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Jerez MotoGP Qualifying Results

The partially-resurfaced Jerez circuit saw its MotoGP lap record repeatedly destroyed this weekend. Rookie Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) became the youngest rider in MotoGP history to take pole position with a stunning lap that pushed Marc Marquez (Honda) out of the top spot. In the end, Quartararo’s teammate Franco Morbidelli also nipped Marquez to move into the number 2 qualifying position for tomorrow’s race. Marquez will line up third.

Jorge Lorenzo (Honda) was looking to put his season on track this weekend before crashing (unhurt) during qualifying – leaving him with a start from the fourth row tomorrow.

Take a look here for full qualifying results. Stay tuned for race coverage on MD tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This sport has become really boring. Computerized ‘motorcycles’ going round and round and round so smoothly and precisely that it lacks excitement. And the gullible people think it is that way because of rider skill when actually it is because of the computers doing much of the work the riders used to do. The series needs a major revamp to make it real motorcycle racing again.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s very ignorant. Did you see Marquez tuck the front during qualifying? A computer didn’t save that. An unreal amount of skill did that. All the riders in MotoGP possess those kinds of skills (MM just has a little bit more of it).

      No matter how advanced the bikes are, the riders are still pushing that technology to the very edge of disaster every lap. And crashing is still very, very real.

      Sorry you think it looks boring. If it’s so easy, you try it.

      Maybe they could bring back the colosseums, with slaves fighting lions. Would that appeal to your caveman instinct?

      • Dave says:

        I was just remembering how much better it was when there were only two guys who could win and they’d lap 2/3rds of the field. Those were the days…

      • Anonymous says:

        The reason the bikes are so smooth now compared to years ago is because they use electronic rider aids. That’s what the electronics do. As a result the racing is much less exciting to watch. You’re the one who is ignorant.

    • TimC says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Two points to better explain my original comment;-

      1) MotoGP has become really boring and that is partly because the bikes are so smooth. We don’t see the bikes get out of shape and the riders battling for all they are worth to stay on and regain control as often as we used too. And yes, you will mention some rare examples of it happening. If you wait long enough, if you are lucky, something exciting will happen.

      2) This is not because the current crop of riders is better than any before them. It is because they are using electronic assistance. The result is the racing is far less exciting to watch and I have a lot less respect for the current riders.

  2. mickey says:

    The kids from Petronas did well for 1 flying lap. Don’t expect they will be able to keep it up for race distance. They sure embarrassed the factory boys today, but I predict Rossi and Vinales will make up for it in the morning.

    Loerenzo is having buzzard luck isn’t he? About the tine Honda decides to dump him, he’ll figure it out.

  3. fred says:

    Already one of Marc’s records is broken. Good job by Quartararo. He was really impressive a few years back, but then had a rough spell after some fairly serious injuries. It’s good to see him doing well.

    It’s even more impressive that he is doing it on a 2nd-string bike.

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