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MV Agusta Superveloce 800 Concept Going Into Production

A smash hit at EICMA last Fall, the MV Agusta Superveloce 800 Concept will be entering production virtually unchanged for release in March of next year. Detailed in the following press release, the new “Superveloce 800 Serie Oro” will feature many design details surrounding a 148 horsepower 799cc triple. Here is the press release:

Schiranna, Italy, May 29th, 2019 – MV Agusta announces it will soon start the production of the Superveloce 800 concept bike presented last November at EICMA. Delivery of the first 300 units series of “Superveloce 800 Serie Oro” is expected in March 2020.

Deemed “the most desirable and anticipated bike of 2020”, the Superveloce 800 Serie Oro will be exactly the same as the concept presented at EICMA last November. A combination of 1970’s flair and modern-day state-of-the-art technology, the Superveloce 800 literally stole the show and requests for a production version started raining in at Schiranna.

Many iconic details of the Superveloce 800 are reminiscent of MV Agusta’s glorious legacy, utilising a steel trellis chassis, a 148 HP inline-3 cylinder 799 cc engine with a counter-rotating crankshaft coupled to a 6-speed gearbox and an iconic triple-exit exhaust system. The Superveloce 800 also includes a number of advanced technologies, including a TFT dashboard as well as state of the art engine and vehicle control electronics incorporating Ride-by-Wire, multi-maps and traction control.

Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta, commented: “This is one of the meanest and most stylish bikes we’ve ever produced. It certainly lives up to MV Agusta’s heritage of craftsmanship, design and technology. From the moment it went on display at EICMA last November, we knew we had an instant classic.”

For the first time MV Agusta is offering potential customers the possibility to pre-order their dream bike online through a dedicated section of the official web site at

The launch of the Superveloce 800 Serie Oro will be accompanied by an exclusive merchandising line that will include backpacks, jackets and helmets and many other quality items.

For further information and orders, please contact your local dealer. If you do not have a dealer in your area, contact MV Agusta directly at:

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  1. Fairing needs to come up and back, and a 148HP 800 should have an interesting dyno chart. Might start to get a reading at @10,000 RPM…

  2. J Wilson says:

    Only Italians can do this.

    But . . . . if you want to go fast enough to make your watch run backwards AND never work on it, there’s a CBR/RR, a big Ninja, a GSX/R, etc. waiting for you. This is for those weekends in The Hamptons, or running up Mulholland twice a year between your movie premieres.

    An amazing looking bike, I’d wonder who is helming there design studio after the passing of Mr. Tamburini: This continues his themes wonderfully.

    This is like dating a super model: Once in a while, it’s fun. If you’re going to marry and live with her, if you don’t need a duffel bag when you cash your checks, well, I’d rethink the whole affair. Especially if you’re not fluent in Italian . . . . . now, where on Earth do I buy Titanium polish ?

    • Superlight says:

      When the Italians are “on”, they can’t be beat from a design standpoint, but the head designer at MV is a Brit, Adrian Morton. The design world is such that talented individuals change companies often; that’s how they move up the ladder in that craft (just like in advertising). From my observation in both cars and bikes it’s the management that makes the design difference – they have to approve what the designers come up with. The Italian managers just “get it” moreso than their contemporaries in other countries.
      On the topic of maintenance and durability of MVs, for sure they’re not where they’d like to be, but they seem to work pretty well from my 5-year/11,500 mile experience owning an F3. I rode it just like any rider would a serious supersport machine.

  3. Artem says:

    Very well

  4. RD350 says:


  5. Kent says:

    Remember when Harley bought MV for $100 million dollars, and sold it back for $1 a year or so later (let’s not forget how many millions they spent to make the acquisition as well).

    Hey HD, those electric bicycles that are going to bring in all the young riders and save your company? This never crossed you mind? Not even when you threw more than a 100 million onto the bonfire you started by shutting down Buell?

    Good luck with that…

  6. hh says:

    The video on the site is ridiculous and I just don’t have the font big enough to say ridiculous with enough emphasis…ridiculous… shameful stoopid ridiculous.. just can’t say it hard enough.

    • Ralph W. says:

      That video fills me with desire. But not for the motorcycle. Yes, it is ridiculous.

    • Crazyjoe says:

      I don’t know. Normally I avoid video advertisements. I agree it’s ridiculous because I’m at the age where an woman that age looks like a kid with makeup but what are we becoming a nation of over educated prudes to up tight to admit we have desires not approved by the matriarchy? It must be me.

    • Dave says:

      Almost typical Italian..

