street Triple, etc?

    • Dave says:

      Tesla doesn’t have dealers at all and they’re selling like hot cakes. In all my years of motorcycle ownership, the only thing I ever relied on a dealer for was making me a spare key.

      Experiencing the bike in person is obviously a bigger problem, as you’ve pointed out. If they don’t get some sort of demo/marketing in place, they’ll have a better looking Hyosung on their hands.

  8. Rhinestone Kawboy says:

    Ok, guess my last post contained a word they didn’t like. So try something different. Nice bike, nice frame, good looking except for that stupid looking muffler. Yea, you could replace it with aftermarket, but that would be a strike against it for me. Don’t like to pay for the same thing right off the getgo.

    • NickW says:

      Neat bike!

      Also a very neat and compact exhaust that presumably complies with all the regs and makes a decent sound: what’s not to like about it, or is this just the usual knee-jerk ‘change-the-muffler-syndrome’?

      • Zuki says:

        I agree, NickW. The exhaust system is beautiful and really unique how it’s tucked behind the passenger peg bracket as a stock setup.

        • Rhinestone Kawboy says:

          Tucked in well it is, but I just don’t like the looks of it, looks a little cheap, short and gumpy to me. And no, definitely not a knee-jerk change the muffler at all. I DON’T want to change the muffler.

          • Zuki says:

            Hmmm… the matte black finish on the headers is a little cheap-looking… would be better polished stainless steel but then the catalytic converter would be more noticeable. Perhaps a gloss black ceramic coating instead?

  9. Rhinestone Kawboy says:

    Pretty good looking bike- except that dumbass muffler. That would be the first thing replaced, but just another expense I wouldn’t want to deal with after just buying a new bike.

    • Rhinestone Kawboy says:

      Hmm, NOW my first post is published. Must have been a hiccup in the system when I first posted.

  10. Fred says:

    That exhaust system looks like a lot of time was spent on it. Pity it looks heavy on the eye and also probably weighs a ton, so I would expect it would be junked on the next update.

  11. RonH says:

    Looks good. Ship it!

  12. TwinDog says:

    Chinese Benelli
    Chinese BMW
    Chinese Ducati next?
    Rather not if given the choice.

  13. ilikefood says:

    Ha ha oh man, all of you who think this looks better than the Husky need to get your eyes examined. This looks like an SV650 or a bunch of other bikes, and the Husky looks awesome and inventive and like nothing else. It’s like saying that you like a McDonald’s hamburger better than a meal at a good high-end restaurant.

  14. joe b says:

    the previous page Viltpilen, and Smartpilen are both arrogantly hideous, compared to this.

  15. Zuki says:

    Pretty bike, wearing such a lovely shade of green!

  16. WSHart says:

    Easily looks better than that Husky Shitpilone thing.

  17. simon badock says:

    Kinda looks like a green SV650…..Not a bad thing…..

  18. Jeremy in TX says:

    No denying it is a great looking bike.

  19. Simon Badock says:

    That exposed oil filter is just asking for debris impacts coming off the front tire……nicely designed bike though….

    • Dave says:

      Every bike I’ve ever owned placed the oil filter there. MC oil filters have much thicker/stronger shells than automotive filters. You’d have to case the thing on a curb to break it.

  20. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    WHAT is so wrong about having a frame mounted rear fender, stop light, and license plate, instead of a bunch of crap suspended out cantilever style of the upsee downsee swing arm and axel. I know the style now is to pretend your street bike is a 10 inch suspension travel Baja special, with clearance under the seat but REALLY ? When will the styling stop and parctical designs return ?

  21. bmbktmracer says:

    That’s a really nice-looking motorcycle. The video was weird, but I guess it’s a case of “professional rider, closed course…do not attempt.” Guy was hanging off with about a 15 degree lean angle, making him a perfect candidate for Squid of the Year and a potential buyer for one of the 200+ HP superbikes.

  22. mickey says:

    Thought the exact same thing. Good way to become a bug splat on the front of an oncoming vehicle.

    • JB says:

      Professional on a closed course…blah blah blah… Do not attempt…blah.

      • mickey says:

        Just saying, besides the awful message it sends, it would have been even more impressive if he’d have actually hit apexes and stayed in his lane rather than take a great set of curves and make them straight by cutting across the curves rather than following them. On a race course, sure, take the straightest way around the course, but if going out with the intent to ride curves, whats the purpose of cutting across them?

  23. Bob K says:

    Stay in your lane, idiot.

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