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MV Agusta Introduces All-New Brutale 1000 Serie Oro (with video)

If you really want a naked bike with more than 200 hp, you can now add the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro to your list for consideration. This new Brutale is a no-compromises machine … both with regard to style and performance. Here are all the details from MV Agusta, followed by a video:

Varese, 5th November 2018 – Racing is the ultimate test bench of every engineering design, the unrelenting battlefield where every component is stressed to the extreme, pushed to the very limit. It is the “laboratory” where new technical concepts are taken to be experimented with and, in some cases conceived, with the sole focus of achieving the maximum possible performance. Power output must be strong and explosive, while the electronics must be extremely refined to allow the rider to harness all the power, bending it to his will.

This introduction is necessary in order to understand the essence of the all-new Brutale 1000. Closely associated with the F4 RC Superbike, which has proven its potential battling for the top positions in the World Superbike Championship. All the experience that has been accumulated on the racetrack has been poured into the engine of the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, which sets new records for absolute power while still complying with pollution and noise regulations, making it more advanced in certain aspects than the competition powerplant.

Engine and electronics

The four-cylinder engine does not betray MV Agusta tradition in terms of technological choice, but it does open a new chapter were materials, design and electronics are concerned. A painstaking job that has led to a record peak power of 208 hp at 13,450 rpm with a torque of 115.5 Nm. These incredible levels make this engine one of the most powerful naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines in production and the Brutale the most powerful naked sports bike in the world. With the dedicated racing kit, consisting of an engineered SC-Project titanium exhaust system and dedicated ECU, the maximum power is increased to exceptional value of 212 hp (156 kW) at 13,600 rpm.

While remaining loyal to the traditional transverse four-cylinder  layout and continuing with the decision to employ radial valve positioning in the combustion chamber along with a central timing chain, unique technical characteristics employed only by MV Agusta, the engineers have revolutionised the original design, leaving only a few castings untouched in the process.

The titanium radial valves now slide through new sintered valve guides and open up into an entirely redesigned and CNC machined combustion chamber. The camshaft timing has been revamped, with the phasing updated on both the intake and the exhaust sides. The pistons use new low friction Asso compression rings to improve performance and efficiency, while the crankshaft was redesigned from scratch and rebalanced to reduce to a minimum the vibrations and resulting parasitic power losses at the high rpm.

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  1. Buckwheat says:

    MV hype is just that.
    No thanks for ant of their product.
    But it always provides an entertaining read.

  2. WSHart says:

    Who says you can’t polish a turd?

    No wonder they don’t sell many MVs. Not just fugly but fugly weird fugly. If some like it, by all means, buy it.

    Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. So keep this bike under a tarp and no one will know you bought it. Break out the Meguiar’s, lads.

    • Superlight says:

      I don’t think your opinion is shared by many. This Brutale is beautifully integrated and far superior in design to anything similar from the Orient. It is complex, but, then, so is every naked bike since every component is on visual display.

      • WSHart says:

        That’s fine. But it’s still an unattractive, overpriced motorbike. To me. And more than a few others. But not to you. So gain, fine. Buy one!

        • Superlight says:

          Funny, but I don’t see others on the thread agreeing with you. What I want to know is which naked bike do you think is attractive?

          • WSHart says:

            First off, I think the term “naked” is ridiculous for adults to use. Secondly, just read what’s here. Oh wait! You already did and still you posit this silliness?

            Exempli gratia can be found from “dino”, “iwc5707” and “TimC”.

            If you like it, fine! I don’t and some others don’t think much of it either. Is your ego hurted? It’s okay to like something that others do not and vice versa. 😉

  3. dino says:

    I guess it’s official… “Style” is a headlight that looks like it is melting off the front (from the warp speed, is that why??).
    Also in play.. The raised stinkbug rear end… Why, I can’t even think of a fake reason why that is supposed to look good.. more room for a stand-up wheelie maybe??

    If I had lottery money, I would get this bike, then re-do all the “styling” with normal proportions… The ultimate Sleeper bike. (now I understand, because everyone wants to be noticed these days!! Got it..)

  4. iwc3707 says:

    Meh. Kind of ugly. Its way too busy.

    • Superlight says:

      Lots of parts to deal with on a water-cooled 4-cylinder naked bike, all on visual display. I find this bike to be a well integrated design effort, far superior to most others in this product segment.

  5. TimC says:

    Q: Can the proportions on a bike get any worse?

    A: Probably, please don’t ask.

  6. Wendy says:

    Love the headlight, hate the availability.

  7. Grover says:

    The Black Prince is gonna have to ride one of these if he wants to impress me. Imagine the wind blast and buffeting without any bodywork at all!

  8. falcodoug says:

    410 pounds?

  9. Uffe says:

    Once again the Italians demonstrate that they are decades ahead of the pack when it comes to design. Every other naked bike will now look like farming equipment.

    • Dave says:

      This doesn’t appeal to me any more than the new Honda. I think it’s too busy with superfluous panels, even if the color scheme sort of “earns it”. Gotta hand it to them on the exhaust, though. That looks good and finished in a crowd of afterthoughts. I’d take the Honda for even money.

      • Pacer says:

        If they cost the same you would take the Honda?

        • Dave says:

          Yes, I would, though I guess I mean I’d take it at the Honda’s price. I wouldn’t pay what MV Agusta is probably asking for either of them.

      • Superlight says:

        What new Honda?If you’ve ever ridden an MV (I suspect you have not) I don’t think you’d make these comments. Nothing wrong with Hondas, but they’re quite boring compared to MVs.

        • Dave says:

          The CB1000r. I have ridden an MV before, only briefly. I didn’t find it any more exciting than any other premium motorcycle I’ve ridden.

          • Superlight says:

            I’ve owned plenty of Hondas, several Italian bikes and one MV (an F3). If it’s riding excitement you crave, the MV is only matched by one of the Ducatis (748R). To each their own.

  10. mickey says:

    only 212 hp? Not going to displace the Ducati or Aprilia with puny hp numbers lol

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