  7. PBrasseur says:

    Nice comeback following that hideous BMW in previous post 😉

    Thank God for Italia 🙂

  8. fred says:

    Beautiful bike! Most certainly out of my price range, but it is lovely. Perhaps not real practical, but fast and gorgeous.

  9. Richard Swan says:

    Have a look at the video on their website…

    • Nick says:

      Very subtle video! Not especially politically-correct though…

      • xLaYN says:

        on the other hand… I would say it’s artistic… way better to convey the passion for bikes than say perfume ads on tv it’s fragance…

  10. Selecter says:

    This is a fabulously-designed motorcycle. I don’t know that I like it any more than the usual F3, but it’s good looking nonetheless. I have to wonder at the price tag, because the F3 is already expensive for its class, and this will certainly not be cheaper!

    One of the local MV delaers had been blowing out the 2014/2015 F3s until late last year – $7500 for a 675, or $8500 for the 800 model. I almost pulled the trigger numerous times, but the constant reports of exploding heads (breaking valves), long wait times for new parts, and self-destructing sprag clutches were all more than enough to warn me away. One can’t help but think that the money would be more well-spent addressing their rather massive QC issues with the F3 platform than making it prettier… They didn’t need to get any prettier, they need to get *better*.

    • mickey says:

      There are some motorcycles that transcend the usual measuring sticks for motorcycle greatness, and it’s usually due to a near perfect physical design. They may break, leak, spend an inordinate amount of time at the shop waiting on parts, and even though people are aware of their short commings, in the end they are still highly desired and sought after.

      • Ralph W. says:

        “in the end they are still highly desired and sought after.”

        Not by me! Some people want bikes to look at, or rather, for other people to see them. Some people want bikes to ride. Make mine reliable please.

        For some people motorcycles have become a phony religion. They follow the imagery, not the reality.

        • Dave says:

          The only time I spoke to an MV Agusta owner (just bought an F4, sometime around 2000), he didn’t know how many cylinders were in the engine.

      • Superlight says:

        I owned an F3 675 for five years and 11,500 miles. Great bike, but, like most supersports, not the best for droning along on straight, flat roads. I sold it this year, but miss it already.

  11. DP says:

    Hopefully helicopter division will keep them alive.

  12. Pete says:

    The Art of the Motorcycle

  13. Ricardo says:

    I shall start saving money now to get one if affordable. Awesome looking bike and an instant collectible.

  14. James Kaplan says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. A great way to spend that f-you money if you have it. Its a shame that its Russian-owned.

  15. gpokluda says:

    Oh ya! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Beautifully executed modern bike. Love it. I’d buy just to put in my living room and look at it. Not sure my body would fold up to ride it.

  16. Neal says:

    The F3 might be the best looking motorcycle ever made. I don’t think these retro clothes are an improvement.

    • todd says:

      I’m sorry, “retro”? I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen this bike or anything similar before.

      • Neal says:

        This is a pretty direct reference to the faired MV 750 America from the 70’s. And it has a gd leather tank strap… you can’t get more retro affected than that. See the faired Ducati 750 Sport or the BMR R90S for more round headlight, smooth fairing, stepped up seat inspiration from the 70’s.

        This is a retro reskin of the F3, similar to the Z900RS or R9T Racer.

  17. allworld says:

    I’m not only a fan of MV but also a customer. As is typical of MV, this bike is motorcycle art.
    I don’t know if I care for the strap on the fuel tank as it’s purpose seems to be more “moto jewelry” than, “artful function”

    • Dino says:

      I think they left that strap there so you can tuck your license and registration under it. Makes it handy when you get pulled over (and i would probably get pulled over on this one! )

  18. Sergio says:

    Shame it will have to get cluttered up with a license plate mount, turn signals and mirrors. Not to mention DOT required reflectors.

  19. Wendy says:

    Okay, it will hurt to ride this bike, but it will be glorious!

  20. Provologna says:

    Ouch, that hurts it’s so gorgeous.

    Hey, round head and tail lights! What a great new idea!

  21. Gham says:

    I would lose 50 lbs, wear a set of 1 piece “compression” leathers and take Tai Chi classes for a month just to ride that thing for an hour!

    • fred says:

      I’ve only lost half that, but it has made a great difference in both how I feel and how much more fun riding is. Go for it!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Agree completely with mickey. This is a really good looking scoot!

  23. todd says:

    I guess I would pull off the silver heat reflectors – er, fairings.

  24. mickey says:

    MV has always made beautiful motorcycles. This one is no exception.

  25. Dino says:

    Nice.. Really nice… Looks like the kind of bike IronMan would ride (if he couldn’t fly for some reason). Are those spokes in the rims?

    Add another to my list of Lottery bikes!!

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